2 months later, I can't feel Ludicrous mode anymore. Suffering from slow mo on ICE cars

2 months later, I can't feel Ludicrous mode anymore. Suffering from slow mo on ICE cars

I read a lot about P100D vs 100D prior to getting my Model S P100D. I even test drove the P several times and every time I came to the same conclusion. P was the way to go.
People who have the P100D were talking in Tesla forums and YouTube about jittery acceleration due to instant torque and G force. I can assure you after 2 months I can't feel ludicrous anymore. I have done so many launches on every occasion I got. No more jittery feeling. In fact, ludicrous now feels totally normally driving for me. If you think the jittery feeling is the reason not to get a P100D you can rest assured it will dissipate shortly.
The main problem is that I can't ride ICE cars anymore. Everything is in slow mo and it's so painful !!
Guys if you get a P100D, remember that there is no going back. Otherwise, be prepared to severe withdrawal effect. I can't even imagine what the Roadster would do...

PrescottRichard | December 9, 2018

The first time I brought my P85 in for its first yearly Tesla loaned me a Jag. I only had my P85 for 3 months and driving the Jag (with 8 gears?) felt like it was 100 years old. The car shook when at a full stop, there was lag in response to pedal input.

So I can’t speak to a P100DL, but I suspect EVERY Tesla leaves that impression!

Congrats on your car Wisam!

carlk | December 10, 2018

Slow mo is an understatement. It's nothing happens momentarily when you want it to. In that sense any Tesla is a joy to drive compares to any ICE cars. On the other hand owning a 4.2 sec S P85+ and 3.2 sec X P90D I can attest that you will always appreciate more even at this level. Couldn't wait to see how the Roadster is like.

kichwas | December 10, 2018

The thing about ICE cars and feeling like you’re a lightning spirit rabbit in a tar swamp...

That happens even on a “regular” Tesla.

LR AWD M3 here, and everytime I am in traffic I cannot help but notice how slowly the cars around me accelerate. At traffic lights I can feel the years of my life draining away as these guys ahead if me crawl out of the gate like nursing home patients on walkers...

The pickups and muscle cars are the worst. The former T-Rex’s of the road, now I’m the scientist stuck digging up their fossils just to get across the street...
- those guys just assume they have all the torque so I am constantly seeing one in my right view mirror trying to illegally pass me and cut me off, and then blaring horns when I, legally in my lane, zip past...