Horrid Model 3 Dash Creak Started 1.5 Weeks after Delivery

Horrid Model 3 Dash Creak Started 1.5 Weeks after Delivery

So, I’ve Read a ton of forums regarding model 3 dash rattles and so forth. I feel like this is much different. It’s a “screeching” or almost metal against metal. A thin metal against something. Here’s a video:
Anyone else suffereing from this loud noise at 1mph - infinity mph?

007bond | October 11, 2018

Your video is the second one I have heard that sounds the same. It's like there is something in the fan box that gets loose after x days. I would think it is and easy fix no issue with them hearing it.

Jeffrey.w.campbell | October 14, 2018

The same EXACT sound started today with my Model 3 that I purchased in August. PLEASE let me know what you determine the cause is - I made an appointment to get it looked at but its 3 weeks out. Prior to this, the car had zero rattles or noises, but this one is horrible.

Jeffrey.w.campbell | October 15, 2018

Below are videos of my creaking noise which sounds just like yours - although the sound in the videos is much louder and more noticeable in person:

sbeggs | October 15, 2018

Is this like up Dash Creek without a paddle? Sounds frustrating, hope it gets resolved soon.

Cepera | October 15, 2018

@007Bond, @Jeffrey: I have a sound that is similar to that in your videos, but I am not sure it's has the same source as yours. Mine sounds like a creaking wicker chair. The car emits it on cracks and bumps on the road. I was able to localize it: if I open the lid that covers the cell phone compartment and then press on the lid that covers access to the USB ports, I can reproduce it. Have not been able to figure out how to fix it though.

Can you test it on your cars and let us know the results?

Cepera | October 15, 2018
hiepdds02 | October 15, 2018

My model 3 started to make scratching/scrapping noise last Friday when my speed was 50mph or greater I look under the car and find nothing. On Saturday 13 Nov, I was driving and it started to make noise when my speed was about 40mph and it sound like the air went into the vent (turbulent), when my speed was at 60mph it really made lots of noise. When I came home and look under the car there seem like there were two bolts gotten loose and came out where a plastic piece cover hanging down and scraping the road when the wind gets between it and the car. I put some duct tape on it and the noise went away. I am having appointment tomorrow with services hopefully they have the plastic piece for replacement.

Jeffrey.w.campbell | October 15, 2018

Cepera - Mine is definitely coming from the upper dash area where it meets the windshield and not the phone docking area. Crazy thing is the noise wasn't there one day and appeared the next - and it wont go away. Identical sound as the poster of this threat Jerrod as shown in his video.

Jeffrey.w.campbell | October 17, 2018

Crazy update - the noise totally disappeared! The noise started when it was around 30 degrees out, and we really only had it for a couple days, since the weather warmed back up, the noise went away. Gotta wait for another cold snap to see if it returns,.

Jeffrey.w.campbell | October 23, 2018

Update again - noise is back. Still going to go to the SC to get checked out.

Tesla2018 | October 23, 2018

I am at work and cant see the video, but I had a rattle going over bumps and it is caused by the sun visors. At first I thought it was coming from the dash.

If I flip them down a little so that they don't touch the headliner the rattle stops. Have to test to find out what they are hitting that is making the noise.

Jeffrey.w.campbell | November 5, 2018

Update - The service center (SC) said they are familiar with the sound, and dint even need to take it for a test drive, although I did have a video of the car making the sound which I played for him.

My invoice (which was $0) stated: "Determined dash was making contact with dash vent and that the VIN plate was making contact with the windshield. Insulated air vent from dash pad and adjusted VIN plate so that contact is no longer made with windshield. Noise no longer present."

To say I was pleased with the attention I received while at the SC, and the end result is an understatement. They had me in and out of the SC on a Friday in under 30 minutes with a loaner Model S, albeit a 2014 model, which I have to admit was not as nice as my M3, and I picked up my fixed Model 3 on Monday.

Great service by Tesla to a Model 3 customer.

Carl Thompson | November 5, 2018

This is far worse than any of the rattles I've had. Glad it was resolved for you.

Jeffrey.w.campbell | November 25, 2018

Sad but true - the noise is back after they "fixed it." The loud constant creaking noise almost always comes when the car has sat in colder weather, and is constant for the first hour of driving and disapates as it warms up. I made another appointment to get it check out.

avarkey | December 7, 2018

I think I have similar cracking noise coming from the dash. You can hear it at the 1:08 mark on the video posted below. Not sure if I can reproduce this when I take it to service center. In my case , it happens after driving about 30-40 minutes in the cold weather with cabin heater on.

CST | December 7, 2018

I have the rattling sound in the dash as well, seems to come from the center-passenger side. Can stop it by putting my hand in the vent and pushing down on the interior.

mnhartley | December 8, 2018

Jeffrey.w.campbell I have the same noise. Since day 1 at any speed and any temperature. Noise can be recreated by pushing laterally on the car or pushing on the lower driver’s side corner of the windshield. My mobile service tech suggested replacing the windshield. Thought the windshield might have been installed slightly low and was contacting something. Work has not been done yet, and I’m not sure it would solve the problem. I’m hoping Tesla finds a solution soon. Here is a video of the noise.

Hal Fisher | December 8, 2018

In the video it seems like it is created by the turning of the steering wheel. Probably a solenoid not fully releasing causing the gears to mesh a bit.

Hal (not Janet)

bddurham | December 12, 2018

Unfortunately, I am in the same boat with you all. To me, it sounds like my creaking/squeaking is coming from the headliner bar between the windshield and pano roof (the piece the sun visors are attached to). If I push on that piece towards the windshield, it will stop the creaking while I have pressure applied. The noise returns as soon as I release pressure.

Jeffrey.w.campbell | December 26, 2018

mnhartley and avarkey - Since you two are the only ones to have videos posted capturing the noise, I can only comment on yours - but they seem to be the same noise I have been experiencing. I have an appointment at the SC this Friday and will keep you posted. As stated earlier, this is my second visit for this rattle/creaking noise, and the first visit did not fix it. The odd thing is the timing of the noise - non-existent some times, and horrid and constant at others. Never thought about the possibility of the fan being on with the heater being a potential cause, but it does only happen when it is cold out - and for Colorado, that seems to be often. Will keep you posted and please let me know if you SC was able to find the cause and cure it.

Jeffrey.w.campbell | December 26, 2018

Video containing sound of my rattle noise:

lilbean | December 26, 2018

Mine had a similar sound yesterday but not today.

Jeffrey.w.campbell | December 26, 2018

lilbean - Thats how it is. Really hard to pin down why it starts or what makes it stop. Where you in cold weather when it started? It's an obvious sound that emits from the driver's side area of where the windshield meets the dash.

lilbean | December 26, 2018

Yes, it was unusually cold when I heard it. I was able to stop it by pushing on the headliner in front of the sun visor but it cam back a minute later after I pressed on the interior A pillar. Today was 50 degrees and I didn’t hear it.

TM3Q | December 26, 2018

It happen to me this week and only lasted less than 20 minutes and it’s gone. Sound came from front passenger side, Maybe a piece of loose ice (or little rock) bouncing where my wipers where and hitting the windshield and bouncing until it was gone. It’s just a wild guess as it never happen before or after.

Gang | December 30, 2018

I am a 4-day Model 3 owner. I have the same issue and come out a temporary solution before visit a service center.
In my case, it's because my VIN plate is moved a little, and thus is making contact with the windshield as the OP mentioned. My temporary solution is to insert a A4 paper between the VIN plate and windshield to insulate the contact point (you may need bend VIN plate slightly to insert one paper). This approach effectively eliminate the creak for my car. One cons is your VIN plate is covered by a paper and not visible.
Of course, I'd visit a service center and ask them to place and fasten the VIN plate in the proper position.

BTW, I am surprised again about the low assembling quality of Tesla Model 3 when they failed on such a basic thing: fasten the VIN plate in the position.

Magic 8 Ball | December 30, 2018

@Gang "low build quality" relative to some cars maybe and I believe they will continue to improve. How about the ride and performance, do you like it?

Nice tip on finding a noise source and temp. fix.

Jeffrey.w.campbell | December 31, 2018

@Gang - do you happen to have a video that captured the noise? I'd like to compare it to my noise. Telsa initially fixed the alleged VIN plate issue during my first SC visit, but the nose continued and in fact got worse. We may have two different issues.

Also - @TM3Q - definitely not an ice issue in my case.

My M3 is at the SC currently (since Friday) so I am hoping for a solution. The service tech thought he had an idea what might be causing the noise - we'll see soon hopefully. I should note, Tesla was awesome to look at the car again, and provided me a free rental car (Camry :( )

Jeffrey.w.campbell | December 31, 2018

@MNHartley - have you had your noise diagnosed and fixed yet? Your issue is exactly the same as mine by listening to your video.

Jeffrey.w.campbell | December 31, 2018

@avarkey - have you had your noise diagnosed and fixed yet? Your issue is exactly the same as mine by listening to your video.

kcheng | December 31, 2018

@all, keep us updated on a fix. My 2 and a ½ week old Model 3 was creaking today, and had me squeezing all the areas others have tried, headliner, air vents, center console, etc.

Jeffrey.w.campbell | January 2, 2019

@kcheng - Would love to hear your sound - "creaking" noise is a good way to describe the noise., and no its not the suspension. More of a plasticy stress vibration sound.

I would say to date we have four M3s with the same sound condition as mine just in this thread alone.

aditya | January 3, 2019

Mine started creaking 2 weeks after delivery too, hoping to get it serviced along with the glass scratches issues on my Jan 15 service appointment.

lbowroom | January 3, 2019

I know how frustrating a creaking dash can be. I had a 2016 Mercedes C450 that had a rattle in the dash when it was cold. By the time I could get it to service the sun had hit it and it went away. I even let them take it home and then a long back and forth on claiming to fix it and not being able to reproduce it. Drove me crazy. I ended up selling the car.

Thankfully my Model 3 has a silent dash. A touch of noticeable wind noise. Occasionally the plastic around the seat belt anchor on the B pillar vibrates, but I slide it down and back up again and it's gone for weeks again.

Sounds like the root cause on this problem is known but make take a bit more wrangling to eliminate. They need to create clearance in a place where your car has an interference fit.

Jeffrey.w.campbell | January 4, 2019

Got my M3 back from SC yesterday and so far no noise. They took out the venting in the dash and drove the car around in an attempt to re-create the noise, and it was still there. So the venting was not the issue, although they still are not certain on the cause, but still reinforced the area under the dash with foam deadening material and supports. Hopefully this will solve it, and my SC tech said he was going to send my videos to the engineering team for help to diagnose. Tesla was great again, and said to bring it back if it returns. Totally happy as to how they addressed and continue to address this issue with me.

DCT | January 4, 2019

Jeffrey, please let us know if engineering comes back with anything. I’m bringing my 3 into Burbank Service 1/29 with this dash creaking issue.

avarkey | January 7, 2019

My service appointment is in March. NJ service center (Springfield) is totally booked for next two months.

Jeffrey.w.campbell | January 8, 2019

So far so good - no more noise. If you would like your service adviser (SA) to find our what my SA did to my car, they can call the Littleton, CO service center and ask for SA TJ Stailey. He was very helpful, but they really never identified the exact cause - they just stuck a bunch of foam/weather stripping material type stuff in the dash near where the driver's side area and windshield meet. I actually could see if poking out a bit as I sat in the car and had to push it down a little farther into the dash area.

Please let us know if your SC determines a cause.

kcheng | January 8, 2019

Thanks Jeffrey. Makes me think I'll wrap some foam around a long spudger stick and when I drive around, just start poking the gap between the windshield and dash, to see if I can ID the spot where the creaking is occurring.

Masty25 | January 9, 2019

Great to hear this is common and gets handled quickly. Mine was delivered with the noise. But i had a friend who had her car in Avicenna for a long time so i figured I’d deal with it, I’ll definitely get this looked at adapt.

jaredweinstock | January 12, 2019

I had the same issue. Got it fixed at service center in Burbank, CA. Apparently the passenger side pinch weld wasn't welded properly, which was causing the creak. They took it apart and adjusted it.

boris.byk | January 29, 2019

Having the same issue, I noticed that the place where the dash cover should be tucked in it actually got loose. I wonder if that causes the noise. I took the picture from above where the VIN number. On the passenger side the cover is set correctly and no creak there. Could anyone see if the have the same gap/unconnected cover as on the picture below:

colinnasmith | February 16, 2019

Just got home after experiencing what I believe to be the same creaking/stressing/rattling noise coming from my Model 3 dash. It happens when I drive over any bumps or uneven pavement. Speed is not a factor as the noise is not present at highway speeds so long as the road is smooth. I'm going to check the VIN plate theory out tomorrow and hopefully that solves it. If not I will site Jeffrey's experience when I take the car in to the SC. Thanks for the posts and advice in this thread. My car is a 20XXX VIN and has had no rattle noise issues for over 6 months and 15,000KM driven.

teddy.tseng | February 17, 2019

I had that issue on the first day, almost want to return the vehicle and back to SC, they found out is VIN plate cause the rattling noise. Such a bad quality control

skycondition | February 23, 2019

I've had my Tesla M3 for 2 weeks now. I have never had this many issues with a car before. The creak started today:

2/9/19 - I could not take delivery of my Model 3 because the windshield was cracked at its base.
2/12/19 - I came to attempt delivery again after they repaired but discovered the windshield wipers weren't working because the service team either damaged the power coupler to the wipers or didn't fully seat them.
2/17/19 - I noticed the following build issues immediately:
1. Bulging and uneven door weather seals on all doors except driver.
2. unevenly installed rear triangle window driver side. There is a bulging piece of rubber material along 1 inch of the length of the window.
3. Random chirping/whirling wind sound. It appears to happen anywhere from 10-750MPH coming from the right side of the corner near windshield, maybe at
2/20/19 - The rear right corner closest to the back of the car of the truck floor/carpet was not installed properly. There is a plastic cone glued to the back of the carpet that is supposed to snap into the aluminum body of the car. In this case it was glued incorrectly so the plastic just bulges off the body and is no where near the hole.

2/23/19 - Plastic creaking of the center console. I've tried to push on various panels to try to stop or recreate the sound, but have had no luck. Tried the wall that the usb ports are at, the various joints on the lids, the panels around the steering console, the dash etc.

I have a service appointment in a couple weeks, but my expectations are low, how can I come to them with so many issues? I'm worried this is going to take multiple trips and/or specific issues won't be resolved.

Anyone had luck with resolving so many issues with tesla?

apodbdrs | February 24, 2019

@Skycondition, ZERO ISSUES on my TESLA!

lilbean | February 26, 2019

Mine starts to creak when the outside temperature reaches 71 degrees F.

silvers4 | March 25, 2019

I took the car to the service center for this issue. And the noise came back next day. When I press on the underside of the steering wheel column, the noise goes away. I am going to take the car to service center one more time.

johnw | March 25, 2019

I had a very similar sound coming from the phone dock. mine would go away if I lift up the phone dock while driving, fyi. Mine went away on its own and hasn't come back, but it was definitely the hinge in the phone dock in my case.

tdtrinh08 | April 9, 2019

I have the same issue where I hear noise at all speeds when going over a bump or rough road. It's coming from the driver side dash and it's not the VIN plate or anything from the center console. I have an appt. on the 30th of April Will keep you all updated.

So, anyone else get it fixed besides Jefferey and Jared?