Motorcycle lane splitting detection

Motorcycle lane splitting detection

I am a motorcycle rider in Los Angeles CA and I frequently lane split in the HOV while commuting since its much safer than being rear ended. What I normally see is that regular cars do move away and I was hoping that Teslas and AP will do the same automatically or at least not change lanes while there is a bike next to the car. Does the car even detect that the bike is next to it? If so, does it perform any action at all? Teslas are wider than regular cars and I have never seen one moving away and I commute every day 30 miles. Thanks

lilbean | May 1, 2018

I move away all the time. Bikers used to wave thank you but those days are gone.

SCCRENDO | May 2, 2018

Unfortunately it is dangerous and I am finding motorcyclists are becoming more discourteous.As a cyclist I am very sympathetic to 2 wheeled species and I am aware of the dangers posed by cars and even worse trucks. My main focus is ahead of me not behind me so I occasionally miss motorcyclists coming up from behind. I have had the right sided mirror on my Model S whipped back on at least 3 occasions. No damage but the mirror was rendered useless until I could get off the freeway, stop and correct it. I strongly believe lane splitting should be banned.

EVRider | May 2, 2018

When using AP, a Tesla won't change lanes if it detects a motorcycle in the way, but it depends on where the motorcycle is located exactly and whether the Tesla is AP1 or EAP. I would not assume AP will move over so you can split the lane, so don't lane split next to a Tesla.

MitchP85D | May 2, 2018

When my wife has the Model-S, I ride my motorcycle(s) to work. My smaller-faster Yamaha FZ-1 is the one I lane-split with. But I don't do it very often. Only when the highway traffic is at a near stand-still will I lane-split with the Yamaha. I was checking Texas law, and there are no statements made about it. It is neither legal or illegal. But there are attempts in the Texas legislature to make it legal under circumstances of less that 20 mph traffic. If a cop thinks what a motorcyclist is doing is unsafe, he can write him a ticket for reckless operation of a motor vehicle.

Captain Planet, I am very leery of side mirrors, and I make darn sure I have enough room to get by them. I understand California motorcyclists are more aggressive than we are in Texas, and probably more rude! Car drivers are very aggressive in Texas, so motorcyclists tend to be more cautious here. Maybe California needs to put qualifications on their lane-splitting laws, such as the less than 20 mph rule. Whenever I pass a Tesla on my motorcycle, I always stick out a thumbs-up to them!

I had a near-road rage incident on my Yamaha motorcycle last Saturday. Had a massive traffic jam on I45 heading north, and I was doing a combination of lane-splitting and riding on the right shoulder of the road. Well, some A-hole in a pick-up truck didn't like me doing that, and he pulled over to the shoulder ahead of me to stop me from getting by. Then he stops his truck and opens his door to get out and confront me. He was yelling something to me about riding the whole way on the shoulder and that he was going to report me. I just gave him a quick emotionless glare and went around him - easy to do on my FZ-1. Did some lane-splitting, then after getting about 200 yards in front of him, I went back to the shoulder where I stayed until I got to my cut-off. Saved me about 20 minutes of commuting time. So, moral of the story - I'm all for lane splitting!

blacktape242 | May 2, 2018

as someone with my M1, always be alert and move over when you can, thats the best you can do.

bgbythsea | May 2, 2018

I diid indeed have my MS move to the left automatically when a motorcycle suddenly veered toward me from the right side.

MitchP85D | May 3, 2018

Hey Kick-Ass Gal, I'd wave at you!

lilbean | May 3, 2018

Hey! Thank you!

My blackvue caught an lane splitter laying his bike down because he was being dumb.

MitchP85D | May 3, 2018

You probably see a lot more of that in California than you do in Texas. Motorcyclists in Texas are relatively tame. It is our car drivers - and especially pick-up truck drivers that are absolutely nuts in Texas!

potitod | May 3, 2018

Thanks for the responses. I understand that some Tesla drivers do move away but unfortunately I have not seen that in action in over a year of 30 miles commute. What I was worried about is if AP will move the vehicle towards the bike. I know that Tesla had bad news lately and I do not like that since the news only concentrate on Tesla accidents and not the rest that happen every day but in the last incident the car pointed the hood directly into the wall. A bike is much less obvious than that.

heartbeat | May 5, 2018

Two weeks ago I was in the #1 lane southbound on the 101 in CA on Autopilot when a motorcyclist passed me on the right and slammed his fist on my hood hard. Apparently, Autopilot did not move over but his action startled me and was uncalled for. So don't pass a Tesla and expect for it to move over.

lilbean | May 5, 2018

Here’s a lovely motorcyclist in Santa Clarita, CA:

Uncle Paul | May 5, 2018

In California, lane splitters are always 100% responsible for their decision to lane split. Some drivers may see a rider comming up on them and move over, but most will never see the rider until he is right next to them. Some will be startled by the sudden appearance of a bike and do foolish maneuvers to avoid getting hit.

Will be a good idea for Tesla to implement motorcycle overtaking evasive maneuvers, but may be some time until it gets implemented.

Lane splitters are not owed or entitled to a couresy move over. Expecting it is foolish, but rider should be appreciative when one is granted.

Drivers are rightly angered when an overtaking rider seems entitled to additional room to make an unsafe pass safer.

DTsea | May 6, 2018

lane splitting should be outlawed.

DTsea | May 6, 2018

after that video maybe that motorcyclist should be outlawed

lilbean | May 6, 2018

Motorcycles would overheat if forced to stand in traffic.

potitod | May 6, 2018

What that motorcyclist did is insane. I hope this attitude changes since it makes all the riders look bad. I do ride and one time an F150 was driving on the car pool alone, he did not turn on the blinker and exited over the double yellow line without looking and pushed me with him into the next lane. Fortunately nothing happened but I forced the car to stop, took the information and went to the CHP office. This type of drivers also need to be stopped. Life is more important than road rage and the "I win" attitude

DTsea | May 6, 2018

design defects in motorcycles dont justify dangerous driving. lane splitting is illegal inWA, we have very bad traffic, and no stalled motorcycles.

lilbean | May 6, 2018

I agree. I can’t stand those idiot motorcycle riders. They like to goof around on the mountain highway. Rescue teams have to go up there to clean up their mess on the weekends.

Uncle Paul | May 8, 2018

I ride Harleys. When I do lane split to work my way through stopped traffic, I am always aware that Tesla on autopilot will not move over for me.

I also realize that while some drivers will give me a little extra room, others will intentially crowd me and make splitting more difficult.

When I see a cager edging over to block me in, is simply slow or stop to wait for another opportunity. I know that they do not owe me anything, but I appreciate those that give me a little extra room.

In California, lane splitting is a courtesy, not a right.

DTsea | May 8, 2018

better than lane splitting would be a 6 foot wide motorcycle lane by the median, marked, as half of breakdown lane, thus separated from cars.

MitchP85D | May 8, 2018

Hey Uncle Paul, I don't lane split with my Goldwing. But with my FZ1 Yamaha, its a breeze! Just yesterday, I was riding on an HOV lane. I car broke down up ahead of me in the single one-way lane. Everybody had to come to a cold stop. Not me! I just went around them and got by the broken down car, and I was off and running alone in the lane. I motioned to a guy on a Harley to follow me, but he didn't go for it. I was looking in my rear view mirror to see if he got by the crapped out car. I think he chickened out.

You are correct than lane splitting is a courtesy, not a right. We inherently know that in Texas!

MitchP85D | May 8, 2018

Good idea DTsea. Only problem is money.

MitchP85D | May 8, 2018

Make that, "A car broke down..."

DTsea | May 8, 2018

mitch, should just be some stripes, seems like.

MitchP85D | May 8, 2018

DTsea, I don't think car drivers are too keen to the idea of narrowing their lanes to make more room available for motorcycles. It would be great if car drivers were that generous, but I seriously doubt that they are. The only way to make that work is with wider pavement - and that is where the $$$$$ becomes a factor. Are taxpayers willing to spend more money to help motorcyclists out? Of course I would vote for it, but I would be in an extreme minority if that issue was on the ballot.

Tesla2018 | May 8, 2018

I hate the motorcyclists that are doing over 100 mph weaving in an out of traffic between cars and doing wheelies.. Once all the cars wete slowing down and a motorcycle decided to go next to me to pass on the shoulder. The idiot ran right into the tire which was rolling down the road that we were slowing down to avoid and wiped out. I figure its only a matter of time before these morons kill themselves. They should have to wait behind other vehicles instead of trying to squeeze between them. And dont even get me started with the Lance Armstrong spandex wearing wanna bes who ride on the bike lanes of 50 mph roads and then cut into the car traffic lanes left of traffic to make a left hand turn instead of going straight last the light and then making a left turn after the light changes. I ride my bicycle for exercise on the residential 20 mph local streets that dont have traffic or go to bicycle paths instead of risking my life on major roadways.

MitchP85D | May 8, 2018

I'm not quite that bad with my FZ1 Yamaha Tesla2018!

DTsea | May 9, 2018

Mitch, I think you do not understand my suggestion correctly. What I am saying is that the breakdown space between the auto lanes and the median divider, generally not wide enough for a car other than in a breakdown, be allowed for motorcycles to drive on with some striping to indicate a partial width lane there that's motorcycles only.

Rocky_H | May 9, 2018

@MitchP85D, Quote: “Maybe California needs to put qualifications on their lane-splitting laws, such as the less than 20 mph rule.”

There were published guidelines for it officially published by the California Highway Patrol before it actually became legal.

And then on January 1, 2017, they did add a law to their motor vehicle code making it officially legal. California is still the only state to legalize it, though.

Uncle Paul | May 9, 2018

Lane splitting on a congested highway is pretty handy, however it only takes one driver on his cell phone to ruing your day.

Be careful out there. Automatous driving cannot come soon enough for me.