TotalTesla: Tesla Car Registry and Resources for Tesla Owners

TotalTesla: Tesla Car Registry and Resources for Tesla Owners

As a Tesla enthusiast, I worked to create a new website and app (iOS to start, Android in the future) with the intention of providing something a little different than what is available on great forums like here, TMC, Tesla clubs on Facebook, etc.

At launch (Feb 1, 2019), we provide a registry for owners of Tesla Model S, Model X, and Model 3. Working to provide original Tesla Roadster support soon (if you are a knowledgeable Roadster geek, let me know and you could potentially speed that process up!).

Owners will be able to list all of their car details, options, colors, battery/trim, etc. as well as upload photos of their cars for others to see and like/love. Everything is very graphical with icons for each option. We also support many aftermarket accessories and customizations - dozens, including things such as dash cams, paint protection film, aftermarket wheels, etc. Show the world (or at least other Tesla owners!) the modifications you have made to make your Tesla distinctive.

Usage is anonymous and handled through usernames - we don't even collect your name. Additionally, various pieces of demographic information we collect (location, age, gender) we either will never display, or leave it up to you whether you want to display it or not.

The feature set was also going to include a rotating referral code promotion system - but unfortunately Tesla has announced referral program is going away. You can still (optionally) enter your referral code just in case it does return though!

Right now we are working on statistic collection and displays that I believe will be a really useful additional resource for Tesla owners. As more and more people register their cars, the data will become increasingly complete. And this data will be visualized in various ways and made available to any TotalTesla members who registered their Tesla vehicle(s).

Get in early - first 1000 members who register their cars will get a special "Founders" badge when we introduce the badge case (another new feature coming soon).

This thread will be monitored for support needs and suggestions, though we also have a "Contact Us" link on the website and within the iOS app.

Since this is early days, please let us know if you encounter any bugs or problems. Cheers!

TotalTesla | June 26, 2019

TotalTesla app for iOS has been updated to version 1.1. Includes community statistics (colors, wheels, FSD, AutoPilot, Firmware, After Market Accessories, and more). Also includes support for iPad, new options to fully (or partially) hide your VIN, and numerous bug fixes.

paralyzedcrow | July 5, 2019

Great, thanks a lot for the article, can I use it on the blog ? This is my wife's blog, and she already has a section with Tesla, I would like to add this article too