NEMA charger installation in CARY NC

NEMA charger installation in CARY NC

I live in west Cary in North Carolina. I have ordered for a Model 3 and before it gets delivered I would like to get charger installed in my garage. I have a detached garage with the electric panel located in second floor washer- drier room.
I have got few quotes until now but they are expensive. Did anyone in this area got a charging station installed in this area for Model 3? If yes, can you please suggest any electrician for the same.

jrbethke79 | August 16, 2018

I live in Cary too, east side though. Haven't gotten any quotes yet, but have you tried looking for electricians through Angie's List or Home Advisor?

Also in case you weren't aware, there's a free charger in Bond Park :D. Not as an everyday charging solution but just if you were going anyway. | August 16, 2018

I did mine myself. Total cost 300, including the ridiculous $80 permit to allow me to work on my own home.
It's really not hard if you have a main power disconnect and are even a little handy.

bkmartin | August 16, 2018

I'm installing one my self with the $66 Cary permit fee. I got a couple of estimates first, but decided to do it myself for my relatively simple job compared to yours (nema 14-50 with a 20 ft run in the garage). Of the ones I talked to, Roy Electric was the cheapest 919-659-5849 and he is based in Cary.

Atoms | August 16, 2018

In Phoenix the electrician charged $80 trip fee and $80 per hour with 2.5 hours of work. I bought all the breakers online for $100 (replaced existing with tandem to free up space since my panel was full). I bought 35ft of AWG4-red-black and of AWG10-green xhhn-2 for $100 and bought the conduit and couplers at Home Depot. Electrician then did not need to mark up parts! I did the legwork on the permit which was $150. All total $600 for permit and installation of HPWC. The cost of NEMA should be maybe $40 more including a good socket (not $9.99 from Home Depot )

Atoms | August 16, 2018

Note: City permit and electrician will warranty the work so if there is a fire, the insurance company will cover you. That is the reason I did not self install.

neylus | August 16, 2018

Hello fellow Caryites. Great thread, needing this advice myself.

Yorktown2018 | August 16, 2018

I’m near RDU in Wake County. After getting outrageous quotes for a 14-30 outlet, I asked a few friends for their recommendation and ended up getting an electrician to install it for a little over $200 total.

He did a fantastic job and it took less than 45 minutes to complete. Now...he didn’t get any permits and the county didn’t inspect it, but I feel confident, just based on the job well done, that everything will be fine.

fts | August 16, 2018

C.A.R. Electric based in Chapel Hill installed outlet for $300 labor and $50 for 50 amp breaker. Simple installation in garage just below circuit breaker board. Alan Rogers at 919-951-9822 or Bruce Martindale at 919-444-3925.

fts | August 16, 2018

Note: inspector from Town of Cary complimented their work.

neylus | August 16, 2018

@fts - That is not bad at all. | August 16, 2018

For those that want to figure out more of your connection requirements and options, this may be helpful: and our wiring guide: | August 16, 2018

When you do it yourself, but get a permit, you get an electrical inspection. Your insurance company cannot deny you if work was done to code. That is the only reason the electrician warranties his work.
If it's to code, everyone is fine.

ngkhatu | July 15, 2019

@fts is that $350 total including permit? I'm looking to get the same thing done....

TeslaNC10 | July 16, 2019

CAR Electric installed mine for $350, as well, but right under the electric panel in my garage.

Permit? Um...

neylus | July 16, 2019

Another vote for CAR, definitely knows what he is doing. Did a great job on mine.

vmulla | July 16, 2019

What kind of outlet are you discussing? 14-50, or are you getting the wall charger installed?