Winamp player running on my cars?

Winamp player running on my cars?

Has anyone noticed that their Model S’ are running Winamp software? I’m logging the data packets that our two Model S’ spit out through our router. You obviously you need a router that has the right software installed for specific device monitoring, but at the top of the list for the most amount of data our cars are using while at home is “Winamp.” Go figure. I thought this was curious since the company (Nullsoft) has been gone for a while and the player is using Slacker ported music in the US. | May 28, 2018

Through various acquisitions and mergers over the years, Slacker owns Winamp - so it appears Slacker is still using some of the Winamp technology. It's not clear that any Winamp code is in the Tesla as it may just be something to do with the data being sent by Slacker, but it's possible Slacker provided some base code to Tesla.

Anyway, interesting find.

jjgunn | May 28, 2018

Haha I haven't used Winamp in 15-20 years. LOL - great find

Stark | May 28, 2018

It really whips the llama's ass! Wow, brings back memories!

reed_lewis | May 29, 2018

In what way are the packets 'Winamp'? Is it the port number or what?

Plus the car does not generate winamp packets. They are coming from some server and your router might think that they are Winamp because that is all it knows.

rsigman | May 30, 2018

I had to use Ask Jeeves to refresh my memory of what Winamp was.

RedShift | May 30, 2018

Winamp, fondly remember that old software that used to be on my desktop.

PatientFool | May 30, 2018

bring back those winamp skins!! :D