How to submit firmware bugs?

How to submit firmware bugs?

There are some obvious "bugs" in my firmware that aren't fixed from rev to do you submit these bugs?

Also if there is an EAP fail, and it's not obvious why, can you submit that? It always fails at a specific location on the way home. Or, does Tesla automatically track all EAP failures and over time corrects it? There is very little written on how Tesla "learns" from its neural net algorithms.

jjt2122 | November 15, 2018
EVRider | November 15, 2018

It’s a safe bet Tesla already knows about the obvious bugs. Regarding EAP failures, you can use the “report bug” voice command to report it when it happens. I think Tesla knows when you manually intervene while EAP is on, but wouldn’t automatically find out if EAP makes a mistake when you don’t take over.

disapr | November 15, 2018

Bug Report: Make an app to rate nearby coffee shops and automatically set nav to one when my coffee is low or below 100*.

Kathy Applebaum | November 15, 2018

Gah, there's so much FUD about autopilot that I can't find my source of this.

A few months back I saw a legit-looking source saying that Tesla has a second set of EAP software in your car running all the time, looking at what EAP would do vs what you did do. Did you take back control in a certain situation (and how did you do it --yanking the wheel hard, using the brake, using the stalk)? Did you not take control and not particularly resist? Even when you aren't using auto steer, it looks at what it would have done vs what you did. This info is used to tweak the reward/cost function in the neural net.

A video from Tesla's director of AI:

TMC post on the details of the neural net -- only read this if you already understand weights, back propagation, etc:

disapr | November 15, 2018

Great info Kathy, thanks. I need to get on tmc more.

OP: Turn on data sharing and let Tesla handle the NN. Bug reports are for actual bugs.. Functionality that is incongruous with the specification in the manual or generally expected behavior.

derotam | November 15, 2018

@Kathy, yeah that info has been around for a while now...I remember hearing about Tesla had software running in the background years ago to get data on new features before actually rolling them out live.

bill.maybury | November 12, 2019

I do not know how to report this because the voice bug control does not seem to work. It says " bug report" but does not let me say what the bug is before thanking me. Can anyone help me?

hokiegir1 | November 12, 2019

@bill.maybury - You just keep talking after bug report -- it doesn't give you a second beep to tell you to start. So you would just say "bug report phantom breaking" or something like that.