White Leather in Signature & Signature Performance

White Leather in Signature & Signature Performance

Has anyone had a chance to physically view the white leather? Sadly, I've only been aware of one viewing of the White Beta with Black Interior in the Houston location. I drove to Houston to check it out, but this was prior to any changes in the in-house design studio in the store (not even sure if they have changed like the Santana Row location). If you've seen the white leather, please feel free to share your thoughts on how it looks. Is it truly white? Is it more cream or grey based? I'm also concerned with it getting quite dirty over time and keeping it looking nice. Obviously it can be detailed and constantly cleaned, but then I figure the leather could break down over time... Obviously black would be the easiest to keep clean, but I'm leaning towards the tan. I've always had gray, so not sure if the tan will have the same "clean" factor as the white... Oh decisions...

Crow | March 24, 2012

The white isn't a true white. It's actually a very, very light tan.

Slindell | March 24, 2012

I'd call it "cream"

Crow | March 25, 2012

Looks like sand to me, but whatever. It's not really white.

BestBrokerinDallas | March 25, 2012

Thank you all for the comments. You never know with screen resolutions and the like what a true color may actually be... :-)

olanmills | March 25, 2012

I didn't realize that the white was only for Signature until today. I'm dissappointed because I think I would have leaned towards that option.