EAP owners took delivery before Feb 28th 2019

EAP owners took delivery before Feb 28th 2019

Dear Forum members,
I want to get some clarification before I jump into make my purchase for FSD. I took my vehicle (M3) on Feb 12th with EAP options, there are several discussions about this I want to see if will get FSD for free? Right now in my account, I saw $2,000 for FSD purchase option. Thanks

theblindtree | March 12, 2019

I was not an EAP owner (took delivery in July 2018), but based on the recent price adjustments reverting back to the previous normal, I'm going to have to say the odds are very poor. Just my opinion though.

hokiegir1 | March 12, 2019

I agree with @theblindtree. I had seen some discussions to the "free" effect, and had been waiting on something else, but I just saw where they are planning to revert *all* prices, including the AP/EAP/FSD on the 18th, so I jumped on my discounted FSD upgrade this morning. I could be wrong (been known to happen occasionally), but I didn't want to risk it going back up to $4k (after purchase price when I ordered) or more when I could have done it for half.

kevin_rf | March 12, 2019

Where I saw prices are going back up, I clicked the buy option at $2k. This is an end of quarter play to pull in more cash. At some future point at the end of a future quarter when they are again in need of cash they may lower the price again to raise cash. They will never give it away for free.