Chimes for No Reason While Driving

Chimes for No Reason While Driving

After installing the new update to version 2019.5.4, my M3 chimes intermittently while driving. I am not making any lane changes, I do not have my turn signal on, nor is there anyone in my blind spot. The chime is akin to the Southwest Airlines commercial. I feel like saying "you are free to move about the cabin" each time it occurs. It is mystery as to why this is happening. Contacted Tesla and they do not know--they told me to turn the power off on the car, which I had done. I also did a full reset by placing my foot on the brake and pushing in the two steering wheel buttons. Nothing seemed to cure this problem. Telsa simply told me to file a "Big report" each time this occurs. Well, it occurred yesterday over 15 times in the span of about 5 miles. I filed a bug report each time, only to get tired of doing it every 5 seconds. I was wondering if anyone else has this problem and whether there is a fix?

Incidentally, the chime does NOT work when attempting to make a lane change with my turn signal on and a vehicle in my blind spot. I can only hope they fix this problem.

MrSexyTime | March 5, 2019

Did your speed settings change? Check the chime setting in there. Maybe the update turned it on.

Magic 8 Ball | March 5, 2019


jithesh | March 5, 2019

Ghost in the Machine

Bighorn | March 5, 2019

Yeah, speed limit chime

Carl Thompson | March 5, 2019

Definitely not the blind spot warning as that is loud and annoying and not a chime.

lbowroom | March 5, 2019

Really, Tesla customer support didn't suggest the possibility its your speed limit chime?

JPWhite | March 5, 2019

Sounds like a speed limit chime to me.

miguelcampeau | March 5, 2019

i agree with Bighorn and JPWhite

stuartsher | March 5, 2019

Thanks all--I found the Speed Limit Chime was "on". I shut it off and hopefully it cured the problem. Will see tomorrow. Seems like the Forum crowd knows much more than the Tesla staff. Thanks again!

lbowroom | March 5, 2019

What problem? You had chime on so it chimed :-)

Bighorn | March 5, 2019

Of course it cured the problem. Makes sense that owners know how the car works. Not sure what tangent Carl is taking when it’s asked and answered. Prettty sure it’s not the horn either:) Sounds different.

rybread | June 15, 2019

Y’all just saved me! Was driving me crazy. Not sure how it got turned on.