If Porsche has a “soul”. What about Tesla?

If Porsche has a “soul”. What about Tesla?

This advertisement for the new EV Taycan stresses the importance of the Porsche soul found in all their cars and lacking in the competition.

With a “well under 3.5 second 0-60”, my question is, how will the Porsche soul fair when their Taycan plays second fiddle to the Tesla P100D and Roadster 2.0?

And don’t even get us Tesla fans started about the lack of a Supercharger network for Porsche. Soul ain’t gonna cut it when you’re stuck making grocery runs. Might even be a little embarrassing to a legacy car brand. This is truly the tortoise vs the hair.

El Mirio | June 14, 2018

Tesla would be the equivalent of a Sin-eater. Really needed with all the emission cheating which went down.

SamO | June 14, 2018

The only way to expurgate your sins is to build the charging network VW has promised . . . but I'm not buying it.


Tropopause | June 14, 2018

Even Model 3 Performance version will do 0-60 in 3.5 seconds and might even out-handle a Taycan. Really so much is still unknown about the Taycan.

DTsea | June 14, 2018

machines do not have souls.

Sleepydoc1 | June 14, 2018

In the Sacramento Bee today, it lists what some of VWs Electrify America money will be spent on. Sacramento was chosen as the California city for it to support as a "green city."
260 Gig car share program to be used within 13 mile "home radius"
142 electric cars for sharing through Envoy Tech - primarily based at underserved apartments around town
12 electric buses also taking on new routes to underserved areas
And get this - 10 (yes 2 digits!) charging stations for electric cars. No comment on "fast" or simple. No comment on cost or free. No comment on 1 plug or many per station.

I do like the buses and ride share cars for use of the underserved areas most impacted by road fumes. I charge at home, so won't need the stations.

blacktape242 | June 14, 2018

tesla has "love" according to Elon :)

finman100 | June 15, 2018

The whole VW diesel gate charging infrastructure has me puzzled.

How could it possibly be as good as Tesla's when they are forced to do this? (and many years late)

Anytime something is done because you have to do it against your will, it inevitably is crappy compared to a well-thought out network that a company WANTS to do and KNOWS is a MAJOR key to selling EVs.

VW/Audi and the rest of the diesel cheaters didn't want EVs to work, thus they cheated to get their stink-mobiles out the door. Why would we believe they truly want this to work? I dunno.

Just saying.

show me the multiple stalls per location 100 kW or more DC charging locations along well-traveled routes with amenities and maybe, just maybe, I'll be somewhat overjoyed and optimistic about our EV future. Get going, tick-tock. Glacial speeds won't cut it. They're a-melting...

Tropopause | June 15, 2018

At this point in time, the 100 kW DC charging stations would only benefit Teslas. Great for Tesla, bad for VW.

Remnant | June 16, 2018

@DTsea (June 14, 2018)

<< machines do not have souls. >>

I come in peace from the other end of the Multiverse and I can aver that at least some machines (such as Tesla) do have souls.

Machine souls come in soul bits fairly distributed among their owners.

Go TESLA ... !!!!

Sleepydoc1 | June 16, 2018

An update on the Sacramenro charging stations from VW cheating. 3 to 10 chargers per station capable of "up to 350kW." Yeah. Ok. | June 16, 2018

@Sleepy - Seems expected - 350 kW / 10 stalls, means 35 kW per car if all slots in use. To be fair, at Tesla Superchargers if full may average 135 kW / 2 stalls = 67.5 kW, or about double the performance.

Perhaps Porsche didn't translate the german copy properly. Perhaps it should be Porche has Sole. Lots of statements from them seem fishy to me.

Uncle Paul | June 16, 2018

Porsche is clever in promoting the Soul of their cars. Gets people to spend lots more money to buy one of their vehicles. Porsche buyers will spend even more money to buy one of the older ones. Those are the ones with even more soul :)

DTsea | June 17, 2018

remnant... i like my model s... but it is just a machine. a nice one, pleasant to use, but just a machine.

carlk | June 18, 2018

Not sure what soul means in this case although I know when someone is described as a soulmate it is usually a nice way to say that the person is not worthy of being romantically involves.

RIP ICE | June 20, 2018

Porsche's "soul" is a creation of the marketing department, not engineering.

jordanrichard | June 20, 2018

"Porsche's "soul" is a creation of the marketing department, not engineering", ummmm no and yes.

Yes, "soul" can't be engineered but it is not a creation of marketing. They may exploit it, but they didn't create it. There are hundreds of moving parts in a car that give each car, even within the same model range/engines, a different feel. For 11 years I owned a 1983 911 and once that engine hit 3500, the engine, the exhaust, the related vibration changed significantly. Almost as if the engine woke up.

carlk | June 20, 2018

jordan Or you can say the soul is initiated by ineptness of engineering and exploited by marketing. When Honda first came out of the legendary NSX Porsche and the Italians all claim theirs have more soul -- which only means they are harder to drive and not as good -- than the one perfected with Ayrton Senna's input. Guess what? In a few years next generations of all those brands followed the NSX philosophy and becoming a little more soul-less by their own definition.

Tropopause | June 20, 2018

Carlk, agreed! Great point. Maybe horse and buggy had more soul than a horseless carriage back in the day.

RIP ICE | June 21, 2018

@jordanrichard - none of what you described has anything whatever to do with "soul". Unless soul consists of variations between cars caused by differences arising from manufacturing variables. The fact that your 911 engine had a sweet spot at 3500 is only because the engine build wasn't as good as it might have been.

DTsea | June 21, 2018

Primitive people, confronted with the world they did not understand, invented sprites demons dryads and ghosts to explain the behavior of the world around them. Similarly people who don't understand how machines work observe their behavior and imbue them with quote-unquote soul. That supposed awakening of an engine is just a resonant frequency being excited in an imperfectly balanced piece of reciprocating machinery.

RIP ICE | June 23, 2018

@DTSea - I wish I’d said that.

carlgo2 | June 26, 2018

The imperfection aspect does give a car a soul. You can be at one with such cars, something not possible with modern industrial perfection. Unfortunately, imperfection is energy draining and there is a great relief when you move on to reliability and and a more perfect functionality.

Still, a lot of Tesla owners will have that funky car or bike alongside in the garage in order to revisit that one-ness, at least on occasion and now on their own terms.

Tropopause | June 26, 2018

A horse (and buggy) has more soul than a Porsche.

jithesh | June 27, 2018

Tesla has Elon Musk. | June 27, 2018

@jitheshm - Best answer yet :)

Pepperidge | June 29, 2018

Tesla has real soul (AI).

Tropopause | June 29, 2018

Porsche's soul is marred in diesel-gate along with most (if not all) the German automobile manufacturers.

JayInJapan | June 30, 2018


DTsea | June 30, 2018

what tropopause said.

Xerogas | June 30, 2018

@Tropopause: "Porsche's soul is marred in diesel-gate along with most (if not all) the German automobile manufacturers."
Does that mean Porsche’s soul is going to hell?

carlk | July 2, 2018

@Pepperidge Like your answer.

Madatgascar | July 7, 2018


agoryca | July 7, 2018

Soul?!?! Kidding me?!?! Cars have no souls, period. This is marketing BS at it's highest. "Ultimate driving machine" type stuff. I urge buyers/owners to be first and foremost pragmatic and look at the whole package (the car, the service, the charger network, the company and it's objectives, all incentives etc) and make a reasonable decision.
Deciding based on car's soul is not a reasonable decision...My $0.02

vpoz | July 8, 2018

If Porsche has a soul then Tesla has a screw loose.. or certainly lacking a rivet.

joe528 | July 8, 2018

Porsche has a soul in the brand.

You will feel the soul in your Tesla car.

sbeggs | July 8, 2018