Zurich Dec. 4-10

Zurich Dec. 4-10

The Zurich event ties off tomorrow; Hope some attendees post here. Anyone with feedback on the EU blogs please link. We can use Google Translate if necessary!

jackhub | December 9, 2012

Uh, Brian, I believere that is 'tees off'. :>}

Brian H | December 9, 2012

No, it teed off on the 4th, ends on the 10th.

stealth_mode | December 9, 2012

you are about right:
Dec. 3 was exclusive for Reservation Holders.
Dec. 4-10th for public.
I checked it out on 3rd. it is the same vehicle spotted in Munich they actually have 3 in EU now for display.
confirmation for EU models:
3-phase charging up to 22kW (in D/A/CH we are limited to 16A single phase)
no info on super chargers in EU
strong evidence for proximity sensors
power folding mirrors not so much :-(
we could check everything out but no test drives.
This car is revolutionary and beautiful. can't wait to test drive.
Never felt a down payment invested so well!

TRex | December 9, 2012

Hi Brian
As a Reservation holder I was there on the 3rd! (Sig. 147)
The Signature there was much closer to European Standards than the car at the Geneva Motor Show!
Even my wife thinks now that it is a car worth buying.
If we only knew the pricing and the mirrors would fold motorised!

(Please forgif all possible typos; the german spellchecker on my iPad is driving me nuts! Allmost every word here is underlined red)

Brian H | December 9, 2012

Isn't there a Disable for iPad Autocorrect? -- Yes, Settings/General/Keyboard item 2.

nickjhowe | December 9, 2012

Or enable the English keyboard and switch to it when writing English words.

Robert22 | December 9, 2012

Or spell phonetically and get on with life :)

TRex | December 9, 2012

Brian H and nickjhowe

Sometimes you do not see what is directly under your nose. It is a lot mor fun this way!
Now it comes down to my English skills. I promise not to argue to often with this new autocorrect. It probably knows more than I!
Thanks :-)

RainerE | December 11, 2012

It was a nice event Dec 3,

- 3-phase charging confirmed
- Pricings for europe this month, should be near US price + shipping & tax
- The shown european model s has yellow direction indicators...
- ..and tail foglights
- Planned production starts in march, deliveries of Sig in april, production series in july
- the Internet connection is _maybe_ included (because it was a big maybe, I didn't ask if it would be bound to the car or to the service contract)

... aaand test drives are coming soon... :)

Volker.Berlin | December 11, 2012

They are actually showing a European model? That's great news! :-)

- Yellow blinkers - Check.
- Rear fog lights - Check.
- 3-phase charging promised/confirmed - has anyone seen a Model S charging with 22kW (380 V, 32 A, 3 phases)?
- How about front light washers?

I started a European Delivery Punch List here:

p.s.calder | December 11, 2012

I braved the snow and went in yesterday lunchtime. After reading so much about it and seeing so many pictures, it was great to finally see it in the flesh.

I did indeed check the fog lights and yellow blinkers, all present and correct. Didn't check for light washers I'm afraid.

Had a quick look around the car and panel fit was fine, though you'd hope they would get that right for a display car.(I don't know why but I was worried about that.)

The main positive impressions I got were:

- The luggage space is even better than I expected, tons of room in the back. The front trunk could have been designed specifically for Swiss grocery bags, perfect!

- Driver controls and the screen were top notch, I imagine every manufacturer is now scrambling to get the same screen into their high-end vehicles. Smart touches like the mechanical button to open the glove box positioned as near as possible to the driver.

- The back seat is a true three-seater with the middle person very comfortable thanks to the perfectly flat floor. The headroom for adults was disappointing, but fine for kids of course. The price of a sloping rear line I guess.

My main disappointments were the following:

- Front seats. Not to the standard of some lesser cars in my opinion. Relatively shallow lateral support, especially for a performance model. The headrest is maybe a matter of taste, but I wondered how effective it would be in an accident. It certainly looks less robust than the standard safety headrests in European cars.

- Storage space. Glove box is on the small side for a car of this size. The open tray between the front seats will have to take pretty much everything the driver wants to have within reach, which means it will be a magnet for all kinds of crap, with no way to hide it from view. A rollaway cover a la VW would have been nice. The armrest would have been better designed to slide over a storage box than two drink holders. No pockets on the front seat backs. In fact no storage option at all in the back as far as I could see.

Minor quibbles:

- would prefer the parcel shelf be attached to the inside of the trunk so it lifts with the tailgate.

- the floor covering did not look particularly hard-wearing, time will tell I guess. No anchors for floor mats either?

- no fold-down access to the trunk via the back seat? I guess skis fit in the back diagonally?

Small things perhaps but if you're commuting they make the car a little less easy to live with.

I know I will be kicking myself if I buy the 2013 model and they offer AWD on the next version.

I love the car and will definitely buy, but a little voice is telling me to wait for the first facelift.

uldry2000 | December 11, 2012

Volker, front light washers are a must by law for xenon lights. but i don't know if also for the standard lights

sagebrushnw | December 12, 2012

Any pictures of the rear amber/yellow turn signals or rear fog lights?