Super Charger Location in Fort Smith Arkansas

Super Charger Location in Fort Smith Arkansas

Does anyone know when the Super Charger in Fort Smith will open? We are planning a trip from Tulsa to Little Rock and if the Fort Smith Supercharger was open it would make it an easy ride.


NKYTA | June 29, 2018

I don’t even see a permit there on

Pass on anything you know, there.

Rocky_H | July 2, 2018

Flagged the stupid spam comment.

arayduncan03 | July 4, 2018

Ineed to

arayduncan03 | July 4, 2018

Ineed to

arayduncan03 | July 4, 2018

I need to go from Memphis to Tulsa. I have to go thru Dallas. need Supercharger in Fort Smith.

jaketherake | July 6, 2018

They show it as a future site for this year I just wish they would hurry up - w/o it very dead spots in that part of the country - please open it. Thank you!!

jaketherake | July 8, 2018

Who can we contact from Tesla to see if this location will be opened shortly - it says it will open in 2018. Thanks.

Rocky_H | July 9, 2018

@jaketherake, Well, it pretty definitely WON'T be opened shortly because no one has found it yet, and Tesla owners are pretty actively searching for building permits in these places where Tesla is planning them, so it's not there yet.

Probably the easiest place to keep an eye out for new sites is the user-maintained map at

When people find building permits or construction started, then they start a thread on and link it into that map at There is a tab there marked "changes", where they list what new ones have been added. Fort Smith is still not on there.

jaketherake | July 10, 2018

Thanks Rocky_H appreciate the info

Earl and Nagin ... | July 12, 2018

While we’re on Ft Smith requests, I’m currently in Ft Smith, Northwest Territories, Canada. They could use one too as well as a bunch on the route to Edmonton. I’m not holding my breath though. There are some places for which it’s likely to be a while before they get Supercharger coverage.

jenean | October 4, 2018

With holidays - Thanksgiving & Christmas near the end of 2018, there's less than 90 days to pull permits, AND complete super charger construction. Tesla needs to take down their "sometime by year's end 2018" BS. (sigh)

jenean | November 19, 2018

Hey! Look at that. Folks at Tesla are obviously reading - and finally listening. No, they're not getting the serious ½ shaft vibration taken care of ... Tesla has completely taken down the Fort Smith listing on the map. Similarly - the other map sources went away too. Got to love that. You try to challenge them to get with the program & say "quit advertising if you aren't going to take care of business. So instead of taking care of business, they just choose in stead to just recant .... " no infrastructure for you! "- I-40 Dead Zone will carry on.

kyle.haugen | December 1, 2018

I think the Cherokee casino in Roland would be the perfect spot for some super chargers. They already some have some at their other casino outside of Tulsa. Let's all tweet Elon and see if we can make this happen.

hillesq | March 6, 2019

Looks like another Fort Smith promise is up. Almost gave themself the whole year to get it done, again. Looking forward to at least seeing a permit getting filed.

jimglas | March 7, 2019

troll flagged

WoodyR | March 16, 2019

I wonder what the likelihood is that this supercharger will be v3? I mean we've waited this long and it sounded to me like most new stations will soon be v3... Wishful thinking?