Window Tinting,

Window Tinting,

Well worth the expense. I went with the legal tint on the side and rear windows and i can already see a reduction in my AC usage. The technician suggested that it can reduce interior heating by as much as 35 percent and can increase heat retention in the winter by 10-15 percent. Has anyone else had any expierience with tinting?

Eletrek | September 7, 2015

Had windows tinted in Sept 2013 and could tell such a difference that I tinted my SUV driver and passenger side windows. I don't know %'s change but it was very noticeable.

AddysDaddy | September 7, 2015

I tinted my sides and rear with 3M crystalline 70 so you can't even tell it is tinted visually. The heat difference is so dramatic that the only heat came through from the front windshield. Now, the AC runs low in the background rather than medium to high.

Techguy817 | September 7, 2015

Yes. I tinted with Spectra photosync. Very pleased.

carlk | September 7, 2015

Yes. I got photosync too and it works great. When I saw people rejoyced that the new MX has cooled seats I realized my black leather seats never got too hot to seat in.

PTP | September 8, 2015

just did sunguard black pearl hp 38 on all windows except the windshield and it is great- sort of glad I didn't do the windshield because I wasnt aware of all the rainbow effect with the polarized sunglasses. No pano. you can tell the temp is less

bradgietter | September 8, 2015

Can anyone recommend a Photosync installer in or near Orange County CA?