1 week test drive referral reward

1 week test drive referral reward

I submitted a request to schedule my one-week test drive award through the loot box a couple of days ago, however I haven't heard anything from Tesla about scheduling the test drive. Has anyone else selected this award? If so, how long did it take you to get a response to schedule you?

I'm going to be in Colorado in a couple of weeks and have decided to use my referral reward test drive instead of renting a car, so I'm hoping to get it scheduled ASAP in order to avoid having to settle for whatever rental car is available at the last minute if I don't hear from Tesla.

Uncle Paul | December 21, 2018

Hope Tesla does not see this post.

SCCRENDO | December 21, 2018

@Uncle. Why not. A referral award is a referral award. Tesla does not set preconditions. I use my referral awards the way I see fit. They do not say that my grandchildren or the neighbor kid cannot drive my kiddie Tesla. Nor do they state that I can only charge one of my Teslas with the wall charger. Selling the referral award for monetary gain would likely be frowned upon. Although I guess it's yours to do what you want with it.

reed_lewis | December 21, 2018

In fact this is one use for the one week 'test drive'. You can use it somewhere else.

sowa.greg | December 21, 2018

@UnclePaul: Why would it matter if they see this? In fact, it'd be great, since it might get them to respond to my submission faster. LOL

The description of the reward clearly states "One Week with Model S or Model X...Experience a new Model S or Model X for one week -- at home or on the road. If you do not use this award, this exclusive test drive may be given to a friend." I'll be on the road and would rather drive a Tesla than have to go backwards to an ICE vehicle that the rental company has.

SCCRENDO | December 21, 2018

@sowa. Go for it. If you have a reason to use it and have earned the reward do what you like without our permission

sowa.greg | December 21, 2018

Wasn't looking for permission, just for someone who has already redeemed their reward and can give me an idea of ETA for a call to schedule based on their experience. :)

SCCRENDO | December 22, 2018

Sorry man. Email them

DonS | December 22, 2018

Since they are scrambling to get every possible car sold by the end of the year, I doubt scheduling a test drive is their priority task. It will probably several weeks into the new year before there even any cars available.

Uncle Paul | December 23, 2018


My appologies. Totally missed that this was an award, granted by Tesla. Of course you should be able to use the car for your purposes.

It thought that it was one of the test drives that Tesla does to encourage sales of their cars and that you were taking advantage of them offering a test drive for you.

I was just in Colorado, and did not see too many Tesla on the road there. I was happy to see a Supercharger in the beautiful town of Estes Park in the Rockies. Hope you have a great time.

sowa.greg | June 19, 2019

So Tesla Referral Program emailed me back saying to call a local gallery/store to schedule the 1-week with a new S or X reward, but when I just called the Cherry Creek store to schedule I was told that they can only schedule a 1-night "test drive", nothing more. I have just sent an email back to the referral program asking what's up and if they can assist, but has anyone out there had success scheduling their 1 week with a new S/X reward that maybe has tips?

reed_lewis | June 19, 2019

I got the one week reward back in April in California. I had a P100D model S which after driving I realize my 75D is more than enough for me.

It was only 4 days because that is all I was staying in the area, but it was great!

So yes, it is possible to get this reward.

sowa.greg | June 21, 2019

Update: the referral program support rep emailed me back saying she'd reached out to the store and spoke with the manager. My new instructions were to email the manager to set up my week with a new Model X. I've emailed said manager and now we'll see where it goes from here...

reed_lewis | June 21, 2019