Jay Leno’s Garage Reviews Roadster 2.0 Aug 23

Jay Leno’s Garage Reviews Roadster 2.0 Aug 23

In a time when big oil, the media and industry analysts are desperately trying to smear Elon Musk and Tesla, Jay seems to be among the sensible Americans who’s cheering for Tesla to succeed.

Here’s a sneak peek at the upcoming Jay Leno’s Garage with Franz Von Holzhausen and the 2020 Tesla Roadster.

sosmerc | August 21, 2018

Who wouldn't want to drive the new Tesla Roadster ?!! Maybe someday Tesla will build a version more closely featured and priced to a Miata.......something I might be able to afford.

Ross1 | August 22, 2018

do you drive a Fiat 500e now? Or a Smart?
Would love to hear from you if so.

What does a Miata have to do with a TRoadster?
Actually, I do know the answer:
Miata/ etc is rated as most user friendly and best handling sports car on the market, also about the cheapest.
Tesla R is cheapest supercar , most user anticipated, most disruptive and potentially most impressive stus wise.
Lots of similarities to Miata, but opp ends of the spectrum.

Just testing, Tesla limited me to 2 posts a day , I am a TSLA owner not a product owner, but it seems inconsistent as I am over that already today./ SSSSHHH.

carlk | August 22, 2018

sosmerc wants a great affordable sports EV. I get it but there is no chance it will be made in the near future. As desirable as sports cars to many are their market is very limited. Even the great S2000 couldn't last for very long. Tesla is at the stage where its goal is to attack the mass market now. Elon decided to make the new Roadster only because it will be a halo car and a hardcore smackdown to gas-powered cars. | August 22, 2018

@Ross1 - what indication do you get that you are being limited to two post responses per day? Thx.

sosmerc | August 22, 2018

I see a ton of Miata's everywhere I travel. That tells me that is an appealing car to many people. I think a similar EV Sportscar could have similar demand. I don't see why making an affordable sportscar would be any less a profit center than building few super high end Roadsters that few can afford.
If you sell 1000 widgets and have a 10% profit on each one, and you make another very fancy and expensive widget and make 10%, but only sell 10 of them, what's the difference?
But I get the fact that Tesla simply does not have the capacity at this time to even meet the demand for the models they currently sell. | August 22, 2018

@Ross1 - Two post a day limit has been suggested for non-owners as one part to eliminate the massive spam attacks the forum has been getting. It seems to have worked, as it's rare to see spam in the last month. So nice improvement to the forums. Should reduce the FUD shorters too. Buy a car and those limits are gone :)

SO | August 22, 2018

Great news on the Roadster and the non-owner posts!!!!!

Looking forward to watching the show tomorrow.

Mike83 | August 22, 2018

Didn't know. Thanks for info. TT.

Ross1 | August 22, 2018

Sometimes I hget sa popup notification that I have reached the limit. Only sometimes, I think twice

Silver2K | August 23, 2018

The better solution is to limit non-owners with accounts that are less than 90 days old and non-owners that have non-active account for 30 days or more. This would allow non-owners like @Ross1 to post as much as he wants because he's been around for a long time and active.

Tropopause | August 23, 2018

Don’t forget to watch Jay Leno’s Garage tonight to see him review the new Roadster!

SamO | August 23, 2018

I'm in favor of Ross1 unlimited posting, but not non-owner trolls.

Thanks for the info @TT . . . big improvement to the forums.

David N | August 23, 2018

Any idea which show tonight?
I check preview channel , Jay has four shows in a row tonight, none of the descriptions mentioned anything about Tesla.
First show comes on at 10 eastern.

carlk | August 23, 2018

Preview said 10PM but no time zone mentioned. I just set my DVR to record all of them.

carlk | August 23, 2018

Jay Leno Garage tweeted this. Tesla or Fighter Plane (It's actually a rocket)? It says 10:00PM ET/PT

JustSaying | August 23, 2018


SO | August 23, 2018

Funny how Weird Al mentions he has a Tesla, Teslas are showcased at the end of the show and in the middle, Mitt Romney who dissed Tesla during two presidential debates with Obama.

SO | August 23, 2018

Way too short on the Roadster. :-(

carlk | August 23, 2018

The orange man has a Model S too.

MitchP85D | August 23, 2018

My wife and I watched it. Great show all the way through. They saved the best for last. "I'll buy it!"

carlk | August 23, 2018

Definitely if you can come up with the fund. A supercar with a fraction of cost, including maintenance costs, of any supercar plus it can be a daily driver.

carlk | August 23, 2018

Definitely if you can come up with the fund. A supercar with a fraction of cost, including maintenance costs, of any supercar plus it can be a daily driver.

blue adept | August 24, 2018


Uhmm, you are aware, are you not, that you're not required to pay full cash up front for any of Tesla's models and that you 'finance' the purchase just like you would any other vehicle, right?

Ross1 | August 24, 2018

Ummm...I dont know what to say (for once).
Thank you for your votes of confidence in me.

TabascoGuy | August 24, 2018

Any coverage like this is better than no coverage at all but I'm disappointed with how little time they spent with Franz and the Roadster compared to Weird Al and Mr. Romney.

carlk | August 24, 2018

@just an allusion

I understand that. You still need to be able to "secure" the funding though. ;)

Another point is regardless of money a lot people would not buy one of those supercars or even a base Ferrari or Lambo. They are just too flashy and give people the feeling of obnoxiousness. Most people will not see the Roadster that way. Just a nice, albeit expensive, sports car like, say, a Porsche.

sosmerc | August 24, 2018

It's an impressive car.....I was disappointed they didn't spend more time with it.

Tesla-David | August 24, 2018

@Ross1, as an owner you should have the right to unlimited posting. I support the 2 post limit for non-owners to limit the FUD attacks by Trolls.

The Roadster 2 is one extremely impressive beast of a car! It is great that Jay Leno is highlighting Tesla vehicles.

SamO | August 24, 2018

They had to test drive it on private property at the design studio in order to get it above 70 mph.

Don't want to be on tape breaking the law on public property.

Jay's face was amazing. | August 24, 2018

Although short - a nice segment. Didn't expect Jay would also drive in the Model 3 as a bonus.

In some of the other episodes, you can catch Jay's blue Model S in the background. It's normally parked inside as the first car next to the large door that cars drive in and out of his garage.

mos6507 | August 24, 2018

[I'm disappointed with how little time they spent with Franz and the Roadster]

Yep. It was basically nothing but a cheap gimmick to get people to watch the rest of the episode. Even the Model 3 footage said nothing particularly interesting or new.

TabascoGuy | August 24, 2018

I agree @mos. The segment itself wasn't any longer than the teasers that they showed before every commercial. Still, it worked on me. I watched the entire episode and the next one too.

I have to say, I do miss Johnny Carson.

carlk | August 24, 2018

Most people who watch Jay Leno's Garage probably have never heard of, even less likely seen, the Roadster. Nice publicity for Tesla and EV.

sosmerc | August 25, 2018

Oh, I think there is quite a growing awareness of Tesla, and especially the performance crowd. It is quite a bonus for Tesla that they do not have to spend any money on advertising.

blue adept | August 27, 2018


Yeah, 'like a Porsche' (or high-end, sort version bimmer, Audi. Mercedes), but INFINITELY better!

blue adept | August 27, 2018


It's always nice to see a dyed-in-the-wool, self-professed "car guy" experience a moment of realization of the superiority of BEV's...

That moment when your face can't decide to express fear or exuberance and settles for something somewhere in between is exactly what Leno's face reflected.

SamO | August 27, 2018

@just an illusion,

Yup. Jay had driven the Roadster 1.0. And P100DL. And P3D.

But Roadster 2.0 is a demon. I watched it go back and forth next to the Hawthorne Airport runway and I've never seen anything so fast. Even the quickest motorcycles don't "appear" to just NOT OCCUPY the space they've previously been.

I didn't pay the $5,000 for the test drive on the night of the Semi event, but maybe I should have. Oh now I remember, I got sick from the P100DL test drives.

mos6507 | August 27, 2018

Leno has always been a fan of electric cars. Unfortunately he's also a big fan of cars in general, so he's not exactly an environmentalist.

SamO | August 27, 2018

Who cares if he's an environmentalist? He's a fan of excellent cars and Tesla knocked his socks off.

blue adept | August 27, 2018

@SamO, @mos6507

You knew he was won over when he threw his hands into the air in surrender, indicating he had finally acquiesced to the supremacy of the EV and recognized that Tesla's Roadster ticked off ALL of the boxes, and then some.

He an 'environmentalist' now @mos6507!

blue adept | August 27, 2018


>A< llusion, SamO, Allusion! (insert squinty eye emoji here)

RedShift | August 27, 2018

I just watched it with my 8 year old son. We were both giggling like kids during the Tesla portion of the show. Well, Jay Leno was, too. And Franz, probably.

blue adept | August 27, 2018


I liked all of the barely concealed skepticism Leno was expressing all throughout the interview, that is, right up to the moment when von Holzhausen mashed the pedal.

jordanrichard | August 28, 2018

Let's not forget where you came from, before knocking Jay for being a fan of ICE cars. Unless you have been riding a bike/driving an EV since you were 16, don't throw any stones Jay's way.

Watch the video from 2012 when Franz brought over the MS. In it Jay says that this was the future (EVs) and that gasoline cars would be regulated to being simply weekends toys. Basically what ICE cars did to horses.

jordanrichard | August 28, 2018

I meant don't throw any stones Jay's way.

SamO | August 28, 2018

Jay is a douchebag, but even a douchebag can be right about the Roadster being an amazing car.

jordanrichard | August 28, 2018

Have you met Jay Leno or are you just going by whatever the internet says?

SamO | August 28, 2018

Yes i have met Jay Leno. But while my interaction with him was minimal and without incident (remind me to tell you about the time I caddies for James Garner at a golf tournament in Steamboat Springs CO) and how he threw his clubs into the water.)

I'm observing Jay Leno, in his public persona, for the past 35 years.

He is a huge dick.

How about your personal knowledge?

jordanrichard | August 28, 2018

I have never met him personally, I have only seen him at a performance he did here in CT and I have watched his videos for years. I also have been given first hand accounts about him visiting an Air Force base to see the troops and while all the top brass were trying to chat him up and impress him, he spotted a group people working on another plane and he walked right on over to see and chat with them. In other words, he didn't want the dog and pony show the top brass were trying to show him, he wanted to talk to actually wrench turners.

So obviously you don't like him.. Great, you have your opinion, but I don't get the point of calling him names as if it is fact when it is simply your impression/opinion.

SamO | August 28, 2018

I actually don't care about Jay Leno. There were strawman arguments about Jay being a greenie or a car guy. I said, it doesn't matter if Jay is a douchebag. He's still right about the Roadster.

That was my point.