Will we hear anything about the X during earnings this week?

Will we hear anything about the X during earnings this week?

hope so!!!

Brian H | November 2, 2014

I doubt it. Tesla is very careful about making speculative statements. Investors and buyers ignore the fine points and take the guesses as commitments. And there is no (public) actual history on the MX to report.

aljjr2 | November 2, 2014

If there are discussions about forward looking production figures and Revenues, then Tesla may have to disclose at least the Model X Schedule.

I would not look to any specific details on the Model X styling or other facts. However, if the schedule remains or changes, then that is a valid subject for analyst and shareholders.

michelcolman | November 3, 2014

It's the beginning of november, and they promised the first deliveries by the end of the year. If they don't give any substantial information about Model X deliveries on the earnings call, that will be interpreted as a big delay and the stock will tank. So I'm pretty sure they will either confirm end of year delivery or set a later date (a few months at the most) which they will stick to. Nothing is worse than uncertainty.

Personally, I think they will confirm end of year delivery. They already sent out confirmations to some peope and then retracted them, possibly because they wanted to save the scoop for the earnings call. But it could also be due to an unexpected last minute problem that is now pushing deliveries back. In any case, we'll know in a few days.

vandacca | November 3, 2014

@michelcolman, that promise of 2014 deliveries was made over a year ago. Tesla has since stated that deliveries would begin in 2nd quarter 2015. According to Wikipedia:
As of February 2014, the company expects to begin deliveries for retail customers in the second quarter of 2015

You wrote:
"They already sent out confirmations to some people and then retracted them"

Where did you hear this?

timf2001 | November 3, 2014

The only confirmations that were sent out and later retracted were to people who upgraded their reservations to Signature when the Upgrade button was displayed in error. There was never an indication that it was time to configure their Model X, and no such emails have been sent to any Model X reservation holders. | November 3, 2014

Tesla management will participate in a Q&A session after the 3Q results are released on the 5th:

What: Tesla Motors, Inc. Q3 2014 Financial Results Q&A Webcast
When: Wednesday, November 5, 2014
Time: 2:30pm Pacific Time / 5:30pm Eastern Time
Shareholder Letter:
Webcast: (live and replay)

There will almost certainly be questions about the MX at that time.
Can't wait.

Red Sage ca us | November 3, 2014

vandacca: I would dispute that Wiki article. I believe that what was said was that 'full production' would ramp up by Quarter 2 2015. The indication from Elon Musk was that it would not take as long to reach full production with Model X as it did with Model S. Hence, my belief that a handful of hand-built Model X may be delivered to a few lucky Customers before Christmas 2014. That would be followed by minimal production at up to 100 per week in January 2015, growing steadily to 800-1000 per week between April & June 2015.

vandacca | November 4, 2014

@Red, It would be great if at least 1 person got a Model-X next month, even if it's Elon Musk. But that Wiki article is not the only article that indicates production won't happen until 2015. Remember, this vehicle was originally supposed to be in production exactly one year ago, and guess what happened? It was delayed, just like the Roadster and Model-S. Why are you so confident that it can't get delayed again, especially with so many articles indicating as much and Tesla's track record? Tesla themselves have said that prototypes will be ready in Q4 2014, with production to start in 2015.

Tesla is a scrappy start-up trying to disrupt the car industry. They have very lofty goals, and like all start-ups in the tech industry, milestones are always delayed.

"Model X Delayed Till 2015"
"Model X SUV that the vehicle will indeed be produced “starting in early 2015″ as expected."
"volume production is tentatively slated to begin the second quarter of 2015, with the first design prototypes completed by the end of the year (2014)"
"we expect production design prototypes to be ready in Q4 of this year"
"Deliveries for Model X coming in 2015"

timf2001 | November 4, 2014

The only potential "deliveries" before the end of the year will be beta units to designated Tesla employees to road test the car. These vehicles carry manufacturer plates, are not production units and not destined for customers, so it would be misleading to claim deliveries have begun on this alone. Every other auto manufacturer tests their new models this way, and none start counting deliveries or sales until they are actual production units.

konjovo | November 4, 2014

I hope for an Signature
X nr. 45 in april 2015!

Red Sage ca us | November 4, 2014

If no one in the public at large among Tesla Model X reservation holders has taken delivery by December 18, 2014 I will admit I was wrong about their getting cars before Christmas.

I still believe that the final remaining barrier to its release is that Elon Musk absolutely oes not want to produce ANY of the Model X vehicles with exterior rear view mirrors. | November 4, 2014

@Red Sage: I love your optimism. You would have been a great sidekick to Jim Bowie at the Alamo. "Aw shucks, Jim, we're only outnumbered 100 to 1. You take the hundred on the right and I'll take the ones on the left..."
Or The convict in the famous Playboy cartoon, chained to the walls of the cell, arms and legs, with a 6 inch square barred window ten feet above leaning over to his cellmate saying "Now here's my plan."

I guarantee that someone will ask Elon about the Model X between :5:30 and 6:00 pm PST tomorrow. He will say ". Wait. my crystal ball is clouding over. Rats.

proven | November 5, 2014

I'm still surprised people think the Model X will start shipping this year. Also, even though it means I have to wait longer, I'm glad there will be 13,000 made before mine so they can work out a few of the issues that will inevitably pop up.

dc661 | November 5, 2014

Delayed to 3rd QTR 2015

Red Sage ca us | November 5, 2014

Forbes? Seriously? Might as well be The Street or The Motley Fool. Most of those 'professionals' insist that Tesla Motors is a pyramid scheme run by a jive turkey who is tying to convince General Motors or the Chinese to buy him out so he can take the money and run.

vandacca | November 5, 2014

@Red Sage, just admit you accidentally wrote 2014 instead of 2015. You really meant to say deliveries to begin Dec 18, 2015, right? ;)

Red Sage ca us | November 6, 2014

Nope. No accident. I wrote what on purpose. I stand by it. I was simply incorrect. It happens from time to time. | November 6, 2014

@Red Sage: I think Dan might be gently tugging on one of your legs.:-))

Based on Elon's protestations, I expect the Model X to be the most sensationally perfect car to ever roll off the production line for the first time. It's going to have delightful sun visors with great mirrors and annoying safety stickers in French. It's going to have super windshield wipers and comfy seats. I only fear that shortly after they start my build they will add gratis a built in combination vacuum cleaner and air pump with no retrofit, forcing me to sell my new MX and order a new one.

Brian H | November 6, 2014

The mirrors will be on the far side of the visors so you can blind oncoming traffic. Very amusing! | November 6, 2014

No, Brian. The safety stickers will face forward to annoy oncoming drivers.

dortor | November 7, 2014

To answer th OP question..

Yes we will hear something about the X from the Q3 earnings call.

Red Sage ca us | November 7, 2014

Yeah. Facing forward. In upside down, reversed French!