Model 3 charging port latch issue... Slightly laggy

Model 3 charging port latch issue... Slightly laggy

Has anyone else had the problem where the lock pin, or latch, takes a bit to activate when trying to charge the model 3? Once I insert the connector into the charge port, it will state "charging stopped" on screen and I'll have to leave it there for about 5 secs until the latch clicks and charging will begin.

I'm in socal and its been raining for the last few days so droplets of water made it through the charge port cover and also its been exceptionally cold (for socal weather). Idk if weather could be the source of the problem but any insight would be most appreciated! Thanks!

gmr6415 | February 7, 2019

The car checks out the charge circuit before initiating charge. That's probably all thats happening.

CharleyBC | February 7, 2019

You know how the light by the charge port goes from cyan to blue when you plug in? Well, a few days ago it stayed cyan and didn't physically lock the cable in place. But the screen showed the car was ready to charge at midnight as usual. I unplugged and plugged several times, and gave up. It charged normally overnight. When I plugged in the next day, the light turned blue and the plug locked. Weird.

TM3Q | February 9, 2019

Today I was going to see relatives in Mtl. What a day! Here the story while I’m drinking coffee at Tim Hortons:

I woke up early to start preheat but the app would connect so I know I can easily make my app reconnect if I just go outside and open the door and close it. This morning all windows where frozen so guess what the door didn’t open but at least the car woke up and my app was reconnected.

From inside the house start the preheat. I noticed after a few minutes my battery was drainning so I went outside to see if the connector was still plugged properly and it was. I start the recharge to regain what was lost but still the battery was drainning and I noticed a message saying cold temperature could affect the time to recharge.

I went again outside unplug and replug and noticed the yellow light so I knew something was wrong but did’t nother too much as it happen before and usualy everthing comes back to normal later.

Later my wife says hey it’s your car alarm I’m hearing? Sure enough I received a message on my cell while I could hear my car alarm. So funny the passenger door that I tried to open this morning to wake up the car actually openned by itself after the car was warm enough and the window could get down lollll

Finally, I hit the road and arrived at half way to my destination and stopped at a Supercharger and that’s where I got my surprise! It wouldn’t recharge because my latch couldn’t secure so was maybe frozen. I called Tesla road assistance and after checking my station number they confirmed I was connected but unlatch. They told me I need to warm the part where I plug so the latch could work properly.

So I called the nearest garage and lucky enough he was just 2 minutes drive from the Supercharger. They were closing in half a hour so I was happy that the timing was good. I enter inside the garage and the mecanic arrived with a heatgun and gently heat the connectors/latch port. After 5 minutes I tested with my 110V mobile charger and it worked so I gave him 15 bucks as I was so happy that I could get back to the Supercharger and carry on with my trip. While I was at the garage 2 other mecanic guy approach me and ask many question about Tesla, really nice people even if I had an EV and I was surrounded by ICE vehicule haha

I will buy a small portable heatgun and keep it in my car you never know :-)

Happy ending and no electrons were harm in the process :-)

mrpetrov | February 9, 2019

Thanks for sharing tm3q - what would have happened had the garage not been opened or otherwise you'd not had access to a heat gun...?

TM3Q | February 9, 2019


Your welcome

Worst case scenario I would lower back seat and exit the car. Start max preheat of the car and after 30 min or more so redo the test to recharge after

Lonestar10_1999 | February 9, 2019

@TM3Q- Did you just say that under normal cold winter conditions, your depleted M3 can be parked at a Tesla Supercharger, plugged in, and still be unable to charge?

This strikes me as beyond inconvenient, its dangerous. I would hope Tesla is aware of this design flaw and fixes it. I would think that some sort of manual override that would allow recharging to be attempted would be the fix.

This flaw is analogous to an ICE car at a gas station with no way to open the gas cap.

TM3Q | February 9, 2019


Well I don’t find it dangerous but inconvenient yes. Would be so easy to just let the Tesla assistance road acess your car and overide the latch protection for a fix period (in this way they control safety of the drivers). I’m guessing they don’t want to override the safet just in case someone withdraw the plug without stop the recharging process...imagine the mega spark at high voltage and the damage done to the pin.

They should override by phone just for the time needed to warm the latch and be able to recharging at supercharger station the high current will help to warm the wire connection and warm the latch eventually.

Meanwhile I will purchase a portable heatgun :-)

I don’t get to stress about this as I love to troubleshoot as it’s my work So I always find solutions :-)

mkeno1881 | July 28, 2019

Brand new car just picked up today with 3 miles on it got home and plugged it in and it shows charge port latch not engaged ? Using nema 15-40 at 40 amp but wud show16amp only and charging at 15mile/ hr i am charing it for now but need help to fix this so that i can see a green light instead of the blinking yelo light while it charging


raqball | July 28, 2019

mkeno1881 | July 28, 2019
Brand new car just picked up today with 3 miles on it got home and plugged it in and it shows charge port latch not engaged ? Using nema 15-40 at 40 amp but wud show16amp only and charging at 15mile/ hr i am charing it for now but need help to fix this so that i can see a green light instead of the blinking yelo light while it charging


The only suggestion I have to offer is to reboot the car. Press brake pedal and hold both steering wheel buttons in at the same time. Keep holding them and the brake until the screen reboots and you see the T...

If you are still having problems after that then I'd hit the voice button and say "bug report, charging issues" then contact the SC...

vmulla | July 29, 2019

You're charging with the charge port latch not engaged? How? There's something amiss. Please check.
As far as charge rate is concerned, we do not have enough info to help you. Here are a few questions to start with. What's your battery level, what's he charge rate speed you allowed from your screen, have you successfully charged other Teslas at 40a on that circuit before? What charger are you using?

emilvald | October 8, 2019

Mkeno 1881 any solutions? Im on the same boat. Charge port not fully latched and charge speed is drastically slowed. Charging on a nema outlet too. Just experienced this after last update.

Fredvanngo | October 9, 2019

Last week, We were at the S.C in SoCal, and the Tesla Service Technicians there ask us if he can replace the Port Latch pins in my M3. There is a recall that they can do so you do not have to go to them. It took 3 minutes and all good! We have no problems with charging port before but thanks Tesla...