Passenger door not closing

Passenger door not closing

I have a M3, about 3000 miles on it.
Today, after getting in on the passenger side, and closing the door... the display shows the door still open.

The passenger window, further, when the door is closed, does not raise up.
The door, visually, appears closed.

I've tries the two dash button reset, I've open/shut the door numerous times from the inside and the outside, I've tried to roll the window up/down with the door open and closed.

Again, the door appears shut. Yet the car says it is not, and will not completely roll up the window?

Also, I can not lock the car with the phone - "Failed to lock vehicle."

Door latch malfunction?

I made a service center appointment, but I'll have to drive around with the window cracked open meanwhile?


lbowroom | January 11, 2019

Sounds like the latch works but the switch doesn't

banders | January 25, 2020

Did this get resolved? Today with our 2019 Model 3, we used a car wash and during the car wash the car thought the door was open and rolled the window down part way. Water got into the car and now the car thinks the door is open all the time. This is the left rear door. Tried the two button reset, roll window down and up and hold for 30 sec. Oddly, when I plug in the car, the window will do an up down up down and resolve to the up position. Scheduled service, but it is over a week away.