Long shot: Seeking right-side mirror part

Long shot: Seeking right-side mirror part

Wattney got her right-side mirror crunched in a collision a week ago. Three parts broke: the white (in our case--body color of the car) "skull cap" housing, the mirror itself, and the silver bottom housing. The inner mirror assembly came through fine and fully functional. Tesla sells the skull cap (is that what it's called on all cars, or is that Tesla-ese?) and the mirror. They do not sell the bottom housing separately; you have to buy the whole mirror assembly for $350. Aside from being overkill for our problem, it's a bigger deal to install, with opening up the door and all.

So as a long shot I thought I'd ask my forum friends whether anybody has that right-side silver bottom housing maybe kicking around as a leftover from some mirror repair you had to do. I'd happily buy it and cover shipping costs and such. Or a whole broken mirror assembly, so long as the silver part is undamaged.

Anyone? Thanks!

Magic 8 Ball | February 8, 2019
CharleyBC | February 8, 2019

Well spotted, @Magic! That's the whole mirror assembly. Tesla sells it for $350 including the glass, which that one lacks. What I was hoping to score on was the silver horizontal bottom shell that you can sorta see in some of those photos. See portion circled in green: (Not my car)

Looking at your Ebay link led to others also selling the mirror assembly. At lest one such seller was selling the assembly WITHOUT the silver bottom housing. I bet it's someone who had damage similar to mine, bought the whole $350 unit from Tesla, and used just the silver part and is selling the rest. At least it's an idea for how to recoup some of my expense and maybe get an easier installation.


Magic 8 Ball | February 8, 2019

Seller has "make offer" option. Send them a lowball, all they can say is no.

Atoms | February 8, 2019

Tesla will come out and install. Not a bad deal after muchning mine on the garage. The silver part under the mirror is crunched. But the silver part going to the door is fine.

teslamodelx | February 8, 2019

The new right side mirror body that is attached to the door (without the cap cover or the mirror) is $350 from Tesla part # 111077897E. The cap cover comes unpainted, new from Tesla is $30 part #109229200C and the mirror, new from Tesla is $65 part # 113065100A. The book shows 0.5 hour Instalation time! The whole assembly is not serviced as on peice fro Tesla. Good luck. :-)

teslacar | February 10, 2019

I have the exact same issue, just bumped it a little too hard last night walking by. (it was -5F) it seems I should be able to 3d print a brace for the broken clip(s) and snap it back on. Does anyone know where I might find drawings, or a close up picture of one without broken clips for reference? I will post any solution (other than just buying a replacement) on thingiverse.

billlake2000 | February 10, 2019
robertscottmarks | September 19, 2019

Was this ever resolved? I have the exact same issue. Seriously considering supergluing it back on to avoid paying $350 for the whole assembly. Silly really.

alexs | December 17, 2019

I also broke my passenger side mirror lower chrome base/case. Anyone knows how to get a replacement for it? How hard to install it?

CharleyBC | December 17, 2019

@alexs: I'm the one who started this thread ten months back. Maybe things have changed by now, and for your sake I hope so. But Tesla didn't sell the silver bottom housing of the mirror separately. I had a good chat with a parts guy at Tesla, and he couldn't explain it, but wasn't in any position to change it. He could only sell what Tesla gave him to sell. So I had to buy the entire mirror assembly. That's everything except the skullcap. It was $350 when I bought it, and it was just going up to $385 at the time, but I beat the increase.

Installation was possible by a mere mortal. I needed to buy a Torx screwdriver size I didn't already own (20, I think), and a set of plastic pry tools. And you'll need some metric sockets. You have to open the door. That sounds dumb. I mean, you have to open up the door--remove the inner panel. To do that, there are three hidden Torx screws, one of which is behind the rear edge reflector, that simply pops off with a pry tool. Then again with your pry tools, you pop off the panel, which has a bunch of snaps. The first one was hard, then the rest got easier. Once inside, there are three bolts that attach the mirror assembly, and two wiring harnesses for all the electrical stuff the mirror does.

There may well be a way to remove the silver bottom from a new mirror assembly and move it to your old one, thus saving ripping the door apart. I was unsure how to do that, and feared breaking it if I tried, thus necessitating buying yet another whole assembly. But I thought I should mention the possibility.

Sarah R | December 18, 2019

There's always "pick a part" or "Ecology Auto Wrecking"

alexs | December 30, 2019

@CharleyBC thanks for the information. I'll probably do the same.

3ngineer | December 30, 2019

If you do get your hands on a single trim piece:

Recommend watching this to see how to remove top part of mirror first:
(Use pry tool as in video, I had never done before and it was rather easy)

I recommend then loosening top part by removing two screws visible when rotating the mirror, and one screw hidden behind rubber trim inside door ( sorry, no video I know of for this).

This makes the bottom piece much easier to remove. Alternatively, since it's already broken, you could follow this:
You won't get the benefit of the first pry tool placement with it still on the car, but the only thing the bottom piece connects to is the metal bracket (IIRC), so you should be pulling hard (not prying against the top piece) almost anywhere without worrying about breaking anything.

Lots of chrome delete and PPF videos on Youtube show how they removed door panels and mirror assemblies if you go that route.

sc.virgomonkey | January 15, 2020

Do your mirrors fold with a motor?
I have a similar situation and Tesla Japan is asking $700 plus paint (black) for the swivelling portion of the mirror housing and upper-lower trim (actual mirror and it's functionality is fine; just cosmetics)
Was thinking of just getting a left-side mirror on eBay or ordering from Tesla US.