Break In, window repair

Break In, window repair

Received my model 3 last Tuesday (love it), and while out to dinner last night someone broke the small window behind the rear door, popped the seat down, and helped themselves to my trunk. Heard this is fairly common. Design flaw? Is there a better way? And for those unfortunate enough to have this happen to them, did you go through Tesla to have your window repaired? And wouldn't it be cool if I received a notification on my phone and through the Tesla that my car was being broken into? Or even better, if one of those cameras took a picture for me? I was 50 feet away having dinner.

lilbean | August 22, 2018

Bummer :(

Magic 8 Ball | August 22, 2018

Yep, Bummer. Best suggestion is to leave the rear seats folded down so thiefs can see it is empty. Probably a good idea to leave other compartments open or just leave the car unlocked.

Locks just keep honest people out.

Marcsg | August 22, 2018

Thanks. Just spoke with Tesla, and whoever my insurance company selects will order the window from Tesla, so I'm going through Tesla. Also told my contact about the notification suggestion as well as potentially incorporating the cameras into the security system.

ybbor | August 22, 2018

That sucks. seems to be super common in bay area. wish it would trigger the car alarm. My house has a glass break sensor (listening for the audio sound of glass breaking) that runs on batteries and lasts 3 years. seems like they could do this using the car mic with minimal power usage.

How much can someone get through the window once it's broken? how far in can you reach; what's in range in the trunk?

cnistal1 | August 22, 2018

Almost exact same thing happened to me 6 days after delivery. Also having dinner in close proximity to my car. You will only get notified if they open the door. No "glass sensor" in Tesla cars. As some have already suggested, leave the seats folded forward to show there is nothing in the trunk. Took a few days to get the replacement glass from the factory. I'm in LA, not the Bay Area. It's much easier to steal something then work for it I guess! Pathetic.

lilbean | August 22, 2018

@magic8 Interesting point. Serious it better to keep the door unlocked?

Magic 8 Ball | August 22, 2018

"Better" is hard to establish since sometimes it may prevent theft but other times it may result in a costly repair that may have been avoided.

I think everyone needs to decide what is best for them when it comes to locks.

lilbean | August 22, 2018

Thanks, @Magic 8!

rxlawdude | August 22, 2018

Having to fold down the back seats so some moron doesn't smash the rear window seems, um, beyond reason.

Maybe come up with a new mechanism that requires access FROM the trunk to release the seat backs?

Magic 8 Ball | August 22, 2018

Yeah and having to buy a removable tape deck so some moron doesn't smash the window and destroy the dash is also beyond reason (rolleyes).

It would take a good thief seconds to defeat seat back in upright "locked" position and you probably would not like having to replace the entire rear seat after a thief cut a hole in it either.

sgnatiuk | August 22, 2018

In college my roomates car was broken in to, twice. I started leaving my truck unlocked to avoid the broken window issue that my buddy experienced. Didn't matter. The brilliant thieves broke my truck window, even though the door was already unlocked!

lilbean | August 22, 2018

What a bummer, @sgnatiuk. Thanks for sharing.

efuseakay | August 22, 2018

Tesla is perfect. It's your fault for not leaving everything in the trunk out on the street for the thieves.

markr7 | August 22, 2018

There is a Jeep dealer in the L.A. area (name withheld) that leaves the doors unlocked on all the soft top Wranglers.
Crooks were cutting through the soft tops to get to the radios.
The dealership found it cheaper to replace the stolen radios than have to replace the soft tops.

Carl Thompson | August 22, 2018

Sorry for what may be a silly question: How does breaking that little window allow the thieves to gain access to the car? The window is too small to fit through and there's no mechanical door release with reach of it. So how does breaking that window help them?

kram | August 22, 2018

@Carl Thompson: They break that window to open the rear seat release tabs. If they find something then they would break into the trunk another way.

billlake2000 | August 22, 2018

I keep my pet alligator in the trunk.

(*with a note that the AC is on)

GaryTheBadger | August 22, 2018

Once the window is broken, can you reach the rear seat opening button?

95dawg | August 22, 2018

"Yeah and having to buy a removable tape deck so some moron doesn't smash the window and destroy the dash is also beyond reason (rolleyes)."

It was beyond reason and gave false sense of security. Back in the 1990s no less. lol.
Not to mention if you had a detachable faceplate deck, thieves figured you have a nice amp and a CD changer (again, back to the 90s) so they broke into the car anyway.

Carl Thompson | August 22, 2018


I see, thanks. So they break in to see if they want to break in. What's the word I'm looking for...

djharrington | August 22, 2018

I should design a spring-loaded trap that captures the thief’s arm with sharp points once they stick their arm through, and it only tightens as they pull away. That, plus activation of the side-marker camera would make for a nice blooper reel.

My father spent a portion of his career developing lethal deterrent security systems. It’s too bad that type of thing is illegal to deploy if you’re not the government. Can you tell I despise thievery?

lilbean | August 22, 2018

That sounds awesome @dj!

vashwood | November 23, 2018

Or just start sticking sharp tacks under the latch that folds the seats down.

Just don't forget about it. ouch!

Brayneteam | December 11, 2018

Happened to me tonight in Santa Clara. Stole a work backpack that at best had a Bluetooth speaker in it. Broke two windows

annacafe | December 13, 2018

I got mine borken into the first day i got the car. I’m still on a wait list to get it fix.

jjgunn | December 14, 2018

Please don't leave anything in view in your vehicles

30moresummers | December 14, 2018

@Brayneteam I was in Santa Clara on the same night and also got broken into. How long on average are people waiting to get their car fixed?

kc4129 | December 15, 2018

@30moresummers My M3 got broken into last Friday in San Jose and got it fixed the other day.

wiboater4 | December 15, 2018

djharrington I won't tell if you don't :-)

TeslainME | December 15, 2018

Terrible thinking here but I would like a little guillotine so when the reach for the latch...BAM! off with the finger! That will teach em.

charles.a.braun | December 15, 2018

@TeslainME - you could always attach a razor blade to the latch. Just dont forget about it yourself. That way you could provide some DNA to the cops as well.

30moresummers | December 15, 2018

Thanks for the data. my appointment is Monday so that's about a week delay. I'm still hopeful that they won't cancel because there are no window replacement parts but I have not heard from them yet so crossing my fingers...

dchiu24 | December 17, 2018

Sorry to hear about your car. Mine was broken into last Wednesday in San Jose, Ca in the parking lot of AMC Saratoga 14. Just today there were 3 break ins in the the McDonald's food plaza across from the Tesla Factory in broad daylight. 2 of 3 were were Teslas. At this point we are just sitting ducks without help from Tesla. Or maybe just drive with nothing in car trunk with rear seat down. Sounds pathetic after spending all this money?

plugzin | December 17, 2018

Put something in the car to injure a would-be thief, and you'll be hearing from the thief's attorney to talk about a settlement. It is California, after all, and they certainly have their "rights"!

psinex | December 18, 2018

On Thursday at 12/13, El Camino and Bowers in front of Fugetsu and Sushi O Sushi. My car was broken into, driver's side rear window and 1/4 window smashed. They reached in, pulled rear seat down, and stole my backpack, which had my MacBook Pro in it. I had come straight from work. It was a busy plaza around 8:30pm with 6 restaurants facing my car. I just ordered a BlackVue 4K dash cam for the front and back. I'm also going to get a glass break alarm.

I heard from one of the restaurant owners that there are Latino kids on bikes that hang around the parking lot casing cars. If this keeps up, we'll need to organize a hit squad to find them. So many Model 3's are getting broken into the window and body shops ran out of left side windows and 1/4 windows, no joke. I checked with Precision, Primer and Superior Autoglass, and all of them are waiting for restocks.

Would anyone be interested in sharing information and then submitting it together to the Santa Clara, San Jose and Sunnyvale police departments? Maybe Tesla as well. I already filed a police report with the Santa Clara police, but they didn't even bother to come out. It's clear that this is a pattern of targeted break-ins. My email is Just send me a quick message if you're interested.

elekron | December 21, 2018

Happened yesterday afternoon with nothing visible in Golden Gate Park. As I parked, I noticed a person shuffling past our 3 and close to the passenger side of the cars ahead and wasn’t sure if they were handicapped or up to no good. As I walked by I said ‘have a nice day’ and they mumbled a return. I tapped down my spidey sense and went about my business. When I returned the right rear window was broken and the fender had a nasty scratch on it. Curiously they did not break open the window and pop down the seats. It was either an interrupted attempt to check the trunk or retaliation for getting a good clear look at a potential perp. I will never know. Since the area is known for auto break ins and we never leave anything visible, future attempts to deter this from happening with folded down seats, possibly glass breaking alarms or other ideas may be informative. When in doubt about suspicious people call the police lesson learned.

reposado2 | December 21, 2018

Car break ins is basically not considered a crime anymore in our liberal utopia.

Take care out there.

gene | December 21, 2018

Damn. This is crazy and scary.

charles.a.braun | December 21, 2018

So with a 0.0001604938 percent chance of being arrested (when a victim files a police report online as desired, where is the incentive for thieves to not commit this crime?

jmpsmash | January 4, 2019

Same here. Took delivery of M3 at 2pm in Fremont, broken in at 8pm when we were at a restaurant in Mountain View. It was horrible experience to go from excited about our new car to feeling violated. Something must be done about it.

jmpsmash | January 4, 2019

A few local glass repair shops are quoting $385 for the repair with OEM parts. Sucks to have to repair the car when it doesn't even have plates on.

njchillie | January 5, 2019

@charles.a.braun The incentive to not commit crimes is mostly based on morality, empathy, or whatever else motivates one's sense of right and wrong. Not really punishment imposed upon by society.

Lonestar10_1999 | January 5, 2019

Without the fear of getting caught, vandalizing Tesla cars is just a crime of opportunity. The same can be said of any valuable merchandise left out in the open with no monitoring or security in place. I believe Tesla would be ahead of the curve if the M3 had a “security” mode where it would monitor with audio and video any break in or vandalism. The recording could be saved locally and to the cloud so it could be turned over to the police.

The only real deterrent would be if the criminal felt that the crime would be recorded. This same notion is what Ring doorbells uses to deter thieves from stealing delivered parcels from front porches.

Teslanene | January 5, 2019

The video would be almost useless if they start using something to cover their face once they figure out they are getting recorded.

Lonestar10_1999 | January 5, 2019

Even if the vandals were masked the video would have value to a police detective. It could be used to compare to other video footage shot from security cameras from nearby businesses.

If the Tesla engineers can create the Romance mode, they could also make a security mode for arming when the car is parked in an unsecured place. The marketing folks just need to understand that this is something Tesla owners demand.

mabuck | January 5, 2019

Move out of California lol. Y’all let Los Angeles run the state

Teslanene | January 5, 2019

These move out of California suggestions are getting old. I can’t wait until other states are reporting the same problem. I was passing by Santa Clara and there were Tesla’s all over the place so easy target. Where I live it still uncommon to see a Tesla, but now that they are spreading into other states an if it becomes a nationwide problem maybe Tesla will do something about it.

mabuck | January 5, 2019

Lol, other states don't decriminalize theft. California, or the bay area has essentially made petty theft legal.

dave | January 5, 2019

Same happened to us in Santa Clara on the second time out with our M3. Funny, or not funny thing actually, is that it has not happened to my Model S in over a year that i have owned it. Is there a difference in the two cars?

michael | January 10, 2019

Happened to me in San Francisco 2 weeks ago. Happened to a friend in Larkspur last night. Their car was parked next to another model 3 and both had their rear passenger windows broken.