Automatic Jack Mode While Car Parked

Automatic Jack Mode While Car Parked

Just wanted to ask if anyone had a similar problem. I had parked my Model X at a mall. When I came back after few hours and drive it, had significant resistance while I pressed the acceleration pedal. I heard a scratching noise coming from the front. I went out to see what happened and I saw the front of the car was sitting on the cement kerb stone which had scratched the car. I went back to suspension and it was in jack mode.

I then immediately called tesla emergency service to ask what happened and why it went to jack mode on its own and was it safe to drive back with family in car. Eventually I was able to change the suspension to very high and then drive it back home.

Tesla service then called in a few days said a firmware was sent on air to correct a software bug. My concern was safety of my kids around the car when it’s parked in the garage. What if it decides to engage jack mode suddenly and my children’s foot or body is stuck under this heavy car and my garage floor which has a little elevated step.

3 days into owning the car had suspension issues when it went from standard to low to very low suspension mode in 1 week and then had to drive to service center for repairs. They told a electric fuse was not fixed properly and had become loose.

I just hope I don’t have any further suspension issues because it can be dangerous and fatal.

Chris.ladner | February 19, 2019

I am also having issues with spontaneous assumption of JACK MODE.

I have a 2017 Model X.
It is parked indoors in a garage on a level cement floor.
For the last 3 mornings, when I go out to the garage, the car is clearly lop-sided and has spontaneously put itself in Jack Mode.

This also happened once before several weeks back.

I have not noticed this associated with any firmware update.

Redmiata98 | February 19, 2019

Did you get any “warning” on the dash?

If a fault is detected that reduces the performance of the air suspension system, a yellow indicator lights up on the instrument panel. If the problem persists, contact Tesla.
Jack Mode
Before jacking or lifting, set the suspension to Jack mode to prevent the self-leveling that occurs even when Model X is powered off.
Press the brake pedal, then touch Controls > Suspension > Jack.
To deactivate, touch Jack again.
Note: Jack mode automatically cancels when
you drive over 4 mph (7 km/h).
Note: Model X also sets Jack mode automatically if it detects that the vehicle cannot lower to its target height, or if it detects that an object is supporting the vehicle's weight (for example the bumper of the vehicle is resting on a curb).

Redmiata98 | February 19, 2019

I used jack mode when I parked with my front over a concrete stopper so that it would not automatically lower onto the curb. It never lowered in its own. P90L 2016, seems you have a definite problem.

Vawlkus | February 20, 2019

Jack mode can be triggered if one tire is higher or lower than the other, combined with a tilt to the car. Had it happen when I parked in a rut in my driveway.

rlwrw | February 20, 2019

For tire changing, and/or rotating, it would be nice to have a built in electric jack at each corner of the car, independently controlled, to lift each wheel off of the ground.
Indy cars use pneumatic jacks which are activated by connecting an air hose to a fitting on the car during pit stops.

rglossin | February 21, 2019

rlwrw I'm thinking the same way but you worded it much better than I did on another site. Q & A Tire Change

I shared your opinion.

stephanie20thomas | February 22, 2019

I had a similar problem, but the automatic parking simply did not work and I crashed into the corb, after the service center, I did not encounter such problems, but I still try to park manually