This is AWFUL treatment from TESLA

This is AWFUL treatment from TESLA

TESLA just sent me a check for over $500 and did not say what it is for. I also have no clue either. This is after receiving a $5000 cash back for getting my 3P+ too early.
Don’t they know I bought the car for the agreed price?
All they do is give me the car with no problems and keep sending me checks and to really rub salt in, they keep adding new features for the car and are now saying they want to add power etc without me asking. I can’t even check out their service center because nothing has broken since I bought the car over 6 months ago. Darn it, even the windscreen wipers are fixing themselves, which I was hoping to complain about.
I admit, I do like the Fart mode that was sent a few weeks ago. But the rest is absolutely useful and uncalled for.
This is all very distracting.
I am so p***sed that a class action de-lawsuit should be considered ;-)

P34ME | March 8, 2019

Lol... all the people whining about price cuts are overreacting.

I bought my P3D+ on day one in summer 2018 with eyes open knowing that I was a guinea pig. The car is amazing and I couldn't be happier with it. Not a single problem with it and I'm never going back to ICE car again.

The P3D+ had the biggest price cut of all since launch but after the refunds and tax credit reduction it's still basically a wash and I don't regret buying early at all.

Original - 76,500 (with EAP) - 5000 refund for performance package (gave up FUSC which isn't worth much) - 7500 tax credit = 64000

New Prices - 68,000 (with AP+FSD) - 3750 tax credit = 63500

It's only a 500 difference but I've gotten to enjoy my car for 6 months. Not sure what everyone is whining about...

note: EAP vs. AP + FSD is fair given that EAP includes the autopark and nav on autopilot. I can upgrade to FSD for only 2000 now and will probably do that when they actually launch (I know well enough not to pay Tesla for unlaunched features!)

jjgunn | March 8, 2019

I'm jealous....

I have the slow Model X 100D (0-60 in 4.4)

Just don't get in my way when I'm doing 70 MPH at 7,000 pounds

ncancilla81 | March 8, 2019

I don’t think you would be feeling the same way if you paid 3k for FSD when Tesla stated it would be 4K after delivery and now it’s only 2k. The other price cuts are fine, I’ve been able to enjoy my Model 3’s before the majority of people. The FSD price change is a little slap in the face from Tesla

rsingh05 | March 8, 2019

I paid $5K for EAP when Tesla said it will be $7K after delivery. Now EAP+FSD are $5k. You don’t hear me complaining.

In fact, I see mainly those those who bought FSD claiming they paid more than people buying the option. Those of us buying EAP also did, we just don’t complain about it all the time.

lilbean | March 8, 2019

Let me get my tiny violin.

jjgunn | March 8, 2019

I paid $8k for EAP & FSD - I didn't get slapped in the face.

I consider it an investment in an American car company & trying to help them be profitable instead of worrying about if I "pulled one over" on them.

This ain't BMW, Mercedes or Audi here. Believe me, those 3 companies are terrified of what Tesla is doing.

ncancilla81 | March 8, 2019

Difference with EAP is you’ve been able to use it. I’m not complaining about any of the other price cuts. Tesla needs to stop being so bipolar with their pricing.

TeslaWRLD | March 8, 2019

Wait they are giving out checks to people who bought too early?!? I want a check!! Lol

ODWms | March 9, 2019

“The P3D+ had the biggest price cut of all since launch but after the refunds and tax credit reduction it's still basically a wash and I don't regret buying early at all.”

Exactly my situation. My understanding is that the P3D+ has had the largest decrease in price. But it was basically a wash for me when I honestly and fairly compared the two scenarios. Some are saying they saw a $10k difference.

inconel | March 9, 2019

Can I add one more complain to vent my frustration?
I am absolutely pissed that Tesla has refused to send me pictures of my new car after repeated emails and escalation to management. All I was asking for was clear pictures (no teasers) of my new Model Y!

noleaf4me | March 9, 2019

@inconel - March 14 you will have it.

inconel | March 9, 2019

Why can they not send me clear pictures now? It is so easy for them to take clear pictures exterior and interior of the car and email it to me. They already have the cars sitting there for heaven's sake!
Instead they chose to let me waiting anxiously for March 14. Five more nights of restless sleep, is this a way to treat your customers?

sheldon.mike1010 | March 9, 2019

I, too, have had really AWFUL treatment.
They had the audacity to sell me a car in September (P3-) that was flawless in every way.
I keep waiting for doors and hood to misalign or change color. Never happens.
And I'm very perturbed that firmware updates add new features. To top it off, I spend
$8.13 to fill up when it used to cost me $50.00. Most unhappy about all this.

ncancilla81 | March 12, 2019

Even Elon admits it was a mistake to change the pricing of EAP + FSD, but we are “whiners”. You fan boi’s and gal’s are so delusional.

Halbach | March 12, 2019

Don't we have enough negative topics? I don't know why people think it's clever to post a negative topic when the subject is not negative. It's been done way too many times and is getting old!

Randyb359 | March 12, 2019

I am pretty sure the reason it was a mistake is because of the whiners.