Committed to SR+ but having SERIOUS DOUBTS!! HELP!

Committed to SR+ but having SERIOUS DOUBTS!! HELP!

I pulled the trigger 3/7 on a SR+ black on black with the 19" and AP - still waiting for VIN and at drafting contract stage. Thing is, I cant shake the feeling that I'll regret it since what I really want is the performance - but not convinced I can come off the EXTRA 20K to justify it. I'm coming from a G37S coupe 6mt I've been happily driving for 11 years, and not sure the SR+ will satiate my desire for performance or spirited driving. If I extend the loan 1 more year to a whopping 84 months, the monthly delta is about $180, and it buys me car near exotic performance, if not beating BMW M3s and the like - whereas the SR+ is a run of the mill, somewhat similar to my G in performance and more practical car. I feel like its a steal with the SR+ w/ 19" and AP @$41.5k, especially with my daily 70mi. r/t commute which should save me a good bit on gas, approx $200 a month.
I need some guidance... Anyone in my similar situation? Any performance buyer regrets? Any Midrange buyers regret not getting the performance or SR buyers in the same boat?

Also, not sure what will happen if I change things at this point, I will have to get re-certified with the loan and get a new spot in line for delivery..

EVRider | March 11, 2019

Only you can decide how important the increased performance is to you. I personally wouldn’t pay that much more. The SR+ might not be as quick as the P3, but it’s no slouch either.

wiboater4 | March 11, 2019

Unless you plan to do a lot of racing why do you need the performance model? I've had my car 6 months now and have never had it wide open yet. Most people on the road don't even notice it's a Tesla. They blend in pretty well now day's. I haven't had anyone pull up next to me at a light and want tor race. If you have extra money to spend fine but I would say spend it on range not performance. I've got the fully loaded AWD. Another thing is Insurance may end up being more for a performance model .

andy.connor.e | March 11, 2019

I cant make you care about what i care about. But if you are willing to extend your loan to 7 years, have you considered meeting in the middle and getting the LR AWD?

ODWms | March 11, 2019

I don’t think most people spend $50 - $60+ thousand on cars like this out of “need.” It’s pretty much all “want” at this point. I wouldn’t have anything but a Performance, others have zero desire for it.

Bighorn | March 11, 2019

I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the instant torque that is not conveyed in the numbers. 84 months is nuts and an extraordinarily risky move.

CST | March 11, 2019

Enjoy repacing your tires every year or two... Lol! I can barely get reasonable milage on then with the LR RWD!

richard | March 11, 2019

@EVRider, I think if its similar to my G's performance I might be happy with it. Thing is, I havent test driven it and buying sight unseen. If i stay with the SR+, I hope its similar to the G, which still puts a smile on my face when stomping it..

@wiboater4, I don't plan on NOT tracking it, but just having the fun on tap, along with the lovely 20" wheels and brakes, along with the longer range compel me. What model do you have?

@andy.connor.e, I have debated on the LR AWD, which does seem to be a bit quicker off the line, but then I'm torn with spending just a bit more for the 3.2 0-60 time, nicer wheels, spoiler and possible Ludicrous mode future update with the P? Still very hard choice.. I was justifying the gas savings and putting that back into the car, but I do like saving money also... lol

@Bighorn, what model do you have? Think the SR+ will be torquey still? 84 months IS nuts...but I have no other options getting me in a car with remotely close to these numbers.. 3.2 0-60? Super car territory.. And maybe faster with future updates? I wont keep the car less than 10 years, so I'm paying for 10 years of happiness - Thats a bargain!

Still crazy undecided...

Teslynn | March 11, 2019

Stick with SR+. You will not be disappointed. It’s the fastest best handling car you will have ever driven. And at that price it’s a steal.

Bighorn | March 11, 2019

I have a P3D- and a P 85+. I rarely stomp on it anymore, but I do appreciate the torque on a daily basis. If you plan on max launches your tire budget might put you into bankruptcy:) I think folks without performance upgrades are almost universally happy and aren’t missing anything unless they happen to get a chance to drive a performance model. But day to day you’ll have very similar experiences without an existential threat to your financial well being.

tyronealfonso | March 11, 2019

Well, at least you’re keeping your cool.

richmond1508 | March 11, 2019

For me personally I’d skip the wheel upgrade and AP and get a base model LR RWD. The SR+ sacrifices a lot of range and a few nice upgrades (particularly the sound system). The SR+ is a great value if you don’t add any options, but as soon as you do it creeps into the price of a base LR RWD, and range is almost always going to give you more value than larger tires or autopilot in daily use. Plus you will get an extra .2 0-60 speed, which sounds like it may be of value to you.

jimglas | March 11, 2019

Buy the P, you will never regret it

lilbean | March 11, 2019

I have the LR AWD and I felt horrible after driving the P. It took me a over week to get over it. Money was not an issue but I’m happy I saved it now. I even sat in a P last week to test myself. I’m truly over the adrenaline rush from my test drive. Trust me, you do not want to have a seven year loan and be upside down on the car. That is a horrible feeling. Not worth it. You will be very happy with the SR.

richard | March 11, 2019

@teslynn, thats encouraging! If I can still check the box for performance with the SR+, than I can still check the box for saving money, which is a good box to check.

@Bighorn, great points.. My 3 boxes are checked, AP, HOV use (since electric), and saving money on gas.

@richmond1508 - TBH I cant stand the aero wheels, and lust after the 20"s, the 19 is a good compromise. I considered the LR RWD, but then i'm only $4k away and so close to AWD/full premium/4.5 0-60, and I need AP, its one of my main wants since I drive daily 70 miles on the highway with traffic that I think I would really enjoy AP.

I might be leaning to keeping the SR+. Paying 50% MORE for the P might not be worth it since its probably 80% same car and experience if not more. I hope I don't regret it!

richard | March 11, 2019

@jimglas and @lilbean, I think what I'm hearing is, never EVER drive or sit in a P. Damn it, if this option just didnt exist it would be a NO BRAINER!

jimglas | March 11, 2019

I started out with a reservation on a $35k M3, somehow I ended up with a MX and a P3D. No regrets, the P is scary fast and fun, The X is the hauler and mountain car. I wish their was a track around so that I could try track mode!

ODWms | March 11, 2019

I have no doubt you’ll absolutely love and enjoy every moment driving the Performance if you get it.

I’ve owned and driven all manner of high performance and luxury cars over the last few decades. Not a single one I could realistically compare to this car.

If I had gotten the RWD, or even the AWD I had initially ordered and took way too long to arrive, I would most certainly have sold or traded once I got a chance to drive the P.

So glad things worked out the way they did!

TeslaMarque | March 11, 2019

I have a Performance, top of the line, every option except FSD, which I still haven’t bought after the discount being offered because I still want to see what it can do. I have zero regrets w the performance, but there are some things to be aware of.

Do you live where it snows? If so, add a set of winter tires, plus rims if you can’t find some 20” winter tires. Otherwise I would not recommend driving in snow and ice without a tire change; the tires that are standard on the performance cannot be used in winter, per their own recommended standards. Figure on changing up the tires/rims twice a year.

Since you’re interested in the SR+, I’m going to assume Range is not an issue regarding your purchase.

Honestly, I love the P3 acceleration, and I love the way the rims look w the red brake calipers. But if I had the chance to buy all the options listed now, I would prob be looking at the SR+ as well. When I ordered my car, I only had a few choices and the Performance model came with free supercharging. When taking everything into consideration at the time, the performance model made the most sense as I felt I was getting a lot more for the price vs the LR AWD being offered at the time.

If I could do it again, and had today’s options to choose from, I would get a Black SR+, w regular AP, w the upgraded wheels (I can’t stand the look of the arrow wheels on the black car, which is what I wanted). I think the SR+ is by far the best deal. You get everything you need from Tesla, the rest of the stuff isn’t as good of a value. For instance, for $2500 you can upgrade your paint to red, but for $3,000, you get better quality seats, a decent 0-60 time, 20 more miles of range. That is much more value to me than a different color. There is not much that the SR+ doesn’t have that I couldn’t live without. Considering I could almost get 2 SR+ for the price I paid for the Performance, there’s no question in my mind it’s the better deal.

But if you’re looking for a fast performance car like a BMW M3, you cannot beat the P3D. I zo

Zztops | March 11, 2019

You are going to enjoy driving the car regardless. My only thought would be to really look at your range needs based on your style of driving and the path your commute takes. 70 miles each way would be cutting it close with the SR+.
I enjoy spirited driving and have a 40mi commute each way in LR AWD. most of which is uphill. since I bought the car I have been averaging 353wh/mi. WAY above the rated 240 primarily because I drive in the 70s, its cold out, I use the heaters at 75 and use the seat warmers at the lowest level. Keep in mind I also enjoy spirited driving. SO for me, LR was the only option since I didnt want to sacrifice how I drive ALL the time. IF you like to use these things, the 260mi on the SR+ MIGHT not be enough.

Just a quick calc using my numbers:

(240/353)*240=163 miles

This will be the real life mileage you will get is you want to fully ENJOY this style of drive It will get you to work and back no problem. If you have errands to run or go to the gym before or after, you may want to consider these things. Also, this is considering you are charging to 100% every day, not sure if its recommended with the new SR+ since there has been little data on how much of that range is due to battery capacity vs software.

Almost ALL of this is totally up to the driver and YMMV.

carlk | March 11, 2019

Performance version certainly is great but no one will be disapointed with the SR version. Its acceleration is about the same as the original model S S60 and S85 (5.9s and 5.4s 0-60). Youtube at that time was full of how they beat cars like Corvette and BMW at stop lights. Like others said what matters most is the instantaneus torque and pedal response. I would think the higher speed torque is even better for newer cars now.

Zztops | March 11, 2019

Edit: 240mi on the SR+

Srry. Dont know why I wrote 260.

95dawg | March 11, 2019

Buy SR+ with 19" and buy $20k in TSLA stock. Hold both for 10 years.

carlk | March 11, 2019

Or keep the $20K in the bank and use that to pay for a nice steak and lobster dinner everytime you got beaten at the stop light by a P3D.

95dawg | March 11, 2019

@carlk haha

"Honey, get dressed up. We're going out to Canlis for surf and turf again." :)

rsingh05 | March 11, 2019

@Richard - the SR+ is 5.3s to 60, it's a little faster than the G37s (I test drove the G37S back when it was introduced in 2008!). Plus it will be even faster in real life because with an ICE car, you'd have to launch the car to get the promised 0-60, in Tesla you just stomp on the pedal and just go.

OTOH if you need AWD, LR AWD (non-p) may be the best of both worlds - significantly faster than your G37 but splits the difference in terms of price.

The 3P is a wholly different animal in terms of performance, but it sounds like it may not be worth the $ 20K based on what you describe. If you test drive it, you will likely end up buying it though so be forewarned (I changed my order from LR AWD to 3P upon test driving the latter, but I did have the added incentive of free lifetime supercharging last year).

howard | March 11, 2019

The long-range battery charges quicker at home. Will charge much quicker at the new SC 3 stations in the future. Battery degradation will take forever to reach the SR. I would go with the Long Range battery regardless of driving preferences.

h2ev | March 11, 2019

Here's my experience and some random thoughts. I test drove a LR rear drive and performance version, and ordered the dual motor non-performance which wasn't available for test drive. The difference in pull from the performance version is *huge*, even from a non-P dual motor. The increase in pull from the performance to a dual motor is much greater than that of the rear drive to dual motor non-performance. I was a bit disappointed when I did the first pull after picking up my car, but soon reminded myself I bought the car for the practicality and not for ultimate performance. The instant torque is lots of fun even from the rear drive car, and will feel faster than the 0-60 time will suggest.

The last performance car I owned before the Model 3 was an e39 M5. The Model 3 Performance kind of feels like the M5 on second gear all day long at any speeds, if this gives you an idea what it feels like. The extra $20k on the Performance is a relative bargain. The larger battery is just icing on the cake, which brings me the next point. If where you are has harsh winters, the battery can easily take a 40% hit in efficiency when it's below 20 degrees and you need to crank the heat. Being that charging the car to only about 80% on a regular basis is the recommended practice, don't be surprised you end up with less than 150 miles of range in the SR+ on a really cold day. Of course not an issue if you're in Florida or the likes. Perhaps this helps you to justify the extra $20K, which of course only you can decide if it's financially feasible.

M3BlueGeorgia | March 11, 2019

Unless you need the AWD because of winter driving conditions, choose between the SR+ and LR+RWD.
If you have severe winter weather, choose between snow tires and AWD.

But choose within the next couple of days because the price is about to increase 3%.

M3BlueGeorgia | March 11, 2019

... just looked at your daily mileage
140 mile daily commute on 19" rims isn't a good fit for the SR+

You choice therefore is really between the MR and the LR.

roger.klurfeld | March 11, 2019

My previous car was a G35 cou0e for 14 years. I have a LR RWD Model 3. It is noticeably faster than my Infiniti. The G35 coupe handled really well. The model 3 is similar, except it isn't so nose heavy. I live outside Washington, DC, so there is very little ability to use the faster acceleration of a AWD or performance.

Shock | March 11, 2019

"I need some guidance."

Well since you asked...My vote is neither. You have a paid off car and don't have the money set aside for a replacement. And now you're really considering a 7 year car loan, which means you'll be upside down for years on the car, and still making hugely monthly payments after its warranty is up. Deep down you know is not a great idea.

Spend more money on assets than liabilities.

Everyone will hate my post because it's so pragmatic, so in that case just get the performance model and deck it out.

PhillyGal | March 11, 2019

@bighorn beat me to it:

"I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the instant torque that is not conveyed in the numbers."

Of course he went on to add "84 months is nuts and an extraordinarily risky move" and my husband and I did just that when we joined the Tesla fam. The year was 2014 and the more affordable Model 3 was a distant dream ;)

Real talk, any Tesla will make any Infiniti feel sluggish. You'll be pleasantly surprised if you stick with Standard Plus.

lilbean | March 11, 2019

+1 carlk!
I use the money I saved to treat myself to Pilates classes and Mammoth trips. :)

yongtx | March 11, 2019

@richard SR+ with 19" and AP should be a good value combo. I have a MidRange and recently add AP. If I had chance, I would go for LR battery, as for EV, battery is all important (for performance, longevity and cold weather). AP (TACC+Autosteer) is excellent for long commute, make it very relax. Only I wish the Auto Lane Change feature could be part of AP so commute drive will be even more fluid.

If you are in DFW area, I can offer you a test drive:)

richard | March 11, 2019

Just to clarify, my daily commute is 70mi round trip. I think Im leaning towards the SR+. Having a hard time justifying the 20k... Especially with all the positive posts regarding SR+ feel and seat of the pants in comparison to my G - but the SR version hasn't really been available to be tested yet, so we will see. Thing is, I still love the G, have it lowered, on Vossen 20" rims, so it looks like a BEAST even still 11 years old. BUT, gas is 250ish per month. Also, no AP, and no HOV use for me! And all the TECH!!
Appreciate all the posts!!! Except for the one that said DONT BUY A TESLA lol... ;) no offense @shock, however you do have a valid point! Paid off feels good!

lilbean | March 11, 2019

Please save your money. Thank you. :)

dmastro | March 11, 2019

Just go to your local Tesla showroom and test drive both... oh, wait...

I'm not sure buying a +$40K car to address a $250/month gas bill is an effective financial solution. I assume your G is paid off, so you'll be spending considerably more for the Tesla.

Ask yourself what you're really trying to accomplish with this purchase, be honest with yourself, and let that be your guide.

Bighorn | March 11, 2019

shock ended up with some poor substitute, so it's sour grapes from him from here on out. It's not unusual to see the tuner crowd hanging out in supercharger parking lots--maybe you could convince other G owners to do that and you might get the chance to see a Model 3 up close or even a ride.

I think you guys had a firmer footing from the sounds of it:)


lordmiller | March 11, 2019

The Dual Motor is the only way to go. Either P or regular. It is so quick and the handling is unreal. Plus it blows every car away! Upgrade the rims to the 19s or 20s and it's a supercar. Just my 2 cents. I also think by having the dual motor there will be future upgrades that we haven't even thought of. Enjoy!!

Festina Lente | March 11, 2019

@Richard Maybe I missed it somewhere, but why haven't you test driven at least a standard LR Model 3, which should be a little faster but a little worse handling than the SR+ you have on order? How far away are you from the nearest Tesla store? Or can you rent one from a 3rd party?

I thought the LR when I test drove it had rather sedate acceleration compared to my 19 yr old M3--it is probably faster, but it felt slower. But the Performance Model 3 is insane fast.

If you're having doubts and can't test drive one, I'd keep driving your Infinity until you have saved up more money to get a shorter loan and can test drive several versions of the car.

ST70 | March 11, 2019

get the only live once

Firaz.ashraf | March 11, 2019

In NYC traffic, I cant tell the difference between P or not to P

rxlawdude | March 11, 2019

I'm more happy than ever with the RWD LR and its amazing range. Because our one experience on a steep driveway in icy snow was not good (All season tires), I thought about trading for an AWD, but losing efficiency compared to the RWD really stopped me.

It is truly a puzzlement that the AWD M3 is LESS efficient than the RWD, exactly the opposite of the situation with the MS.

Why can't they implement torque sleep on the M3?

lilbean | March 11, 2019

Me too, @lawdude.
@richard I probably wouldn't recommend taking advice to get the P from people who have money to burn.

jimglas | March 11, 2019

i dont have money to burn, the P was worth the cost (and free lifetime supercharging was another enticement)

lilbean | March 11, 2019


RES IPSA | March 11, 2019

18" tires look great when you remove the aero caps. Also save money on your purchase and give you better mileage. And cheaper to replace.

RES IPSA | March 11, 2019

mileage = range on your battery since you getting the SR+

moabchick | March 11, 2019

I have LR AWD and still beat a corvette who challenged me the other night...I'd save the 20k :)

clelouis | March 11, 2019

I just got a LR AWD and love it. For electric vehicles, go for the range. This is my third electric vehicle. With more range, you won’t have range anxiety, and you will spend less time at superchargers on a road trip. Electric vehicle “mileage” varies from ICE cars depending on how you drive, outside temperature, speed, etc so having as much range as possible is key to enjoying the experience and not worrying about whether you will make it to your destination.