M3 Mid-range doesn't fully charge

M3 Mid-range doesn't fully charge

I've now charged my 3 fully twice, the first time on standard 110v and then again with 220v. In both instances, my mid-range 260 mile battery only charges to 230 miles. Anyone have any similar experience and does anyone know why this might be happening?

MRNot01 | January 2, 2019

Without a little more info, this may sound patronizing, but.. Is your charge limit set to [Daily] or [Trip]?

dsvick | January 2, 2019

If you're trying to charge it to 100% make sure that the charge limit bar is all the way to the right. Keep in mind though that, in general, you only want to charge to 100% for trips and other times when you need the range. And that, when you do charge that high, you should drive shortly after charging is complete so that the car doesn't sit at that level for too long.

CyberGaut | April 30, 2019

I'm in Canada, and have only had the need to fully charge the battery twice. In km, the battery should be 417km (260 mi) or 425km (264 mi) based on EPA combined.
Either way, when I charge to 100%, it only shows a range of 407 km (253 mi).

Mi car was build mid November, and I had a problem buying it as the system and VIN for my insurance both think it is a LR.

I have heard that not charging it enough can cause a bad reading. I normally charge to 80 or 85 or 90. And I have had it down to under 15% while on a trip.
It's not really a problem, on our last trip the people could not keep up with the car, but....I would like to get what I paid for, even though I did get an inventory discount, it was not expected to be for lower range.

Has anyone had any luck talking to Tesla about this?


alphacompton | April 30, 2019

My first post in a while but since I have a midrange model 3 as well I too had a lower than expected range when I first got the car. It showed 250 miles at 100%. So after a bit of research I decided to calibrate the battery draining it to about 10% (which took a good bit of driving around) and then charged it to 100% right before a road trip. It displayed 263 when I woke up in the morning, maybe 264 before a little vampire drain. Battery range is both accurate and amazing.
I'd highly recommend you do a battery calibration.

Teslanene | April 30, 2019

With 8.5 update my range really drop. At 80% it’s showing 200 miles, how many miles are you guys showing at 80%?

stephenfootball | April 30, 2019

@Teslanene, mine shows ~212 at 80% charge.

RickM3 | May 1, 2019

208 at 80% charge

Bulldawg | May 1, 2019

Pretty sure it's just a display issue ever since 8.5 or so. Yesterday I charged my mid range to 90%, switched to miles and it was only 220 miles. I then drove 59.2 miles and the display showed I used 14 kWh at an average of 238 w/mi. That 238 is very close to the rated figure and doing the math I would get 262 miles on 62 kWh. That's why I think it's just a display thing. Happened about the time the SR and SR+ came out. My guess is that the display math is using the wrong calculation for the MR battery size.

Wanderer | May 1, 2019

Last charge at SC to 90% got me 235 miles range. M3 MR 2018 Dec.

lestermallet | May 2, 2019

Picked up mid-range 2 months ago and so far charged once to 100 and got to 258 miles...

RickM3 | June 3, 2019

Tested last Friday at a SC, got 99% charge and 252 Miles (Car could not reach 100%). Tried again last night charging at home and got the same result. Contacted Tesla Support this morning and I was told to let it discharge to 20% and then charge it to 100% again, If the issue persist to schedule a service visit.

Bighorn | June 3, 2019

Not hitting 100% on the screen is not a reason to schedule a service appointment in my world because it means nothing and it’s not something that typically can be addressed beyond reassurance.

RickM3 | June 3, 2019

I was not really concerned about the 99%, I'm more into understanding why the 252 Miles after only 6 months, if this is correct I had almost 5% degradation in the battery in less than 11k miles, not a god sign...

Bighorn | June 3, 2019

Range estimates have a lot of noise because of the inability to accurately measure it by looking at circa 4V of charge in several thousand cells. Degradation curves are fairly well understood and quite consistent by now. If there is a fault with the modules, that would be a thing, but fortunately that can be diagnosed remotely. If they’re miles you aren’t even reliant on, it’s just an exercise in neuroticism.

Teslanene | June 3, 2019

@RickM3 Seems like lately the MR is having issues with range estimates. I’m getting @ 100% only 248 and I’m at 5 months and 12k miles. To me it all started with the 8.3 update and others have experience the same issue after the update. Maybe Tesla will fix it one day with another update.

cadub001 | June 3, 2019

I have a midrange model as well RickM3, I have noticed the same thing. when i first got the car April 1st 80% would give me around 212 miles and 90% was 234. I now am getting 227 at 90%. My plan is to run it down this week to 10% and then charge to 100% using the home charger and see if that fixes the issue.

stephenfootball | June 3, 2019

I'm showing 214 miles at 81% charge on mine. Seems right on target for 265 miles at 100%. My avg watts per mile is 225.

lordmiller | June 3, 2019

Well said @Bighorn. Can you post a thread on that premise so we don't have to read these posts every other day?

MyRedM3 | June 3, 2019

I charge my MR couple of times a week to 80% and I get 214 miles. Once I charged close to 100% and I got 260 miles. Seems right on target. My w/mi is ~250

Tropopause | June 3, 2019

My Mid-Range Model 3 charges to 100%.

RickM3 | June 5, 2019

I drained the Battery to 18% and supper charged to 100% today (this time reached 100% no problem), range at 100% was 254 Miles, contacted support again and we scheduled a Service appointment for next week.

I'll let you know the result.

cadub001 | June 5, 2019

Thanks RickM3, I'm going to drain mine this week and use my home charger to charge to 100%

RickM3 | June 10, 2019

Just got a call from the Service center and they said this battery degradation is normal. I asked what is what I should expect:
1 year/12000 Miles - up to 10% degradation (I'll have about 4% degradation when I reach 12000 Miles in the next few weeks)
2 year/24000 Miles - up to 5% degradation (for a total degradation of 15%)
No more degradation after that.

My service appointment was cancelled as they have nothing to do to the car improve it.

I wasn't expecting such a big degradation but as per Tesla it is normal...

lbowroom | June 10, 2019

My favorite saying, batteries are chemical, not digital.

crmedved | June 10, 2019

@RickM3 They're basically giving you the absolute worst case. I'm surprised they would say no degradation after year 2... that's obviously untrue, although it is minimal.

I believe average degradation is like 1%/year or less for Teslas, with slightly higher degradation in the first year. Granted, most data is from model S/X packs, but I would expect the 3s pack to last just as long. Google around and you can find plenty of data:

ymmv based on charging habits. Recommended battery range for daily use is between 20%-80%. And as stated before, range estimates displayed on the screen aren't very useful for measuring degradation short-term.

Neomaxizoomdweebie | June 10, 2019

Just charged to 99%, 260 miles. 6K miles.

Wolfsbane | June 10, 2019

What are you guys doing if your daily work commute is short? My commute is about 20 miles daily round trip.

Do you charge the battery daily? If so 80% or 90%? I saw a tweet that 90% was recommended now.

Or do you drive it like a week and let it get down to 40-50% and then charge it back up to 80-90?

Neomaxizoomdweebie | June 10, 2019

My daily commute is about 70 miles. I charge every night to around 65-70%. If I can score the free charging at work (about once a week) I take it up to 95%.

Wolfsbane | June 10, 2019

@Neo...since you are only charging to 70% nightly, any issues with battery / mileage calibration issues? I seen videos of others who have been doing 70% consistently have calibration issues when they finally take it to 100% for trips?


Neomaxizoomdweebie | June 10, 2019

I charged to 99% earlier today and it displayed 260. Had I gone to 100% it would be ~262.6. Close enough. 6K miles on the car.