Used Tesla

Used Tesla

Am I now required to have a $10,000 down payment for a used tesla on tesla's site? If you go on their Used Inventory website, Financing says a $10,000 down payment with a 4.75%. Also, How do current owners like their car? I want to get owners opinion on how they like their tesla and if it is acually cheaper than owning a ICE

TabascoGuy | March 28, 2019

"Requires a $2,500 order payment" is shown just below the Buy button.

David N | March 28, 2019

You do realize your on a Tesla forum w Tesla owners who love their cars.
How others like their cars has little to do w if you’ll like the car.
Have you test drive a Tesla Model 3?
May I suggest you do a test drive and see why hundreds of thousands are purchasing Tesla’s. It’s unlike anything out there, it is a completely diffetant from what most are familiar with. Seeing, touching, test driving is best way to expierance the Tesla differance.
As far as “cheaper” owning a Tesla compared to ICE, I’m assuming you referring to cost of gas -vs- electricity? Repairs/maintenance?
Plenty of you tube videos on those subjects, plus I’m sure some will chime in here.
Good luck with your inquiry.

EVolution | March 28, 2019

it’s not cheaper than a Nissan Versa @ 10k
if you drive less than 10k Miles a year

It’s cheaper than an equivalent luxury car that your drive 60k a year, yes.

Sonofman | March 28, 2019

I bought a used S, 2015, and it only needed a $2500 down payment to place the order. Financing can be easier or harder through the banks with no more money down depending on credit etc.
Their calculator assumes $10k down for payments but you can change that for a better picture on the payment.

Compared to a similarly priced ICE car it's been less money to run so far. Fuel is the biggest immediate impact and being able to charge for free at superchargers (used MS) or charging at home off hours for pennies saves me ~$200 per month in fuel cost.
I used to average 2 oil changes per year so that's an extra couple hundred saved per year.

Because I'm smart about charging I spend less time "refueling" as well. If we plug in at night we leave the house with a full tank every day and there's no time spent waiting for charging. I'm really lucky and my office charges me for free as well so I'm always topped off for hardly any money.

jordanrichard | March 28, 2019

OP, that down payment is probably required to get that finance rate? This isn't particularly unusual. The more you put down, the less risk the lender has to burden, hence a lower APR.