Windows Phone Application & Model S Windows

Windows Phone Application & Model S Windows

Can the Windows Phone Application remotely open the windows?

I am planning for the arrival of the Model S, and trying to determine whether or not we have an issue with room in the garage.

I ask this because due to the pillar in the garage adjacent to the driver's door, it may be necessary to lower the window to open the door far enough to clear the pillar and enter the car.



Salute | August 21, 2014

I use "Tesla Connect" and it does not have a windows down option.

2kids10horses | August 21, 2014

The key fob used to be able to open the windows.

Does it still? Or did they remove that option?

I've never used it.

NKYTA | August 21, 2014

2kids, they removed that action from the fob a while back. I don't see it in my iPhone app.