Any way to get the MyQ garage opener to work in replacement if the homelink?


EVRider | February 12, 2019

If the MyQ opener is not compatible with HomeLink, then no.

alisse | February 12, 2019

Isn't that an "and"? Meaning I have homelink and can remotely operate it with MyQ app.
Is the homelink not working? All I can think of is using something like tasker or ITTT to run an automation script based on location.

SalisburySam | February 12, 2019

Sort of, but nowhere near as clean or easy. I have the MyQ receiver and it operates my two garage doors. It is triggered through my home’s security system. I can go into the app for my security system and open/close one/both doors at any time. I also have a camera in the garage, also connected to the security system, so that I can visually confirm door position. It works, and works pretty well.

That said, this adds another app, another few manual steps, another dependency upon cellular services (weak around my home), another need to fiddle with your phone just to open a door. HomeLink, for me, does this much better, seamlessly, and without manual intervention with the Model 3’s automatic settings, and is my much preferred solution. I do use the MyQ approach when going out to my detached garage from the house, but almost never any other time.

SalisburySam | February 12, 2019

One more thing: with the MyQ app, you can also open/close one/both garage doors without having to go through my security system app. That sounds a bit more direct but it really isn’t in that it’s still another app and has the disadvantages I listed in my previous post. But it does work.

TranzNDance | February 12, 2019

A weakness of HomeLink is that it doesn't know the state of the garage door. It just toggles the state. MyQ does have state info. Although sensors should stop the door from closing on the car at the wrong time, the default placement of the sensors are low enough to miss the presence of the car depending on where it is under the door.

I've found Homelink not reliable so I had to keep the remote control in the car. Since I can open the garage door from my watch, I don't need to keep the remote control in the car as backup anymore.

SalisburySam | February 12, 2019

@TranzNDance, agreed and you make an additional point: garage door safety sensors are placed near the ground; for a vehicle this is really only useful when the wheels are directly in line with the sensor. Since trying out Summon when I first got the car in July, I noticed Summon failed when the vehicle was half out of the garage. It then triggered the auto garage door close and the door responded by starting to close. I immediately put my foot in front of the sensors stopping the door.

To keep this from ever happening again, I added a 2nd set of sensors at the height of the leading edge of the car. Now, if any part of the vehicle is in the way of either set of sensors, the garage door will not close. I chose to add a 2nd set rather than just move the original sensors since most owners expect the lower sensors to be where they are.

ANTHONYROSEJR | February 12, 2019

Not 100% sure what your asking but I have the Myq. My tesla does open the Garage perfectly every time once I programmed the remote to the car.

cissell71 | February 12, 2019


Did you use a garage remote to setup or were u able to use your smartphone to programme?

rmlee | February 17, 2019

Mine works fine...

httran26 | February 17, 2019

I don't understand the question either. I have Chamberlain MyQ and programed it by following the instructions. Works fine close the garage when I leave and opens it when I come home. No need for the garage remote in my car

CorkChop | February 17, 2019

Also don’t understand this post question. I have MyQ also but use Homelink on my Tesla. Why would you even need to use it as a replacement?

wfickas | February 18, 2019

I have an older LiftMaster opener that I upgraded to MyQ using the replacement pad. The replacement pad is nice in that in addition to adding MyQ functionality it also has its own Learn button so I don't have to climb up to the opener to add new remotes. With that intro, my first attempt to program my remote into the Homelink failed. After thinking about it for a while, I recalled that all my remotes were actually pre-MyQ and were actually programmed into the opener directly rather than the MyQ pad. I tried it again using the learn button on the opener rather than the pad, and then it would learn the remote via the Homelink.

I don't have any of the new remotes, but suspect that when setting up the Homelink one should use the MyQ pad Learn button for the new sort and the opener Learn button for the old style.

Don't know if this solves the OP's problem, but thought I'd get this out for any others having this sort of MyQ setup.

What the one poster wrote is quite true, unlike the MyQ system, Homelink does not know the current state of the door and merely requests that door change state.

CorkChop | February 18, 2019

The question, “Any way to get the MyQ garage opener to work in replacement if the homelink?“ makes no sense because homelink replaces an open key fob or brick clip. MyQ has s a way to use the internet to remotely open a garage door. I struggling trying to figure out why you would want to use MyQ instead of Homelink.

I suppose you could use the TM3 browser to open your garage from their website but confused why you would do this to yourself.

JAD | February 18, 2019

I consider the myq just a fancy remote. Adding homelink should be done with the opener per instructions in the car. Works great.

Myq went way down in my book when they decided to charge to work with Google home.

TranzNDance | February 18, 2019

Homelink isn't reliable in opening or closing the door for me if it doesn't have line of sight. MyQ doesn't need line of sight and hence could start earlier so that the door is open by the time I get there.

HL also uses a dumb toggle so if the door is already in the desired state, activating it would put it into the undesired state. MyQ knows if the door is open or closed.

bartsubs | October 3, 2019

The question makes perfect sense for me as I have the same question : I have MyQ (an app based software solution to open / close my garage door) is there a s/w solution to integrate MyQ functionality into the Tesla without paying $300 for Homelink?

TranzNDance | October 3, 2019

Paying a fee could be worth it to prevent any damage to a car. The other day, my husband and I got home at the same time in our respective cars. He was ahead and opened the garage door. My car approached and sent the signal automatically. He had to quickly reverse as the garage door went down. If the car could have sent the signal to Open, then it would not toggle an opening door to close.

JAD | October 3, 2019

Homelink doesn't know if the door is open or closed, MyQ can depending on the age of the opener. I have both and exclusively use Homelink in both Teslas. If we arrive at the same time, I just hit cancel when the homelink screen appears so the signal doesn't get sent.

I also have the safety eyes aligned at bumper level so if any part of the car is under the door it will not close. So even if the double signal happens, the garage would not close on a car.

rxlawdude | October 3, 2019

Be aware that MyQ may take a few moments to begin opening the door.

don | April 25, 2020

Any suggestions on how to get EVEconnect and MyQ to open the garage door in Model 3. I can't get any response from EVE for Tesla. Very interesting that they can even use Tesla as a reference.

coleAK | April 25, 2020

I had some challenges programming our garage door opener. It’s fairly easy once you know where the sensor is. I made this video with our old opener. Last fall that drive motor failed in the old craftsman so I switched to a Chamberlain MyQ, the process was the same.