Did Tesla just lie to me? Did I just get kicked to the back of the line?

Did Tesla just lie to me? Did I just get kicked to the back of the line?

I just called Tesla and I feel lied too. I was a 4/1 reservation with a 6/27 configuration date. On 7/25 I update my order to white interior. On 8/13 I received an email confirming my updated order as most of us did. However the Tesla rep today told me that essentially I just got kicked to the back of the line because Tesla is viewing this as a new order.

This is infuriating. How do I get a straight answer out of these people? I just want the truth, some transparency, and eventually my car.

The point of this this thread is to ask others.... Has anyone that updated their interior color in late August received their car, or are we all getting "sent to the back of the line?"

Revelate | August 16, 2018

No, tons of reported data suggests the Tesla employee is mistaken.

Configuration date has nearly no bearing as near as we can determine unless you're changing after a VIN has been assigned, that's an obvious delay. In this case though:

Reservation > *configuration* (note, not configuration date, Tesla builds in batches) > Location

abagherita | August 22, 2018

with yours it's kind of understandable since interior is a substantial change. all i did was add EAP and my delivery date got extended another 3 months! needless to say i'm upset because all they really need to do to enable EAP is push a few buttons!!!!! i feel your pain

msm.socal | August 22, 2018

I'm hoping that what you heard is incorrect, because I was essentially told the same. I changed my config last week from AWD to RWD, immediately delivery EST changed from Sept-Nov to Oct-Dec. Nope, didn't like that so I put it right back to AWD, delivery EST stayed Oct-Dec.

So of course I called Tesla, I was told by the rep, Yes by changing my config I probably pushed my date back a bit. But, he did say it was impossible to know for sure and that I would most likely get it in the same time frame either way. He also felt pretty comfortable in saying that my the end of the year should not be an issue. I only just reserved in May 2018 so not a big deal for me but still annoying that in essence my config didn't change for more than a couple hours but would push me back in the queue.

I think the bottom line is the people that work the phones really don't have any concrete info to give.

abagherita | August 22, 2018

@msm.socal That's what we were told too when we called them. our original date was aug-oct and now it shows oct - dec. Our rep said we will still most likely get our car in a month and half.

jerrykham | August 22, 2018

We had the opposite experience. We ordered (no reservation since they don't do that now) last Friday. It said delivery in 2 to 4 months (oct - dec). We got an email on Monday asking if we wanted delivery ASAP. We said yes. We got a call yesterday saying "how about Thursday"? We said yes. We pick up tomorrow. 6 days from order to delivery. Now this was just a RWD, default wheels, blue, EAP - no upgrades except for the color and the EAP. Pretty standard vehicle. We figure some other customer must have defaulted after theirs was already built. When we got our S last year we waited 6 weeks. This time 6 days.

bunty.sikka | August 22, 2018

My reconfiguration for White Interior was also updated in my account on August 13th, 2018 and date was moved to 'Oct - Dec 2018' but I got the call yesterday and my car will be delivered on Monday August 27th, 2018.
Just hold on you will get the car soon most likely in September 2018.

ron369 | August 22, 2018

My impression is that the delivery estimate range you see on your Tesla page means almost nothing. It is simply current month plus whatever the current delivery window is (2-4 months). Instead, Tesla has some internal way of prioritizing orders based on original reservation, location, exact model, etc., and as others have said, I think the original reservation date is the most important one, and configuration date / last change is one of the least important.

VoltChris | August 22, 2018

Where are you located Jerrykham? I ordered the same on 8/5 but you are an owner of a S so it likely pushes you to the front.

amceachin | August 22, 2018

@MSM.socal If you are indifferent between RWD and AWD (or close enough to where getting a car sooner rather than later is a priority), I suggest going back to RWD, especially if you're an early reservation holder. I ordered a RWD on 7/21 (no prior reservation, not a prior Tesla owner) and received it on 8/6 and would have received it sooner if i wasn't out of town for five days. My dad just ordered a RWD on 8/18 w/o a prior reservation and gets his car this weekend (8/25). It seems like the RWD orders in socal are fulfilled very quickly.

yudansha™ | December 16, 2019

Was the account compromised or Tesla’s DB hacked into?

andy.connor.e | December 16, 2019

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Wormtown Kris | December 16, 2019

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jimglas | January 8, 2020

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andy.connor.e | January 8, 2020

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Joshan | January 8, 2020

they are known liars at Tesla. That's the #1 reason the stock is down so much over the last 6 months. /s

andy.connor.e | January 8, 2020

The stock drops like 5% in a day not due to a recent finding about the company, its more likely due to a significant amount of shorters selling out, and getting out while they still have money left. Leaving room for people to buy it lower who actually value the company. The more stock value that is not shorted the better, because eventually shorting Tesla will be something equivalent to insanity.

andy.connor.e | January 8, 2020

But its more likely Tesla is a startup fraud,