Will renting a Model S spoil me for my Model 3?

Will renting a Model S spoil me for my Model 3?

I have never driven a Tesla. Heading from Chapel Hill, NC to Asheville, NC then Snowshoe, WV for business. About 900 miles in total. Mostly interested in experiencing Autopilot so I arrive refreshed. The website Turo has a Black Model S P85D with "Insane Mode"for rent. Do you think having this car for a week will spoil me as I am (im)patiently await my Model 3 in a few months?

lilbean | May 13, 2018

Not at all.

Kj11856 | May 13, 2018

I had a Model 3 reserved. I decided one weekend to schedule a test drive of a MS. 2 weeks after the test drive I cancelled my M3 reservation and ordered a new MS 75D. Im still waiting on delivery. Can’t wait.

EVRider | May 13, 2018

No, as long as you don’t use Insane mode. :-)

The P85D has AP1, not EAP like the Model 3, so your experience with Autopilot in the S won’t be exactly the same as it would be in the 3.

SO | May 13, 2018

Depends if you like a smaller car vs a bigger one. If possible, try them both before you decide.

johnyi | May 13, 2018

Like kjar71, after configuring my M3 I did a test drive of an S100D, then took home a P100D overnight :-) Ended up switching my M3 configuration over to a 100D. Delivery expected end a June, which is a bit later than expected delivery of my M3, so urgency wasn't a factor. I just like the looks of the MS more now that I've seen the M3 out on the streets around Chapel Hill / RTP. Certainly the M3 is the better value though.

Be advised MS/X deliveries are about to be pushed out to September, so even if you rent this car and have second opinions on your M3, you won't get a MS any sooner unless you find a pre-configured one.

larry | May 13, 2018


carlk | May 13, 2018

Sounds like the car is a pre-Ludicrous P85D that will have 3.2s 0-60. It will definitely feel different than the Model 3.

Mike83 | May 13, 2018

We have both and my wife and I trade off. Love them both. The M3 reminds me more of my Porsche which is gone with a lot less maintenance and no gas stations. Prefer home, destination and supercharging. The MS drives like a Rolls but has incredible performance and is very very quiet. Music is awesome in these cars.

Tesla-David | May 13, 2018

I agree with @Mike83, we also have both cars (S85D and M3 w/19" sport wheels) and love them both. Both are incredibly fun to drive. If you like efficiency the M3 is the better choice, as it is ~1/3rd more efficient than our MS. We are averaging ~298 wh/mi in our MS, and 212 wh/mi in our M3. With the warmer temperatures we are now getting less than 200 wh/mi in the M3.

Earl and Nagin ... | May 13, 2018

The hidden secret is that the Model 3 handles better than the Model S. The Model S is still roomier and a smoother ride though.
It's all good and you'll have a great time in the S too.
You will yearn for the Model 3 more though.

lilbean | May 13, 2018

Last week, I drove a brand new Model S loaner and I was really happy to get my 3 back.
Yesterday, I went through a second of panic when I thought my instrument panel of my Model S went dark. Then I realized I was in the 3. I don’t even have a Model S. I’m losing my mind.

loc_nguyen | May 13, 2018

Depending on your taste. Model 3 handles better and is more energy efficient because of the lighter and smaller body. But the stunning looks, speed, and room makes the S the better choice for me. I still have my Model 3 reservation. I’m thinking of canceling it to get $1k back.

I live and work near Tesla factory. Model 3 sightings has been more frequent and its look began to appear bland imo. Soon the 3 will look like any other car due to high volume but the Model S look is timelessly stunning. Plus I’ve never paid a cent for charging, albeit the initial high price.

It depends on your taste. You gotta find it yourself.

Anthony J. Parisio | May 13, 2018

DON’t DO IT!!!!!! It won’t hurt your desire for Model 3 but you won’t be able to stand a Fossil car any more. Not to mention your wait for your car will get much worse! LOL Have fun! ;-)

Kj11856 | May 13, 2018

I totally concur. I fell victim.

borntorun | May 13, 2018

Yes, I really think it will. I wound up driving an S for a long period of time recently. i have had a model 3 reservation for a while now, but I pulled the trigger on an S a couple weeks ago. It's just an awesome experience.

MarylandS85 | May 13, 2018

I think renting a Model S will either convince you to get the S instead or will whet your appetite even more strongly for your prospective Model 3. It depends on which you value more: acceleration, cargo space, and elegance vs. cornering, efficiency, and value. I’m glad we have one of each in our household. We are truly spoiled!

ST70 | May 13, 2018

If you have the $ you will buy the S after driving it....I dare you!

Kj11856 | May 13, 2018

I double dog dare. No I triple dog dare you. Lol

Haggy | May 14, 2018

If you want to be 100% safe, put the S in chill mode. You will feel fine with the Model 3. The S might still have a smoother ride, but the 3 has a good ride. I had the original suspension, which Tesla has since redesigned. The newer one is closer to the S.

Not everything is going to be the same in both cars, but different does not equal bad.

If you load the S up with luggage, then the next time you need to move the same amount of luggage with a 3, you will miss the S. There are going to be many little things about the S that you won't have on the 3, but it comes down to whether there are particular circumstances that make one objectively more suitably for a task, most of the time the answer is no.

If I could have just one and money weren't the slightest concern, and I were the type to get features whether or not I cared about them then I'd get a loaded Model S. But that doesn't mean I don't enjoy driving the 3.

Sam_S | May 14, 2018


Smilepak | May 14, 2018

MS is a totally different beast. It like saying by renting a Lexus LS would ruin your order of Toyota Camry. The MS is has more luxury interior and features. It is more spacious and power.

But all that come at a different price point.

johnyi | May 14, 2018

One of the things that "spoiled" me driving the S was all the info available on the multiple screens. Tesla didn't do a bad job squeezing all the essential stuff onto one screen on the M3, but if you are a data junkie I think it will make a big difference. Not a $50K difference by itself of course. That's one thing to keep in mind - a comparably equipped MS is about twice the price of a M3. You have to be fairly price insensitive to seriously cross-shop these two cars.