Supplementing non backed-up loads

Supplementing non backed-up loads

Does anybody have experience with a PW2 in a "partial home backup" configuration?

I understand that in the case of a power outage, only circuits "inside" the gateway will be powered. However, during normal operations, can the batteries supplement power to circuits "outside" the gateway (between the gateway and utility meter)?

Specifically, if my EVs are not part of the backed-up loads (too much for batteries & gateway to handle), can the PW2 still supplement charging at night with solar energy collected during the day?

Tesla-David | August 28, 2018

I can't comment on your partial home backup configuration, as we have complete backup for our two-PW2 installation, and are charging both our Tesla's (MS and M3) with our 13.2 kWh solar + 2-PW2 system. We operate in Self-Powered mode, and have been able to run our all electric home + charge both Tesla's easily with our current set up. We generally try and charge our EVs during the solar day, so as not to draw down the PW2's. To reduce the load on PW2's while charging one consolation we have made is to reduce the HPWC from 80A to 25A. We are using about 25 percent of our PW2 batteries at night to run our home until the solar kicks in the following day and recharges the batteries. If your PW2 batteries have capacity they can certainly supplement your EV charging at night.

cookpwr | August 30, 2018

@jr I also answered you on the other thread just now