Will somebody PLEASE explain?

Will somebody PLEASE explain?

Will somebody please explain what the hell is going on with TSLA? I am totally in the dark this time about what has caused such a flux.

Captain_Zap | December 19, 2014

People taking losses for tax reasons at the end of the year, rebalancing portfolios and slow news is my best guess. Beyond that, FUD mills and rumors about delays.

Mathew98 | December 19, 2014

Extended Black Friday sales. Just when I didn't think I can get any more, the market ropes me back in again and again...

Just because some anal-yst think somehow low oil prices will affect 100K+ ASP Model S, doesn't mean squat to current sales numbers. If the wait time for delivery drops from 3 months to 2 weeks then we should worry.

Are you in for the long haul or day trading?

Sluggo | December 19, 2014

Oil down = Tesla down. The market is stupid. ANGI is up a buck in recent weeks. Go figure.

Captain_Zap | December 19, 2014

This might make you happy.

The factory is cranking them out!

teslabayarea | December 19, 2014

Really funny how everyone can say one day "oh man oil prices are so low, tesla sucks" and then the next day be like" oh my god, Tesla is like Apple and Facebook and Elon Musk is like Jesus Christ".

I just wish I had bought more when it went below $200.

I think this stock is great for the long term personally.

Expect it to go way up with the Model X, more super chargers, great reviews of the P85D, and the battery swaps!

Rolling Stone | December 19, 2014

TSLA is a volatile stock. Everyone who shorted the stock and drove it down below 200 had to cover quickly when it rallied and this drove the stock price up $17 per share. Try not to be with the same crowd trying to get out the same door at the same time. You will get your head handed to you!

jbunn | December 19, 2014


The market as a whole has suffered some really bad losses over the last two weeks. It hit everything - biotechs, solar, stable techs like AAPL and MSFT. The Dow, NASDAQ, pretty much all of it got beaten down. The market popped up early this week presumably on news about the Fed leaving interest rates untouched.

In the absence of positive or negative news, TSLA tends to move with the market. As a momentum stock though, it swings harder. Imagine two fleas on a dog's tail, one at the tip and one near the base. When the tail wags, they both move, but the flea on the end is in for a wilder ride.

With news, it swings independently.

Also, what we are seeing is part of the longer term pattern set up by the last earnings report. A week or two before earnings we had a run-up, then it got dumped a day or two before earnings. Post earnings, we had a big run-up over the next three weeks. That's happened the last few earnings cycles. Now we're halfway in between the Q3 and Q4 earnings reports.

TeoTeslaFan | December 19, 2014

There are delays with P85D. Watch News from the Frunk, Episode 12:

These problems caused doubt on whether Tesla can become a big scale mass car maker. Tesla said they will make 500,000 per year by 2020. Morgan Stanley says Tesla might achieve 300,000, 40% less than previously expected.

david.baird | December 20, 2014
drax7 | December 20, 2014

In a void of tesla news, FUD and technical mambo jumbo reigns.
Deliveries and production issues, vaporware announcements, cheap oil,
Model x delays, China demand, German demand, shortage of electrons
In the universe, etc.