Tesla won't respond to rewards issue

Tesla won't respond to rewards issue

I qualify for the level 3 reward including a choice of arachnid wheels or a week with a new Tesla. After numerous email and phone calls over the last 5 months, still NOTHING from Tesla about how to get this corrected. My reward loot box has 2 chargers or kiddie cars and one week with a Tesla but the choice for the wheels is missing. Now Tesla says we must claim rewards by Feb 28 or it's gone. I have purchased 3 Teslas and solar but this is the most frustrating issue experienced with Tesla.
Does anyone have experience with getting them to fix this or a contact phone number for someone who can resolve the issue?

EVRider | February 17, 2019

You can contact the referral team at Because of the deadline, I suggest you also contact Tesla using the support form on the vehicle details page on My Tesla, and select the option to escalate for executive review; this will help prove you tried to resolve the issue before the deadline. Note that the Model 3 support form no longer has an escalate option, so use the Model S or X version if you own one of those. | February 17, 2019

My guess is one of your referals backed out. There is an in between time where it shows a referral, but it disappears if the sale is not completed.

Finman999 | February 19, 2019

No referrals backed out. All referrals had been noted as delivered in my loot box (I know them all personally...actually have probably 15 real referrals)...just the loot available doesn't match up. Have had many emails with referral program person(s) and multiple phone calls. All just result in "will look into it". It has been 5+ months!

EVRider | February 20, 2019

I know it's frustrating, but as long as you can prove you earned all the awards you will eventually prevail.