365 degree view

365 degree view

Do you have to have the expanded auto-pilot for that? | February 11, 2019

There is no such thing as 365 degree view nor expanded AP. Perhaps you mean 360 degree view, which is provided with EAP (Enhanced AutoPilot) on the instrument cluster. Don't think it is available on non EAP equipped cars, but perhaps someone else can chime in who doesn't have EAP.

CorkChop | February 11, 2019

I think he might mean 360 view when backup camera is on showing a birds eye view of the whole car. No, this isn’t a thing on TM3.

Rt002k | February 11, 2019

365 is just 360 degree view turned up to 11. It's 5 more degrees so it's better.

lbowroom | February 11, 2019

The cameras don't face down to capture a birds-eye view. I get it... 365 days in a year, 360 degrees in a circle, it happens.

All model 3s display the surrounding cars and soon will have audible blind spot warning in the next update regardless if you have EAP or not.

tolab | October 2, 2019