Whats is your yearly insurance expanse?

Whats is your yearly insurance expanse?

Just called my insurance company to get a quote for a MS insurance coverage and they averaged 200$/month or 2400$ yearly.

I just wanted to see if they are in the average or that's well overpriced compared to what you guys are paying?

Mathew98 | July 7, 2014

I just found out that Liberty Mutual had mis-categorized my MS as a mid size vehicle last year at $920/year. This year's renewal re-categorized the car as a luxury vehicle and they charged 50% more.

$100K/$300K full coverage all around with $500 deductible.

It is still a very good rate for NJ.

NKYTA | July 7, 2014

~ $1300/year with State Farm in NorCal.

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jackhub | July 7, 2014

About $950/year with State Farm in Ky.

Sierra guy | July 7, 2014

1700 yr- Southern California

Steve_W | July 7, 2014

About $750/yr with Gieco, $300K coverage with $250 deductible for comprehensive and $500 deductible for collision. | July 7, 2014

$1168/year with Wawanesa in Northern California, outside the Bay Area.

nickjhowe | July 7, 2014

1600/yr progressive s florida

6 month costs:

BI $100,000 EACH PERSON - $300,000 EACH ACCIDENT
$100,000 EACH PERSON - $300,000 EACH ACCIDENT
Premium by Vehicle $787.00
Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Fund $10.23
Total Policy Premium $797.23

mrdaniel | July 7, 2014

~$1200 per year with State Farm.

$1,000,000/$1,000,000 Liability. $100 Comprehensive/$1000 Collision.

ScoobyDoo | July 7, 2014

$475/year Liberty Mutual in SE Wisconsin.
Full Coverage

SCCRENDO | July 7, 2014

$2400 per year with AAA in Southern Cal. It's high but a lot of the rate is based on over 30000 miles per year. Concerned about switching because of horror stories I have heard about other insurers and they have been reliable payers over the last 25 years.

michael1800 | July 7, 2014

@OP - Insurance costs vary greatly from state to state and level of coverage. The best way to gauge the quotes you received is to go through a broker, or request the information here, but specify your specific area and levels of coverage.

SergeyS | July 7, 2014

You guys are lucky :)
I pay around 7000$ in Toronto for my 3 cars (7 people family), 3200$/year eats TeslaMS. Buy the way it's very good price compared to others :)

mdlandmark | July 8, 2014

$882, 500K/250K, $500 ded collision, $250 ded comp, annual policy, 3 miles to work. Kingsville, MD

jajabor | July 8, 2014

$940/year with AAA..

amatiych | July 8, 2014

Have a quote of 204/month from Nationwide in Brooklyn, NY. 100K/300K, 500 ded.

Mathew98 | July 8, 2014

@amatiych - I see you have the Crooklyn special. Try calling Liberty Mutual with BJ club membership affiliation (no verification necessary) to obtain a group discount quote.

amatiych | July 8, 2014

Thanks. Will try them.

Rocky_H | July 8, 2014

I'm disappointed that I looked through the replies and didn't see Brian_H respond that the "insurance expanse" was 195.9 inches. Nevermind, Brian, I got it!

tes-s | July 8, 2014

$1404 in Fairfield County, CT
$500k liability
$500k uninsured/underinsured
Comprehensive $500 deductible, full glass
Collision $1000 deductible
Agreed value

PCA | July 8, 2014

Quote of $2,900/year in Philadelphia with State Farm. Better put our insurance out to bid!

Tom M.us_az | July 8, 2014

$1700 per year Safeco - Phoenix, Az

finished | July 8, 2014

I don't have a MS, but I'm waiting for a MX. I got a quote for a MS at $505/6 mo. 300k/500k, 1k ded. Minneapolis.

finished | July 8, 2014


johncrab | July 8, 2014

AZ - $1270/yr, 500k, 100 comp, 250 collision, full glass.

johncrab | July 8, 2014

Nationwide - with 1 other car and my house.

edchanshopping | July 8, 2014

My quote: So-cal, good driver, multi car/multi line
~$1650/yr on state farm
250/500/100 liability
50/100 uninsured injury
250 comprehensive, 500 collision deductible

NKYTA | July 9, 2014

I said State Farm, but really meant Farmers.

EVolution | July 27, 2014

Range from 700 to 2400$, pretty big gap.

iuliana | July 27, 2014

Insurance is based on countless rating factors. Each company charges based on their own rating factors, and their own statistics. Insurance varies based on zip code, household factors, driver factors, vehicle specs, and underwriting factors within each company. As you see here, prices can vary greatly. I quoted a Tesla on my insurance, and the price was about $1200 per year, but your quote would likely be very different from mine.

amitb00 | July 27, 2014

Mine is 400 for 6 months in South Florida.

mrrjm | July 27, 2014

$337/6months. Hartford. $500K limits. Plainfield, IL

Previously it was $1400/ yr. I told my agent he needs to find a more affordable policy.

djm12 | July 27, 2014

$494.84 every six months with USAA to include 300/500 coverage and uninsured motorist coverage with $1000 deductible, low miles and many discounts.

craig | July 27, 2014

USAA quoted $72 per month on the Model X assuming that it is in line with the rates they offer on the Model S.

lunknugget | July 27, 2014

Just under $500, Quebec, Canada. Plus we have a no-fault insurance through the provincial licensing which is around another $400. In addition, there's $1000 a year luxury car tax/insurance added, in Quebec only.

Pilot_51 @US-MI | July 27, 2014

$4155/yr with Amica Mutual in Michigan.

One car, one driver age 28.
Liability: 100/300/100
Uninsured: 100/300
Underinsured: 50/100
Collision deductible: $1000
Broadened collision (that's half the premium)
PIP deductible: $500
Full glass

Michigan requires no-fault insurance, making it much more expensive than most states. I checked 10 companies and of the 6 that insured Tesla, only Geico was cheaper at about $1500/6mo, but I wouldn't trust them after the stories I've heard of denied claims. Farmers had by far the highest quote, at $7774.70/6mo (yes, over $1000/month).

EVolution | September 9, 2014

With which insurance comptant are hou lanceneveu?

Brian H | September 9, 2014

Do you have expansive expenses? ;p

BlueS | September 10, 2014

USAA - Texas $980/yr

craig | September 23, 2014

I have full coverage for my 2012 Ford Escape Hybrid Limited 4X4 at $816 per year with USAA. When I called to get a quote for my Model X, I was quoted $900 per year based on a maxed out Model S.

EVolution | September 27, 2014

Seems to depend if the insurance company classifies it as a luxury car or an electric eco car

swakyaby | September 27, 2014

AAA Northern Cal $1100/year. 1K deductible $500,000/$500,000 single car policy.

My existing insurer Allstate quoted $1700/year with the same limits even with a multi-car discount and a homeowner's policy. I switched.

EVolution | March 26, 2015

Anyone insured in Montreal, QC, Canada?

Brian H | March 27, 2015

No, all the Tesla owners there are self-insured and driving illegally.

dbabenco | March 27, 2015

$914 per year USAA in KY

krisraym | March 27, 2015

$531/6 months - for Tesla 85 D and Lexus 2014 RX350 together with Progressive insurance in Ohio