Current Model 3 Owners: How many have had their wheel rims damaged by curbs? be honest

Current Model 3 Owners: How many have had their wheel rims damaged by curbs? be honest

Trying to see if this is isolated or broader issue due to the design of the car.. it seems to me that the optics from inside the car make it harder to judge the curb distance hence wheels rims are getting damaged. I was observing other Model 3 cars on the road and it seems that quiet a few had the rims damaged.... strange?

pko.888 | August 16, 2018

here :(

I even put Rim Guards on. It made not a lick of difference.

SteveWin1 | August 16, 2018

@pko, good to know. I was considering getting rim guards, but I guess I'll pass since they didn't help.

boodasmurph | August 16, 2018

Nope, 1800 miles in. *knocks on desk*.:)

djharrington | August 16, 2018

“The Model 3 approached the curb slowly, unaware of the danger looming. Suddenly, the curb, an apex predator, lept out at the unsuspecting Model 3, damaging its wheels.”

Maybe it’s a wider car than you’re used to? I did read on here before about a possible design issue between the steering wheel and seat. That could cause curb rash.

joe.lynn.atp | August 16, 2018

A more interesting question might be: How many people have cars with rims damaged by auto-park?

lightlysaucedpenne | August 16, 2018

Very. First. Day. Damn parking lot at work, trying to park in the shade, in the last spot to avoid one side door ding yadda yadda, couldn't see the infernal curb and scratched up by rims. Also wasn't paying close attention to the beeps and boops and the info on the screen with the distance.

tm4000m | August 16, 2018

@djharrington nice... Subtle, but not a design issue per se, more of an "organic, *added after delivery*, variable".

Rt002k | August 16, 2018

Done it once, and it was because of a sharp turn out of a drive-thru (that'll teach me to get McDonalds) that I caught the back driver's side wheel on. That's it over just over a month and 1,500 miles. I actually find that I have more space to the curb than I thought I had, but that could be because I'm paranoid of hitting it without my birds-eye view camera that I relied on in my last car. Also - auto-park for parallel parking is my friend.

Rt002k | August 16, 2018

@joe - auto-park has been very nice to my rims so far.

kiwank | August 16, 2018

2500 miles. Not yet. trying to be real careful especially because I find parking spaces next to a curb to avoid getting dinged. At least one side is completely protected and the other side should be far enough from car for being dinged accidentally.

wayne | August 16, 2018

What ever happened to the springy wires people used to attach to their cars to make noise before hitting the curb? Ugly but practical.

jschnoorg4 | August 16, 2018

1713 miles in and none so far. I do try to keep it wide on corners where curbs are present.

Magic 8 Ball | August 16, 2018
shawncordell | August 16, 2018

Maybe you guys are just horrible drivers...

RES IPSA | August 16, 2018

Within 24 hours of delivery, I scrapped my rear passenger side rim on a curd in a tight parking lot with lots of other cars around. I just wasn't familiar with the size of the car yet. Went to wheel shop, and they made it look brand new for $75.

I have incurred "curb rash" on my wheels in every car I have owned.

matt777 | August 16, 2018

With auto folding mirrors for parking/reverse it's tough for me to see how it's not totally avoidable, unless attention just lapses or whatever.

And going forward, if you're scraping a curb you were just driving unnecessarily close to it.

So sure, people will get scrapes, but it's because people are people, don't see that its anything particular to model 3.

zippy | August 16, 2018

1100 miles in on 20" rims in the land of parallel curb parking. Not yet, but it's going to happen :/

Carl Thompson | August 16, 2018

I let my boss' son drive my car and and right as he was pulling out of the parking space... SCRAAAAPE.

That's OK. It matches the ones I put on myself (and they're not really noticeable at normal distance).

markr7 | August 16, 2018

150 miles in when I scraped my rear wheel :-(

vmulla | August 16, 2018

One more victim here. Within the first 3 days of ownership too. I could not forgive myself that I was able to scrape my wheels on a car that has so many sensors.

This was one of my first requests after getting my car, to change the line markings to make it more intuitive as to where the car ends, and where the tires' outer edges will be. But that was several months ago when there weren't as many owners, and they were all previous owners who are used to the Tesla back up camera lines.

bharat | August 16, 2018

So, it's not just me!!

@lightlysaucedpenne ... ditto.. exactly same thing happened

@joe.lynn.atp ....haven done the autopark yet (done summon out of the garage but no curbs there).. good thought though

@djharrington .. i think its because the front is shaped narrow at top of wheel well but the wheel area extends further out making it difficult to judge side distance to curb

@kiwank again in another month or so...

@Rt002k ... ditto, on back right wheel esp as curb was quite high and "invisible" on driver side

@Magic 8 Ball ... thanks.. a friend said the same thing to help so I think i'm going to get these installed

@shawncordell @matt777 ... lol...possible.... but i've never bruised my other cars and been driving for 40 years

@EV neophyte .. great idea.. think I'll need this service too!!

rphsia | August 16, 2018

#metoo :(

I got it the first week I think, trying to squeeze into a lane at a stoplight that has just enough of a small jut that protrudes out. I'd made the same move in my previous car (Xtrek) dozens of times so I just wasn't thinking smart.

I read later in an online post for Model 3 newbies that the car is larger/wider than it feels, which opens you up to this kind of thing. I should have known better because I knew in my head it was wider than my Xtrek based on how it fit in my tiny garage. Frustrating but lesson learned.

Magic 8 Ball | August 16, 2018

@bharat Please post a pic of your M3 with curb feelers when you get them. Are you going to put them on both sides or just the passenger side?

cfcubed | August 16, 2018

No problems here yet but its been posted that Dupli-Color AFM0360 Dark Shadow Gray Ford masks AERO wheel (not cover) scrapes well.

neil.weinstock | August 16, 2018

I clipped a curb while making a right turn ON THE WAY HOME FROM MY DELIVERY. I'm still not sure how I did it, but definitely at first the car did not respond in turns the way I was accustomed to, and boom. Since them I'm clean. I can say that I am EXTREMELY careful when I parallel park; fortunately it seems like the guide lines in the rearview camera display seem to be very accurate.

Thunder7ga | August 16, 2018

1 month in as of today and so far so curb rash. I am sure it will happen at some point, but trying to be careful when its close.

slingshot18 | August 16, 2018

There are two kinds of people in this world. Those that damage their rims on curbs and those that do not. My wife damages her rims. Doesn't matter what the car, rim, or curb it is. I don't because I purposely keep a safer than needed distance because I don't want to damage my rims.

jppoetsol | August 16, 2018

I am planning on ordering a Model 3 in January. I already expect to dearly miss the 360° camera available on my current car. I use it while parking all the time, to make sure I don't scrape the nose or sides of the car.

M3LA | August 16, 2018

“I already expect to dearly miss the 360° camera available on my current car.“

You will miss it! I love the car, but 360 camera and the ability to select music stored on my phone are my biggest gripes thus far. (48 hours of ownership)

M3LA | August 16, 2018

Oh, and blind spot notifications.

rand889 | August 16, 2018

it's a constant fear but I try not to parallel park whenever possible and park 14 inches away from the curb.

RadOne | August 16, 2018

This is supposed to be the car of the future and people are recommending curb feelers? How can a car that is supposed to be FSD ready not have a 360 degree camera? My friend's mini - van has it.

TranzNDance | August 16, 2018

@slingshot18, I used to be in the first camp. I thought curb rash was as inevitable as dirt on the bottom of shoes. My husband told me otherwise, and I'm glad I learned the error of my ways before I got a Tesla.

buyehara | August 16, 2018

within 24 hrs, location was in the older downtown area where the curbs are really high. Ordered Rim-Pro Tec guards.

MNGreene | August 16, 2018

My wife curbed a wheel within about a month of purchase. Nothing in the 5 months since!

The_Flash | August 16, 2018

NOPE... 10,000+ miles in. ZERO curb rash.. I am very careful about parking driving in general. :)

wildblue | August 16, 2018

I caught the right rear the first week I had the car, but it was at night when I usually never drive. Also, my last car was a Mini Cooper, so there's that.

Pants | August 16, 2018

Yep, rear right wheel on week 1 - trying to make a right into a narrow lane with tons of traffic. Clipped the curb just trying to stay in my lane.

Fast forward 3 months. Wife borrowing car scrapes the #@#$#@ out of right front wheel pulling forward up to a curb.

I find myself backing into spots that I'd normally pull forward into - just because rear visibility is so much better with the camera + the lowering side view windows.

ADinM3 | August 16, 2018

I hope everyone who has responded as having no wheel rash realizes they have just jinxed themselves and will now likely have wheel rash by the end of the weekend.

Needed to say, I'm staying quiet.

bpiercey | August 16, 2018

I curbed my passengers side back wheel week 1 of owning my Model 3. I was looking at the backup camera when I should have been looking at the cleverly tilted side view mirror. Doh, I was still getting used to the car.

Carl Thompson | August 16, 2018

I think part of the reason why many people (me too) scratch their wheels soon after getting the car are both that the car is a little wider than expected but also that the car's turning radius is not great. The Model 3 turns in larger circles than most cars its size these days. Even my RAV4 turns tighter than my Model 3!

Magic 8 Ball | August 16, 2018

@CT give it a break. The turning radius on the M3 is awesome! Much much tighter than our Cmax Energi.

Magic 8 Ball | August 16, 2018

BTW I checked the specs and the Cmax Energi is specified with a slightly tighter radius but there is something wrong with the spec since the M3 turns much tighter that the Cmax.

ADinM3 | August 16, 2018

Actually your Cmax Energi has an ever so slightly tighter turning radius. However, the M3 is about average for it's size, its just that CT's RAV 4 is tighter than most, similar to my old Integra so this has probably spoiled him.

slingshot18 | August 16, 2018

@TranzNDance Aha! Glad to know it's possible to be a recovering curber. There is hope for my wife.

Magic 8 Ball | August 16, 2018

@ADinM3 Our Cmax Energi has a tighter radius specification but either the car was never right since 2013 or the spec is wrong. One of the first comments my wife made was how much tighter the M3 turns than her Cmax. It could be just a perception thing but, IMO, the M3 has a perfectly adequate turning radius.

fritter63 | August 16, 2018

Nope. Not after 1200 miles. I learned my lesson in the wife's previous car ('08 xB). I'll blame the short wheel base.

Then again, it's mostly her driving the car.... ;)

Carl Thompson | August 16, 2018

My BMW i3 for example had a 32.4' turning circle and the Model 3 has a 38.8' turning circle. A 6.4' difference may not sound like much but it's a _huge_ difference when you're driving.

My Z4 and RAV4 also have much smaller turning circles. As did my Prius. And my Volt. Even my crappy Coda was significantly better. The Bolt is much better than the Model 3 and so is the Leaf. The Giulia is better than the Model 3 and so are the BMW 3 series, the Mercedes C-Class and the Audi A4.

The Model 3's turning radius is not great.

slingshot18 | August 16, 2018

It's not great, but it's not terrible. My current S4 is 37.7' and entirely fine. My wife's old 2012 turning radius was 43'. Now that's not great.

Carl Thompson | August 16, 2018

The Model 3 does beat the Cadillac Escalade's turning circle by 2 inches, though, so that's something! ;-)