Early Access Program

Early Access Program

Anyone know when invites go out for those that prepaid for FSD?

weluvm3 | March 8, 2019

I spoke with customer service about this yesterday, and he said he was able to check my VIN and claimed that I was already "Early Access" and that I had already received an Early Access firmware update.

Since I had never been invited or had any sort of notification about this at all, I was a little bit skeptical and asked him to please verify it and get back to me. I am still waiting to hear back from him (or anyone from Tesla) regarding this.

I also asked him if the Early Access that purchasers of FSD get would be in any way different than the Early Access Program that people have gotten in the past, and he said he was not aware of any differences. No badge, special ranger support, hardware upgrades or free supercharging. So, I suspect that anyone who is claiming any of that is just a Troll trying to stir up people who were already upset about the situation. Not sure what their agenda could possibly be, except maybe just for the LULZ.

lpjakob | March 8, 2019

I also asked Customer Service the same question since I purchased M3P+ with FSD 9/22/2018. I was advised that “Early Access Program is by invitation only, watch for email inviting me to join. I have not received any email as of this writing.

GoneSailing | November 11, 2019

Has anyone seen an update to this? I purchased a Model 3 with FSD back in 2018, and seem to lag on every software update. I figure it would just take some time, but I'm not even in the first 30% going by Was this just an empty promise to avoid people noticing that Tesla told us at time of sale that FSD would only be more expensive in the future?

georgce | November 11, 2019

SR+ RWD FSD Manufacture 8/19, delivery 9/6/19 with V9 software, promised a 5 week delayed delivery, delivered in 7 days. Checked the EAP box but never got an update until a SC visit last week. There was another V9 update staged but not downloaded. SC downloaded and said my wireless connection needed 3+ bars. Bought a TP-Link wireless extender from Amazon, got 4 bars and V10 32.12.4 the next day. I'm told the M3 antenna is near the right rear view mirror, away from my router. Check your wireless signal, as it may prohibit downloads.
Maybe soon I'll get the 36.xx with the newer useful features and fewer games.
Love the car and software upgrades.

GoneSailing | November 11, 2019

What EAP box did you check?

EVRider | November 11, 2019

The Advanced setting on the Controls > Software screen is not the Early Access Program.

jordanrichard | November 11, 2019

EVRider +1. People that are part of the EAP sign NDAs and can’t talk about it. Meaning, the early updates they get and what is in them. From what I have heard, it is not for the faint of heart. The early releases can be real buggy.

GoneSailing | November 11, 2019

Tesla offered to invite all FSD purchasers prior to some date in late ‘18 or early ‘19 to be part of EAP, but it seems to never have materialized.

syclone | November 11, 2019

There are 2 entirely different programs that are labeled "EAP" The original EAP , Enhanced Autopilot, was an autopilot extension that Expanded on TACC, adding NOA (Navigate on Autopilot). It is no longer available. The current EAP is an invitation only program inviting owners to participate in "Beta" testing of new features that need some user input before release to the general population

GoneSailing | November 11, 2019

Yes, I’m aware. My apologies for not spelling out Early Access Program. I purchased both Enhanced Auto Pilot and Full Self Driving with the car last year.

Elon told buyers in my situation that they would prioritize us for software releases because we purchased FSD and were told it would only increase in price. Tesla then reduced the price, which was a bit irritating. I wrote it off thinking that if I got updates a little earlier over the life of the car, that’s be fine.

For all the recent updates, I seem to be in the 50th percentile for getting the release. I just don’t know what Tesla is doing. Did they decide to skip the early software access promise all together? It’s just confusing.

EVRider | November 11, 2019

Regarding inviting FSD purchasers to the Early Access Program, the most recent word from Tesla on that is that FSD owners would get updates sooner than other people, but they would not be invited to the Early Access Program. It isn't clear if FSD owners are actually getting updates sooner.

TexasBob | November 11, 2019

Also, if you use one of the stats services (e.g. TeslaFi) you are not allowed to participate in the Early Access Program. They will stop sending you software if you are on one.

GoneSailing | November 12, 2019

I don’t use a stats app, and I’m definitely not in the first 15% when they roll out. Seems like 50th percentile or more. Seems odd.

TAC | November 12, 2019

I too feel slighted on how they handled early EAP & FSD buyers. Especially with the blog post specifically mentioning the early access program invite. I bought EAP & FSD in 2018 and have no early benefit or perk yet from this. Except to enjoy everything, when its done .

CST | November 12, 2019

For a bit, I was getting releases earlier than most, but I didn't get the last until yesterday...I have FSD.

TexasBob | November 12, 2019

Early Access does not give you first priority when a new production version rolls out. It puts you in a group that will get pre-release software from time to time. You do not get every pre-release test version. We had early version of Nav on AP 3 months before release. One of our cars got an early release on Smart Summon (~2 months early), but that same car is late getting 36.2.

The only thing early access does it put you into the early Beta testing pool for software releases. The select a subset of that group for sending test software. Sometimes a pretty large group and sometimes small. They will also sometimes schedule a phone call to provide more detailed feedback from you.

ncancilla81 | November 12, 2019

Hello Nick,

Thank you for contacting Tesla Support regarding your purchase of the Full Self-Driving package. Like other car companies, we periodically adjust pricing and available options. With regular software and hardware improvements to our products, we’re constantly working to ensure the best possible buying and ownership experience.

In regards to the Early Access Program, Elon has reaffirmed that all customers with the FSD will be added to our Early Access Program. Please keep you eye out for an invitation that will be sent to your email.

I sent Tesla a follow up email and they disregarded the question about Early Access Program. I sent another email and this is what I received:

First, for the Early Access Program question, I did not mean to ignore it, but I did fail to mention that I have forwarded a request for further information about any invitations and the program in general to the Early Access Team directly, and they will be in contact about those details. Please understand that future replies to this email will be read but may not be responded to.

I would just forget about Early Access Program or even receiving updates earlier than most