Window Tinting-Auto Window Problem?

Window Tinting-Auto Window Problem?

The last time I had windows tinted was several years ago. At the time they told me not to put the windows down for a couple of days after having the tinting installed; I assume that's still the rule. On my S, the windows go down a bit when the doors are opened, and then back up when the door closes. Has this feature caused people problems or can it be disabled?

sandman | February 22, 2013

Just got mine tinted. They said same but there is no way to disable. Many many have gotten theirs tinted so I am not too worried.

hwye81k | February 22, 2013

Sandman, did you get all of your windows tinted?

Pungoteague_Dave | February 22, 2013

I had my windows tinted. They said the same thing, but charged a bit extra because of the window seating process. What they described was using a small amount of extra glue around the edges of the film. It cannot be seen and I had no issues at all.

sandman | February 22, 2013

All but the front windshield and pano roof. Used an adaptive film from Presitge Films that darkens to ~25 in high light/heat, lightens to 35 in the dark.

this window behavior is similar to many luxury cars with frame-less doors. The windows have to slide down during door shutting to prevent window and seal damage. It isn't uncommon for tinters to deal with and if any issues occur, they'll fix it. Well, decent ones will.

Darmok | February 22, 2013

Thanks all for your input. The place is quite good, so it sounds like they'll do fine. I guess I've never had a luxury car!

Mike C | February 22, 2013

The tiny bit the window rolls down did not seem to be an issue when I did mine last week. My tint guy did say that he filed down the edges because of that behavior, not exactly sure why, though.