Tow Illegally Parked Tesla That is Charging

Tow Illegally Parked Tesla That is Charging

I recently helped advocate for a condo association to install a couple destination chargers for residents and guests.

This week a woman who was neither a resident or guest came and used the charger. I saw her do it but was happy let her stay and help a fellow Tesla owner out with a quick charge.

But, she never left. She left her car illegally parked there on the charger for a full week!

My question is, would it be possible to tow the car while it is attached to the charger? Is there a way, as the owner of the charger and parking spot, that we could forcibly remove her car from the charger so it can be towed away?

It would seem that we should rightfully be able to do so, but I haven't been able to turn up any way to detach the charger without the owner unlocking the car.

Should_I | May 28, 2018

Did you kill the power to the charger as soon you decided this was a problem?
I would be inclined to have it ticketed and towed and if need be bill her for and damages if you have to cut the cable.

SCCRENDO | May 28, 2018

After a week i bet she was fully charged so cutting the power wouldn’t make a difference

Should_I | May 28, 2018

Starts the process of parasitic loss draining the battery.

If the power is off I presume the car will still "see" the cable connection, would it send an alert when it tries to top up bit can't due to no power? Maybe the alert would prompt the owner to look into it.

The cable can be replaced without changing the whole wall unit. Lock out the breaker cut the cable and have it towed.

Tesla2018 | May 28, 2018

Can you call the police and have them find out who the owner is and where they live? Are you near an airport by any chance? Seems strange that someone would leave their car parked. Are you sure its not a friend of an owner who migjt have gone on vacation with them, and that the car hasnt moved at all? If it is someone that leaves for work 10 minutes after you and gets home 5 minutes sooner, then you migjt be under the impression that it has just heen sitting there.

SamO | May 28, 2018

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Uncle Paul | May 29, 2018

Since you saw her arrive and plug in, and said nothing, perhaps the best thing to do is leave her a note to avoid it happening again.

Inconsiderate behavior from her, but towing might be a little harsh.

Frank99 | May 29, 2018

>>> but towing might be a little harsh.
Not if she decided to block the charger for a week.

At the very least, she needs a sternly worded letter from the Condo association slipped under her wiper blade, stating that this isn't a public charger, that it's for residents and their guests only, and suggesting that the next time they find her car there it'll get towed.

You should also work up wording for a sign to post at the chargers that says the same thing.

Tesla2018 | May 29, 2018

Or if you really want to get revenge and make sure she nevet comes back, jack up her car and leave it on blocks and take off her wheels and tires.
Some a hole blocked me in at work when I was leaving to take a friend to the hospital. I called building security and luckily they traced her down in 5 minutes and I gave her an earful. I was about to go back to my office and get a dozen guys to help me lift up her car and move it across the parking garage.
Another time a fairly new Lexus was parked in my driveway at home. I know my next door neighbors 70 year old sister gets a new one every few years and I tell her to park it on the side of my driveway if her sisters driveway is full. I had to go out and the car was blocking me so I went to my neighbor and she said she had no idea of whose car it was. But we looked at the license plate and the car had a Surf Naked bumper sticker on it, and my neighbor said that her sister definity wouldnt have that on the back of her car! About a minute later a 18 year old girl came over with my neighbor who lives 2 houses away and apologized since they were just running into to her house to get some stuff and didnt think I would be needing to leave. I asked why she had a fairly new Lexus GS 460? since it was an old persons car. She said her grandmom was old and couldnt drive anymore so she gave her the car.

David N | May 29, 2018

Did you ask her when and where she surfs?

SUN 2 DRV | May 29, 2018

Tesla can unlock the car remotely if you can convince them you're the owner. Perhaps they'll do the same if an officer of the law were to get involved and officially asked them to unlock it.

At least them the charging cable could be freed for use by another car if it can park close enough.

But towing the first car could be problematic unless you can put it into tow mode, which Tesla is less likely to support.

SCCRENDO | May 29, 2018

Looks like the Tesla owner was a real jerk. But it seems like we have some on this thread who are no better threatening to damage other peoples’cars. The correct response is to contact the condo association. If the person is parked illegally then the association is likely to have legal remedies. If not, then the correct remedy is to leave the car alone and post a polite note explaining to the Tesla owner their antisocial behavior. And I guess the association needs to come up with a remedy to prevent this from happening again.

Tarla's Driver | May 30, 2018

Tow it to a Supercharger and plug it in there. Let them get a ton of idle fees.

Seriously, this is one argument for not using the Tesla HPWC. If it were a J1772, you could disconnect the charger, bu the adapter would be locked into the port. It would be easy to tow the car then like any other.

milesbb | May 31, 2018

If local law permits towing abandoned cars, get it towed. Do not cut the cord. Lock out the breaker and disconnect the cord inside the HPWC so the cord can travel with the Tesla. You should be able to get the cord back from the towing company when the owner collects the car.

I owned an apartment building that had a very new auto abandoned. Got a local towing company to tow it. The towing company was very happy with the impound fees they collected when the credit union finally repossessed the car and took it from the towing company several months later.

Silver2K | June 1, 2018

maybe she died

lilbean | June 1, 2018

+1 Silver