Tesla app not working

Tesla app not working

So tonight I couldn’t use my app on my 4 day old Tesla 3. When I click the app I get the opportunity to design a new Tesla or watch the videos. I can’t see the charge, adjust the temp or even open the doors. I called support and after waiting over a hail hour on hold I was told they didn’t know and hoped it might be fixed in a couple of days.

Any ideas?

casun | December 15, 2018

you were able to use it before today? what have you tried to fix it? force close? log out, log back in? delete and reinstall?

Kirkconnell | December 15, 2018

I logged off phone. On and off Bluetooth. Logged out of account. Changed password and logged in with new password. I didn’t delete and reinstall though. I guess that’s next

Kirkconnell | December 15, 2018

Oh and I used it throughout the day. Car is charging in garage

JDev | December 16, 2018

Check your account to see if there is a [Manage] button for your car. If not, you need to call Tesla to process your purchase paperwork and the problem is not in the app. If you have the [Manage] button on account, then the problem is in the app, and you could try delete and reinstall and/or clear cache.

hamiltonned | December 17, 2018

There is a Checklist on Model 3 SLO website that says: There have been reports of cars being delivered and the phone app doesn’t allow log in the following day. This is due to the oversight of the car not being identified as having been delivered in Tesla’s system

mlspropertiesllc | December 17, 2018

When you get in the car does it show a connectivity issue on the screen? Mine does this after the car has entered Sleep mode, during this time my app doesn't work, once connectivity is back up, (a couple minutes after entering car) app works again until the next sleep mode. I now know it's not the app but the car, it all started after an over the air update. Am looking for a fix.

wgachesa | December 17, 2018

I took delivery of my car on 12/13/18. The first two days, I received a "not connected" message (I'm paraphrasing as I can't remember exact wording) when I opened the Tesla app on my iPhone 7.

By 12/15/18, the connection with my iPhone was functional and I was able to check charging, open doors, frunk, and everything else. So far, the only feature that hasn't worked for me is "walk away lock/unlock".

This is my pure speculation: Tesla is delivery so many vehicles right before the 12/31/18 deadline, that there is a delay in connecting all of these cars with their servers.

I picked up my car at the Fremont Hub on 12/13/18 and there were hundreds of cars parked there to be delivered.

@Kirkconnell--I hope your connection commences very soon.

eric | June 15, 2019

Hello - same issue with my Model 3 just delivered - my account is fine ("Manage" button present) but no connectivity to car (allow mobile access is activated in car). Shall I wait 2 days and see? I've done all the re-installs, and rebooting and standard practices for dysfunctional new connectivity software. Thanks for any updates of advice! Eric H.

EVRider | June 15, 2019

@eric: If the car shows up on your mobile app then everything is configured correctly (even if it doesn't connect). Both the car and your phone need internet access (via LTE or WiFi) in order for the connection to work.

FISHEV | June 15, 2019

I’d drive to the Service Center and see if they can do a quick fix. I’ve done that for a couple things and they came out to car and fixed it or at least showed me how to work around it (phone not opening car, flash drive issue).

They said it was known issue that iPhone and Model 3 lose contact so you have to refresh Bluetooth on phone and/or car. Their suggestion, should you run into that, is try the door handle a couple times to wake it up. The works 50% of the time. Similar but not identical to your issue.