When will Tesla have a service point in Austria?

When will Tesla have a service point in Austria?


for now i heared, that no car will delivered until Tesla have a service point in Austria.

Did anyone know, how long this will take?

Another very importend Point is the federal tax class for the Telsa 7 seat verhicles. If this will be in the list of cars, that can be used in a company and thats allowed to costs more then 40.000 euro, its very interessing to buy one of this cars as fleet car.

I talk with a guy in UK about this problem and he don't like to care about this. The finance rule is, that the manufacture company has to bring the vehicle to the federal tax and care about this. The enduse has no way to do this itself.

Another Point for now is, that the information on the Tesla Homepage in point of incentives is incorrect.

Austria pay you back 30%, but maximum 5.000 euro if you use eco power, otherwise its 2.500 euro to the end of 2012. This kind of incentives is off for now and no new one will be offered.

I hope anyone can give me a possive feedback ... without its not good to buy a Tesla in Austria. The next Servicepoint in Germany is 480km away from Vienna and i don't thing its possible to drive this range with 20km of savety buffer.

kind regrads


Brian H | February 23, 2013

Await the Anschluss.

Pungoteague_Dave | February 24, 2013

Brian, really? Pretty clever, but do you travel in the EU? That's not considered funny... On either side.

Biricon | March 2, 2013

In the internet you find speculation about a Tesla store in the near from vienna and a SuperCharger. The (330 stores and a big food corner and 4km food ways on 2 floors) should be the point as biggerest shoppingmall in EU and the location of the south of vienna, but i thing this will be only speculations. Bentley in vienna have no people walking around and this can be a service point, but not a good sales point.

To travel in and from EU or in Austria I thing we need in every big city a SuperCharger. In Austria for example this should be Vienna, Styria, Salzburg, Linz and Innsbruck. Without this points its not possible to drive from one side to the other of our country. There are a lot of mountains, you can compare is with the Rocky Mountains in US.

Brian H | March 2, 2013

Between cities. Not in cities. Inter-city travel, not intra-city travel. Charge up at home, and an 85kWh battery should allow you to reach the next Supercharger before you run out. The fill-up or part-fill-up there should allow you to reach either your destination (city), or the next inter-city Supercharger. And so on.

Biricon | March 3, 2013

Hi Brian

from Vienna you have this distance to the big cities:

Vienna<-> Linz 200km/125Miles
Linz<->Salzburg 100km/65Miles
Linz<->Muinch 300km/190Miles
Vienna<-> Salzburg 300km/190Miles
Vienna<-> Muinch 475km/300Miles
Vienna<-> Innsbruck 476km/300Miles
Vienna<-> Graz 200km/125Miles
Vienna<-> Villach 380km/236Miles
Graz<->Innsbruck 475km/300Miles

In Austria we don't have the same driving style like the US. In Austria my travel speed is between 120km/h(75Miles) and 190km/h(119Miles). With Laser blacker and radar detector the speedlimit doesn't care.

In Germany they have no limit on the highways and there you have cars that drives 250km/h(160Miles/h) and more.

So we don't thing that we can drive the same distance like the people in US. If we drive the 88km/h(55Miles/h) every truck will be faster than a Tesla Car and we are every time in hurry.

I like the US for driving with my inlineskates on the streets, in Austria this will be very dangerous, the speedlimit in towns is 50km/h and the most people drive 50-70km/h (30-45Miles/h), in the US i can drive with my skates in the same speed like the other traffic.

So i thing, the other way to drive needs another environment.

I don't care about gas/km ;)

Biricon | March 3, 2013

For comparing the US and the EU market:

1 galone gas costs in austria $ 7.14
a Tesla Car starts from $ 93.729 (US: 62,400$) for 60kWh and goes up to $143.198 (US: $84.000) for the 85kWh Performance with full options.

So the market is not compareable.

Norbert.Vienna | March 4, 2013

@Alexander B
it is for sure now that the local Tesla in Vienna will be south of Vienna the contracts for the premesis are not yet decided but the legal for the forming of the company are nearly finished
So beginning next month there is more information available
The things are on its way you can send me a PM in the TMC Forum just search for europe