Model 3 Climate Control Not Working

Model 3 Climate Control Not Working

I took delivery of my midnight silver M3 on 8/29. Today, after charging overnight, the AC is not working. I toggled manual to auto, I powered the car off and back on and nothing worked.

Has anyone experienced this? I'll be calling the dealer tomorrow to figured out the next steps.

Mr.Tesla | September 2, 2018

Did you set the temperature lower than the ambient temperature?

Are the fans blowing at all?

Aussie2u | September 2, 2018

If you mean air blows but it’s warm, that happened to me upon delivery too. Service found a crimped o-ring that let refrigerant escape.

rhossain4648 | September 3, 2018

Good thing I came across this thread , I experienced the same last night . Only have 260 miles on the car.
The ac blow air but it’s not very cool as it used to be.
I put on auto then it started getting a little cooler but still not the same as it was when I took delivery . Supposed get up to the 90s today and tomorrow I’m NYC.

tywos1033 | September 3, 2018

update: I called service and they tried to look into it remotely and discovered a fan had stopped working. I have a service appointment for tomorrow and will get a loaner vehicle.

Andres67 | September 4, 2018

I live in Florida and I'm having this issue also. Picked mine up on 8/17. Tech has stated that supposedly this will be fixed with a firmware update that is coming, but I have found a work around.

First, to expand on the issue. I've noticed on really hot days the climate control does not kick in. It is supposed to maintain the interior temperature under 105 degrees as long as more than 20% of battery is available. On a couple occasions, the interior temperature was well over 105. The tablet seems to overheat. The AC will not even respond. Doesn't blow anything hot or cold.

I've tried the reboot via the steering wheel and powering it down via the tablet. Nothing resets the AC.

I generally use the phone auto unlock to get into the car. I've discovered that if I walk away from the car. Let it go to sleep. Leave my phone far enough away and come back and open the car with my Tesla key card it resets and the AC starts to work. Lame yes, but at least it works until they get the firmware upgraded.

aswiecicki | September 26, 2018

I just received my Model 3 on Saturday and the AC is not working. And its 30 minutes to get on the phone at the service center. Not sure what to do. Any thoughts?

M3BlueGeorgia | September 26, 2018


Silly point but make sure it is switched on..... Use "Auto" and set temps around 70F
It is too easy to switch it off when closing the little window to set the A/C parameters.

tony007 | September 26, 2018

I took the delivery of M3 RWD on 8/15, VIN 53XXX and it has the same problem. I experienced this 4 times so far and it was all at random times. Couple of times I was able to recover by powering off the car (from services menu) and waiting for few minutes and then turning it on (press brake pedal). Other time I had to leave the car parked for few hours before the climate control would start. Right now I am on firmware 36.2 and since I received it, this problem has not occurred. Hope they fixed it.

741OH | October 1, 2018

I’m having this issue today also. Climate control was working this morning on drive into office, but when I left for lunch it simply would not come on. Major bummer. Have about 700 miles on vehicle.

charles.a.braun | October 1, 2018

Our S is currently getting the entire AC system replaced. Apparently something (or many things) in the compressor recently busted and there are bits and pieces of the compressor scattered throughout the entire AC to the point where just replacing the compressor is not going to fix the problem.

I have a loaner S until next Tuesday at the earliest.

Vkrcan | October 4, 2018

I have a model 3 performance, less than a week old. I had the same issue of heat not turning on (while the screen showing that the heat is on) . I live Edmonton Alberta Canada so heat is critical for me. Andrew your trick worked. Let the car go to sleep and turnoff bluetooth on the phone . Open the car with the card and heat was turned off . I touch the fan button and heat turned on. I jumped with joy.

elplawn | October 4, 2018

I have an issue with the rear vents blowing warm air while front works perfectly.
Took it to SC and the rep told me that that was "normal".

I send an email to Tesla and they ask to take it back. Haven't done so yet, getting AutoFlex on the car at the moment.

Vkrcan | October 8, 2018

Well my jump was premature. Vents not working happened twice again (3 times in 1 week that I have Tesla Performance) . I have narrowed it down somewhat to the sequence of event as follows. I am using phone with Bluetooth with auto lock on walk away. In the morning if the car opens and someone gets in but I do not drive away, if I wander away from from the car , out of blue tooth reach , say check on a plant shovel snow etc, when I come back to the car , the vent stop working. For now I have disabled the walk away lock function and see if it helps. I will also contact service centre tomorrow. I will keep you guys posted.

Vkrcan | October 11, 2018

It happened again today with walk away feature disabled. So it is not the cause. I have an appointment to look at it.

ColoDriver | October 11, 2018

My Model 3 had a lack of heat last night. The climate control showed heat on HI and fan at 10 but no air was moving. Roadside assistance had me try various reboots to no avail. I left the car parked to run an errand (and get warm, it was freezing here in Denver yesterday) and tried to heat the cabin remotely using the app, when I got to the car the heat was blowing nice and warm. I tried adjusting the heat from the screen and it never came back on as warmly. There's probably a software issue that isn't registering a sensor properly or is getting locked by the remote app.

For now my work around is to try using the app if climate control isn't responding.

The car is going in Monday for a tire issue and hopefully they can diagnose and fix this problem as well.

M3BlueGeorgia | October 11, 2018

Always make sure the icon in the bottom middle (between the left and right temps) says "Auto", to ensure (as a newbie) you haven't accidentally turned off climate control.

Otherwise you might just have a hardware issue which requires service.

the_stambaughs | October 22, 2018

M3BlueGeorgia | October 11, 2018
Always make sure the icon in the bottom middle (between the left and right temps) says "Auto"...

In looking for the "Auto", it seems that the only toggle that comes up for me us the word "manual" doesnt show auto under the fan icon. Only place I can verify that the climate is actually on auto is in the sub menu for the fan where the "auto" icon is blue.

Second- I have the same issue with fan not turning on. I did a lot of reading and seems like a known issue that software 40.1 roll out will address. In the mean time, I saw two options to temporarily fix. One is stop at a SC and have them reset the HVAC module (should take 15 minutes). I have not tried this option because the following worked for me. Option two is basically let the car sleep. Let it sit a few hours charged, not connected to power, no use at all, and the system seems to have reset itself. This worked for me when I left my car overnight, not charging, just sleeping. Keep in mind- I am a data point of only one.....but a happy one to have fixed my problem!

Would be great to see if others have tried either of the above and what the outcome was.

OrangeinCO | October 22, 2018

Thanks for this thread! I tried to turn on my heat this morning from the house, it was set to high but the temp in the car only rose a few degrees. The fan wasn't turning on. I tried the click wheel reboot, then the power off reboot. My only thought was that I had used a car vacuum yesterday and may have tripped a fuse. Called service, the tech saw a blower alert and some other voltage things from the vacuum, but nothing looked wrong. While on the phone setting up a mobile tech appointment, I tried turning off Bluetooth and using the keycard, got in the car and the fan turned on! I did keep the appointment because apparently the left turn signal thing is part related, and while it seems a bit ridiculous to complain about the 3 blink vs continuous signal based on how far down I press the stalk (coming from a 97 subaru, there was only one option), might as well get the correct part when it comes in.

I'll monitor the fan, hopefully it was a one time deal. It is nice that someone can diagnose my car without me having to go anywhere.

WattTheFrunk | October 22, 2018

I've had the no fan blower issue twice since I got the v9 update. Not sure if it's related or not, but hopefully SC will be able to figure out when I bring it in next week.

sroh | October 22, 2018

Hard to know the cause. Definitely schedule an appointment with SC. We had an issue with the fan working fine but the air not being cool. They replaced two sensors and it's been working great since.

Toothless_M3 | November 7, 2018

one more vote for disabling the Bluetooth on your phone and using the keycard to enter and 'start' the car to address the lack of climate control. At least temporarily. Thank you to the contributors of this thread. Very helpful.

john.schreiber8 | November 19, 2018

TG for this discussion. Went on my first 100 mile business trip. Parked locked for an hour at the meeting, then hopped in to go on the return trip. Was 29 degrees outside, the car never got above 45 degrees. Yikes was cold trip. Nothing I did turned on fan or heat. Returned home, let it sit, turned off bluetooth. Entered car with the Tesla card and the heat came on and fan no problem. Thank you Thank you. I am hoping bluetooth iPhone entry will now work again in terms of the heat as well.

lzemskov | November 25, 2018

Had the same issue happened on 11/24, Model3 with 1500 miles Blowers quit working, could hear the mechanical noise when shifting between different positions but increasing the fan speed did nothing.
Followed the suggestions in this thread:
-Disconnected the phone.
-Logged out of the app.
-Left the car for several hours.
-Opened the car with the plastic key.
After that the blowers started working again.

harryxray3 | June 18, 2019

AC blows warm air, but cools when it is to keep car cool, after putting it in "P". Started today after 6600 miles.

harryxray3 | June 18, 2019

AC blows warm air, but cools when it is to keep car cool, after putting it in "P". Started today after 6600 miles.

Fatchances | November 17, 2019

My Mode 3 AC blows warm air, reset or Card tick didn't work. Scheduled service appointment and /taking it in for service next week. Car too new/fast to need to have AC service. Not good.