"Under construction" SuperCharge stations

"Under construction" SuperCharge stations

Many SuperCharge sites are under construction, and scheduled to "open in 2018".
Realistically, how can someone find out when a site will open? | November 17, 2018

When it actually opens.

There are so many variables, many outside of Tesla's control. A few include site selection and related contracts with the site owner, design of the site, getting enough power at the location, permits (many), construction, inspections, and I'm sure a few other things.

rxlawdude | November 17, 2018

@Ttap, you're partially right. But when Tesla has "coming in 2018" on locations that don't even have a permit in process, the veracity question is eminently reasonable.

jordanrichard | November 17, 2018

A good site to go to is This is crowd sourced site. Over the years, there have been a few sites that opened and word got out about them, a few days before it was made public via Tesla’s site.

rxlawdude | November 17, 2018

@jordan, that site is a godsend, once a permit is pulled.

But that's not happening.

Maybe this is all related to cost cutting? | November 17, 2018

Remember that before a permit is pulled, they have to find an actual site - an owner who is willing (and able) to allocate a sizable area for Superchargers. Ideally you want space for dedicated stalls, not ones that have to be shared with anyone (i.e. ICE cars). You'd also like space for future expansion. Often there are complex calculations that a city makes to state how many unencumbered spaces must be available. In the past, many sites try to install as few parking spots as legally required (saves costs, uses less land space), but this makes id difficult to add unencumbered Supercharger stalls. I suspect the contract stage of this process can last 4-12 months, and has to happen before any permits pulled. Agreed that if there are no permits, it's not going to be done this year.

ravisundaramam | November 17, 2018

Tesla has driving information phoned in by ALL its cars. With all that info it will know exactly where superchargers are needed. And it started building superchargers back in 2014. The lead Tesla has on super chargers is unassailable. It is not a question of money, or willingness to spend it. It is the time, it is the ability deal with local conditions, owners and contractors.

Competition will find it is not an easy task to compete with the supercharger network.

DanFoster1 | November 17, 2018

@ravisundaramam +1

Yes. As I’ve said many times, the SuperCharger network was the game changer, more so than even the wonderful cars. I (and many others) would never spend serious money on a car that could only drive half its nominal range from home! The other makers have no idea how big this is.

NKYTA | November 17, 2018

@Dan, +2

@ravi, “And it started building superchargers back in 2014”

Well not by a long shot. When we reserved our MS in Aug 2009, nothing was even hinted at.
When we got delivery in Dec 2012, you’ll see that it had already begun.
If you were to ask me back then at delivery, I would have said you were crazy that I’ve been to over 380 of these fast charging stations.

Go to, Maps — Map Options — Way Back.

There were five in SoCal, I’m in NorCal a month before we got NKYTA delivered.

1384 WorldWide now. I’m still staggered by that build out!