Windows open by themselves overnight?

Windows open by themselves overnight?

Hi folks,

Has anyone seen the four windows automatically open overnight? For the last two mornings I've gone into my garage and found all four windows open--and I didn't leave them that way. The garage is neither very hot nor very cool, our nighttime temps are in the 40s. It's raining here now (finally!) and I'm just glad I didn't leave Tessie outside overnight!

I've allowed all of the requested software upgrades to install, including one from about 10 days ago.

All best to everyone,

kevin | February 8, 2014

I should add that the windows were almost all the way open. They still have about 1 -- 2 inches to go.

AoneOne | February 8, 2014

Pressure on the key fob can trigger the all-windows-down feature. Perhaps your fob is being inadvertently activated?

kevin | February 8, 2014

I'll keep that in mind. One other datapoint. On the two days that I found the windows open I also saw the "dotted yellow line" regenerative recharge limiter indicator. I recharge to the daily drive limit, not full charge.

Bighorn | February 8, 2014

Dotted yellow line appears below 50degF

JonathanL | February 8, 2014

Is your key fob worn so that you can see the buttons? Mine are and I have found that if my kids sit on my lap and the key is in my pocket, the windows are going down.

Roamer@AZ USA | February 8, 2014

I have opened all mine several times when the Fob in my pocket got pressed while I was working and put presure on the items in my pocket.

Joules II | February 8, 2014

I noticed the same thing one morning. I was trying to warm my car up because the external temps were in the -15C range. The car wasn't warming up very well in the garage. When I went out to get in the car, I discovered that all the windows were down most of the way. My fob stays in my purse and doesn't get pressed accidentally.

KWTESLA | February 8, 2014

My wife has complained about the windows all being down in the garage several times I always thought it was some one leaning on the key ?

J.T. | February 8, 2014

This might be the prelude to a 12volt problem. A post in a previous thread on this topic postulated that if the 12 volt dies the windows will not open. This could be a fail-safe measure to insure egress in case of emergency. Call Tesla and have them check the logs for any error logs.

mklcolvin | February 9, 2014

@jtodtman is right, I had the exact same problem, and it turned out that the 12 volt battery was the issue. Tesla replaced the battery (twice, the first time they used the original manufacturer's battery - they changed manufacturers at some point in their production). Since the second battery was installed months ago I haven't had any more problems like this.

defmonk | February 9, 2014

A suggestion: this forum would be more useful if folks would call Tesla Service first with obvious issues like this and then post Tesla's response. Currently, most of these threads just generate a bunch of well-intended speculation. I've been able to reach Tesla 24/7 and they happily address any issues I've had.

vipdoc | February 9, 2014

I found all my windows down about 2 weeks ago. Not sure what happened. I assumed that the key fob must have been activated while in my pocket. Hasn't happened since.

Brian H | February 9, 2014

defmonk is right. TM Service should be the 1st place to check. Don't be embarrassed; they live to serve, and like to take your calls! Then report the response and result.

Tanchico | February 9, 2014

Not only do they live to serve, some of them monitor this forum. I posted a note about range loss in the cold and was called the next day by Eli at the Mississauga service centre. That's above and beyond. I didn't just buy a car, seems like I bought into a new experience in service.

wbrown01 | February 9, 2014

I have had this happen to me twice, once it was raining outside. We need to make noise and TM will fix it. I think there needs to be more required then just "press and hold". Maybe two quick clicks and a hold. Something so the MS knows that is what you want. Better yet, it is not a great feature anyway, give us a option to turn that feature off.

Next step, call TM and complain about this and tell this to add the option. I already did it.