12V Battery Needs Replaced

12V Battery Needs Replaced

Just returned from 10 day, 4000+ mile roadtrip in our S75 and my 3, which I left plugged in, says that the 12V Battery needs replaced. Also can't apply the most recent update, for the same reason.

Anyone else not driven their 3 for 10 days or so and gotten the same message?

I unplugged my blackview while we were away since the car was safe in the garage so it would not have been that draining on the battery...

Guess I will call Service Center in the morning and try to get an appointment.

jjgunn | June 3, 2018

People that have mentioned this issue seem to need the DC to DC converter module replaced. Tell the SC - they probably have seen this enough.

sbeggs | June 3, 2018

VIN number?

Alex_SD | June 3, 2018

Just curious: is the blackvue installed with the Blackvue 12V battery or directly connected to the car's battery?

charles.a.braun | June 3, 2018

@sbeggs 1895

@Alex_SD Directly connected to 12V

SCCRENDO | June 3, 2018

Wow!!! A 12v battery going bad. This never happens to ICE vehicles. Best to call out the paparazzi and short the stock. Use your cellphone. Call up Tesla and I bet they send a ranger to replace it. Worst case you drive by the service center for a quick replacement. Then you will ready for your next 4000 miles trip.

charles.a.braun | June 3, 2018

@SCCRENDO - I think you might be onto something there. My last 5 cars since 2000 and a combined mileage of about 600,000 and I have never had to replace the battery on any of them.

When the battery is replaced this week in my Model 3, it will be the 3rd battery to be in my car that is a mere 5 months 1 week old with just 17,500 miles.

SCCRENDO | June 4, 2018

I have had 3 battery replacements in my Model S with 143000 miles in 5 years. The first 2 were proactive with services and the 3rd was a warning at 107000 miles. I have not had to change it since. the initial Model S batteries were faulty. Perhaps it is not your battery and you could have something draining your battery.

Tesla-David | June 4, 2018

In our 5+ years of MS ownership (S85 and now S85D) and now M3 (4 months) we have had only one 12V battery replacement in our S85D, several months ago, and a Tesla Mobile Service Representative (formerly called "Rangers") came out and replaced the battery in our garage. Talk about outstanding service!

seattlemag | June 4, 2018

@ charles.a.braun, any issues with the car not going to sleep when the BlackView is plugged in? I was looking at purchasing one but read that I would need the Battery backup installed inline, otherwise the model 3 battery management software would read the current draw and have issues going into a power saving mode.

Thanks for sharing your experience!

Alex_SD | June 4, 2018

I'm having the system installed tomorrow and Calibred Customs is STRONGLY advising for the B-112 or B-124 backup battery purchase. The B-112 is small enough to fit nicely inside the center console. B-124 is too big.
Also, the installation will use wiring to the cigarette lighter supply instead of the direct 12V battery so when the car is OFF the whole BlackVue system is OFF or only powered by the BlackVue battery for up to 4 hours with the 2-channels system.

seattlemag | June 4, 2018

Thanks, @Alex_SD! Super helpful information, and great tip on using the cigarette lighter. I was considering doing it myself to save money but dreaded finding a good power supply without tearing out trim, harnesses, or the firewall.

boodasmurph | June 4, 2018

Oh man, I just had to replace the 12V in my 2013 Escape, and no news van showed up! It's feeling SO DISSED!

charles.a.braun | June 4, 2018

12V battery was replaced today. Well I think it was.

Took Solo Cup to service center this morning. Upon initial inspection they agreed I needed a new 12V battery. I was told that they didn't have any and would have to get one from another SC so it would take a while to repair. I was offered a Lyft to go grab a bite to eat but declined as I had some work to do.

A short time later I was told that they did in fact have a battery on site but that after running diagnostics that the alert was a false alarm and that my battery was fine. I was told that it would be about 3 hours to complete the diagnostics and reset things but no battery was needed. They offered me a Model S loaner car. Again I declined as I was still working. I asked them to please rotate the tires as well since my due date for that will be next week. They agreed and performed that service while continuing to diagnose the bettery.

About 20 minutes later I wrapped up my work and decided to take them up on my battery. They started to set me up with a loaner and just as I was about to get it, they let me know that they were done and I was good to go with my own car.

I drove off and there was no more warning on the 12V.

When I got home I had my service record in my email. Although I was told I didn't need a new 12V, according to the record, I got one. So not sure if I did or not, but the error is gone.

They also proactively replaced my charging cable as I guess early Model 3 cables had some flaw.

sbeggs | July 18, 2018