Online Account Issue: Something went wrong

Online Account Issue: Something went wrong

Whenever I view my online account and view my vehicle (Tesla Model 3 Performance already delivered), I am displayed the message:

Something went wrong, we were unable to retrieve certain information. Please try again later.

When I click on View Vehicle Details, my Exterior, Interior, and Options sections are blank and my Supercharging Status is incorrect (says Pay Per Use Supercharging even though Tesla rep says I have Free Unlimited Supercharging). Since delivery, I've never seen any other content here besides the error. This isn't a browser error, but an error from Tesla's system (occurring in multiple web browsers). My mobile app works fine.

Does anyone else have this issue? How do I get it resolved? Tesla customer service hasn't let me know if they are aware of this issue or not.

tesla | October 30, 2018

I am having similar issues with the SuperCharging. Was this resolved for you?

NeoWizard | March 29, 2019

I also have the same problem. App works fine though, it is only web. Contacted customer support but they could not find any issue.

NeoWizard | April 4, 2019

@Jbenamy did you resolve this?