Horrendous Customer Service

Horrendous Customer Service

I have been driving Teslas for 6 years and recently took delivery of my third Model S. From the day I picked up the car until today, I have received very poor customer service and no action for the bumbling mistakes Tesla has made. This is a far cry from what Tesla was 3-5-6 years ago when they had great customer care.

I picked up my Model S 100D on Nov., 16th, 2018. To this day – well over two months later - Tesla has failed to file the appropriate paperwork with the DMV. I have not received my license plates, which means I missed the deadline to apply for HOV and CAV decals (must do so within 60 days from receipt of new car). Also, my temporary registration expires soon.

I contacted my sales advisor more than a month ago to let her know that I had not received my license plates. After several attempts, I finally reached her and she told me that Tesla’s DMV Operations Dept claimed that I never made my first payment - which I made when I picked up the car – and this is the reason they failed to file the paperwork with the DMV. I asked why they never called me and told me this, my sales advisor said she didn;t know. When I sent her and the DMV Operations Dept proof of my payment, they acknowledged receipt of it and promised to expedite things. Several days later nothing happened, so I called back. Once again, they couldn’t find proof of the payment that I had just emailed them several days before and for which they acknowledged receiving! They finally figured out that somebody failed to upload it to their system. Exasperated, we reached out to someone in Tesla's Delivery Dept who uploaded it herself then escalated our complaint to the team in charge of processing payments.

I called my sales advisor today to get an update and found out she no longer works for Tesla. Now I have no point of contact, no license plates or HOV/CAV decals (nor ability to apply for them) and a temporary reg that is soon to expire. So the saga continues with no end in sight…

Anybody else experiencing poor customer care? | January 22, 2019

Customer care continues to be excellent for me.

Sorry for your problem. Seems like more of a one-off problem that a global problem. I think I've heard of one other with a plate problem, but that was due to the state's DMV, not Tesla. Not sure what state you are in, but I'm fairly sure HOV decals in CA are not time limited for application (but not 100% sure).

SO | January 22, 2019

So far, no problems with service. Sorry about your troubles.

GHammer | January 22, 2019

My delivery center lost the registration paperwork for my 3, I just stopped by and they took care of it on the spot. I had my plates the next week.

ericsackler | January 22, 2019

Tesla Tap, you are on the forums responding to customer service complaints and you always start your responses with “Sorry for your problems”. I appreciate your concern. Maybe you can give me some advice (and not the same advice you gave on the Topic “Tesla Getting Worse?” where you advised them to sell their Tesla and get something else they will be happy with. I love my Tesla, which is why I’m on my third Model S but Tesla has changed, and not for the better. I would love your advice on how I can get Tesla to file the paperwork so I can get my license plates and to help me get past my problem of missing the deadline for the decals, especially considering that – per the following to link to the CA DMV Clean Air Vehicle Decals web page – “ New owner has 60 days from date of purchase to choose between the two programs.”

I would appreciate any advice. | January 22, 2019

Good to know the new change to the decals. It was different a year ago. I try not to be negative, but it seems some people have it in for Tesla and don't want solutions (I'm not putting you in that category).

Three things I can suggest:
1) Go to a sale/service center and see if they can straighten the license plate issue out. It may be even more complex now, as Tesla (and dealers) now provide a temp license plate when you buy the car. A new 2019 rule. The fact that the person you worked with is gone shouldn't matter.

2) Escalate the issue to an exec. You can do this online on your account page. Select Manage, and there should be a form you can fill out to perhaps address the issue.

3) If Tesla has not submitted the paperwork to the DMV, I wonder if the clock will not start until that is done? Sorry, I don't know the specifics of how the DMV handles this.

I hope you'll return here with the final resolution and what worked.

rxlawdude | January 22, 2019

@ericsackler, you are incorrect about the 60 day post-purchase time limit. That is for FUEL CELL VEHICLES ONLY. See the table at the link you provided.

There is no time limit after purchase of a Tesla when one can apply for the CAV decals. There are income limits if one wants both the CAV and Clean Air Vehicle Rebate, but the 60 day restriction does not apply for that, either. | January 22, 2019

@rxlawdude - Thanks for the clarification. I hadn't read the rules for fuel cells!

@ericsackler - It appears you feeling of horrible service related to the HOV is your misreading of the program details and not Tesla. Tesla still needs to sort out the license plate.

ericsackler | January 22, 2019

Thanks, rxlawdude. Really glad to hear that. Will review that again.
Tesla Tap, I appreciate your advice above, but the horrible customer service relates to Tesla:
1. Not filing the paperwork with the DMV;
2. not having a record that I made my first payment when I picked up the car, then not informing me that they were missing it;
3. and Not being able to find it in their system even after they confirmed they received my e-mail with proof of payment (as it turns out someone forgot to enter it into the system)

I appreciate your suggestions. I will definitely take your advice.

Thank you.

Tesla-David | January 22, 2019

Customer care for me has been excellent over last six years, and most recently last Friday for our MS at the Seattle SC.

kcheng | January 22, 2019

Sadly some prior owners of S and X models are experiencing the growing pains of the Model 3.

JustSaying | January 23, 2019

A mobile ranger just rotated our tires, he came 2.5 hours early. No Charge. We scheduled just last week .
He also gave my wife a tutorial on some of the cars newer capabilties.

ericsackler | January 23, 2019

JustSaying - I agree, the mobile guys are great.

zulkifli.atim | January 27, 2020

ericsackler - My Tesla was delivered to me on Nov 18th (in TN) and I am yet to receive the license plate. Been driving around with an expired one. I dropped by the Lennox Mall Tesla in Atlanta and was told that I should get the license plate delivered to me by mail by end of Dec. And I cant get through anyone. Same problem as you.

rob | January 27, 2020

Mine took about 10 weeks. It's a DMV thing.