Window-wiper motor roasted

Window-wiper motor roasted

Friday night
Pouring rain
Wipers on
Son and I smell a faint "typical burned electronics" smell
Could not find anything. Drive on. Smell weakens
Bring son home. Drive on alone.
45 minutes later, the wipers freeze on the upstroke
When activating the wipers manually (button to first detent, a growling noise is audible
Wipers dead
Pouring rain
Wipers dead as a doornail
Cannot see anything. Very high "not funny level" reached
Car cannot be driven anymore as driver sees ****
Alarm-lights on
Limped to gas-station
Called Tesla road-side service
1 hour later, the flat-bed arrives
Tesla certified "tow provider" has never sat in an Model S and has zero clue as how to operate it
I give the tow-man the "valet steam-course"
Tow-man does a good job driving the car on the flat-bed
Drove to car-rental place
Got a small ICE rental (by now it's Saturday night 01:30)
On monday, I'll have to drop the car off myself, 55km from where i live at the nearest branch-office of the rental-company and see how i get home
As per my destiny (i'm always lucky, not...) on Monday I will certainly hear that the wiper-assembly is not in stock and will have to be brought in from the USA
This means the car is gone as Monday is two days before christmas and the car will be at the SC over the holidays until start of januari
As per my destiny, i will hear the Tesla Service center has no more loaners. All will have been allocated.
ElectricSteve is boiling right now. Cannot even write a normal post...

Hart | December 19, 2014

Sorry for you. But have you thought about what would have happened had this occurred in your Detroit ICE car? They sure would not have sent a flatbed to help you! So be thankful despite the inconvenience. S... happens. Merry Christmas!

hpjtv | December 19, 2014

+1 Hart

ElectricSteve | December 19, 2014

@ Hart
Maybe not the manufacturer of the car but the auto-club you would have been a member of, would have sent one. No difference to me.

Will have to wait for the verdict on Monday. The car is now in storage. Will get shipped to Tesla on Monday.

Wat pisses me off most ist that i have to bring the rental back myself (don't mind) but that station is 55km away (do mind). Must also arrange for transportation back home.

The towing-arrangements sure are different from the USA over here in Switzerland.