Slacker radio subscription expired?

Slacker radio subscription expired?

My slacker radio suddenly stopped working recently. I was unable to log in with the login and password given to me by Tesla when I called them. Then I was told by someone else at Tesla that they accidentally cancelled my account after two years and I was entitled to one more year of Slacker and they would send me a new login and password. When that didn’t happen I called again and was told the Slacker should have expired after one year and there is nothing they can do I would have to get my own subscription. Anyone with similar experience?

r.a.lee | September 18, 2018

No. Mine still works from 2016.

carlhinson | September 19, 2018

Yes, when I called in to report the same issue they said it was a known issue that Slacker expired on your two year anniversary and that they would be sending me a fix over the air shortly. I think they do this automatically to save the Slacker cost. If you don't use it, you don't know you have expired. Should be interesting to see how it gets resolved.

carlk | September 19, 2018

Nothing has happened to my two and half and four and half year old ones. I've been listening to Slacker on them every day. | September 19, 2018

My Slacker works fine after three years and nine months.

EVRider | September 19, 2018

Slacker is still working for me after two and a half years.

Boonedocks | September 19, 2018

Those bunch of slackers

NOLEK SUM | September 19, 2018


Bon mot!

rxlawdude | September 19, 2018

@Boonedocks, clearly they are not in your area: they are City Slackers.

bruce.levin | September 23, 2018

Same experience for me. Logged out of my slacker account,as though it had expired. Any solutions out there?

NKYTA | September 23, 2018

Reboot. Scroll wheels plus brake until the center screen comes back.

Bighorn | September 23, 2018

Works after five years and two months.

santosh | September 24, 2018

On this subject, I tried to log in with the username and password they provided to me but it seems to take so long that I just cancel out. I tried the same credentials in my phone and it worked fine.

Woo | September 26, 2018

I recommend being persistent with them about restoring the Slacker subscription. Check your user's manual as well, depending on when you purchased your vehicle the complimentary service should be up to 4 years.

Qwiksilver | September 27, 2018

Bighorn ditto here

Muzzman1 | September 27, 2018

Mine too @Boghorn. Well my 1st MS I sold to a friend VIN in the 34k, March 2014 delivery, still has a perfectly functional slacker account.

Muzzman1 | September 27, 2018

Sorry @ Bighorn. Still no edits on here :)

carlhinson | September 29, 2018

Yes, Tesla confirmed that its a known issue that some regions have this issue at the two year anniversary. They OTA a fix, but its a new account and you lose all previous settings. Sucks, but at least its back.

imperalix | December 18, 2018

Have you received the update that fixes the issue for you?

info | December 20, 2019

Are you charged for the Slacker service? My 1 yr is almost up.

EVRider | December 21, 2019

Tesla doesn’t charge for Slacker. If they stop providing free Slacker accounts, you’ll need to set one up with Slacker directly.