Supercharger status for Wichita Falls, Texas

Supercharger status for Wichita Falls, Texas

Anyone have any idea when this might happen? Really need another supercharger between Childress, TX and Denton, TX.

hammer @OR-US | March 3, 2019

Since nobody has found even a construction permit yet it's a complete unknown.

Captain_Planet | March 15, 2019

I agree we are taking a trip to Vegas, other than a diversion to Ardmore, there is no other option. Tesla...we need this supercharger ASAP

Eyeballmd | April 14, 2019

Travel to Wicita Falls frequently for work from Abilene. Very disappointing to drive a gas vehicle after getting used to the awesome ride in a Tesla. Supercharger there would also open travel to Oklahoma City. I suspect this will be a busy supercharger station...